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Fedor: ‘The offer we got from the UFC was really miserable’

Vadim and FedorFedor Emelianenko has seemingly gone from hero to villain overnight as a large chunk of the mixed martial arts community turned their back on the humble Russian following reports he had turned down an incredible sum of money to compete in the UFC. To be more specific, Charmichael Dave had recently quoted sources within the UFC that had stated that Fedor was offered a six-fight, $30 million contract.

How could Emelianenko turn down such a profitable contract? He has to be out of his mind! Or scared, that’s it, Fedor must be scared of the UFC! It had to be is management. Those “Crazy Russians” and their ridiculous demands. But is it truly Vadim Finkelchtein who calls the shots within M-1 Global?

According to “The Last Emperor” himself in statements made during this afternoon’s Strikeforce/Showtime press conference, he’s far from a puppet. The reality of things is that Emelianenko plays a much closer role in the dealings of his career and M-1 Global as a company than many would like to believe.

“I would like to say that I have full control of all of the contracts, and my career as well,” said Fedor. “I get financial reports all of the time. All contracts and important issues are being discussed with me. Everything that I don’t like, Vadim tries to stand for. I need to tell you that I have the complete control of everything that is going on.”

And what abut the six-fight $30 million dollar contract that was seemingly too good to be true; According to Fedor it was exactly that, to good to be true.

“The offer that we got was of one kind, and then on the Internet they published absolutely different numbers,” explained Emelianenko. “The offer that we got from them was really miserable.”

Fedor’s manager and the owner of M-1 Global Vadim Finkelchtein was on hand to reiterate the newly signed Strikeforce heavyweight’s comments, and went a step further, surprisingly stating that if the impressive contract reports previously circulating the Internet had been true, Fedor would be with the UFC right now.

“Dana White stated that Fedor and M-1 rejected a huge amount of money, and decided to fight for nothing, for cheap money,” said Finkelchtein. “But that’s not the truth, because nothing special was offered to M-1 and Fedor during the negotiations with the UFC.

“I think that if the numbers that were published on the Internet were the real numbers, we would have signed the contract with the UFC. But in fact all of the numbers that were indicated on the Internet, these were just rumors.”

  • edub says:

    Yea i have to say i was caught up in all the bs.

    Now I just dont believe either side. Zuffa probably offerd Fedor the best in MMA history and he probably turned it down because there was no co-promotion and he is trying to build M-1(the company he has a 20% stake in).

    Now Im ready for all this to be behind us. Fedor vs. Buentello then Fedor vs. Overeem/Rogers/Werdum please.

  • ozz_the_powerful says:

    I believe EVERYTHING was on the table for FEDOR. Not M1. They alwats refer to themselves as exactly that- THEM. That’s why it fell through. UFC truly did want Fedor b/c the fans did. I do believe they offered him something spectacular, allbeit maybe not 30 mil, but it was definately excellent. Why wouldn’t it be? (for those that are going to ask how i know) The UFC KNOWS how much money was to be made by the 2 superfights they could have had with him. Why would they have cheaped out? C’mon.

    Moving on to 101 ! ! !

  • Hellbow_Johnson says:

    “Now Im ready for all this to be behind us. Fedor vs. Buentello then Fedor vs. Overeem/Rogers/Werdum please.”

    Unless I am mistaken, but I believe that Paul Buentello resigned with the UFC. It was announced during Dana White’s press conference on July 31st.

  • edub says:

    Nope if you take a look back the press conference .The guys from five ounces said later in the article that they were mistaken, and Paul Buentello’s name was never mentioned by dana.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    i am personally way past caring whose fighting where. quit bitching and get in the fucking ring/cage and entertain us godammit

  • neijia says:

    lol agree with hindsight

  • KTru says:

    UFC does not need Fedor

    Fedor does not need UFC…….for now

  • danw84 says:

    Nobody needs anybody! Let’s just all fight each other!!!

  • KTru says:

    BATTLE ROYAL!!!!!!!!!!!

  • egad81 says:

    If you look up who the highest paid guy in UFC history is… I really doubt he got 5+ Million per fight.

    Someone should make the contract offers PUBLIC and let the people judge who is really to blame.


  • fanoftna33 says:

    You know there is a reason the ufc keeps what it pays its fighters very close to its chest. Notice two of thier biggest draws have left the company due to money and contract problems. Randy and Tito have both said basically the same things about the pay. Why do you think fedor talks about the way the ufc treats its fighters because he and Randy have talked about it.

  • dpk says:

    OK Fedor, then what did they offer you? What do you have to lose by making it public at this point?

  • MMAsubb says:

    I agree with what Ozz said and Dpk’s point. I think everything was offered for Fedor but M-1 has to be part of the package, and even though Fedor has like a 1/5 stake in the company, it seems as if, IMO, they are hanging onto him for dear life.

    its gotta be foolish to totally blindly believe one side and, Dpk hit the nail RIGHT on the head. They (Fedor-1) said is was miserable, etc. thats not what they offered, etc. Well what DID they offer you? if UFC tried to screw you so bad, then make it known dont just hide behind vague statements.

  • cocoonofhorror says:

    shits in the past…

  • Matthew says:

    exactly dpk. If it was so miserable and you were terribly insulted by the offer, why not disclose it and help the fans understand a little more about the process of negotiating with the UFC. Me thinkies this is bullshit. As others have said, Just shut up and fight. It’s, clearly, all you are good at Fedor.

  • BigDave says:

    If Fedor loses to buetello then all this talk becomes irrelevent because “the last emporer” will become the “lost emporer” and his draw will be nothing because all the fedor haters will be proven right that he isnt as good as everyone think. btw i dont think that tubby buentello has a snowballs chance in hell of lasting 1 minute with fedor but had to play devils advocate for once.

  • moosebaby02 says:

    last time i talk about this subject. but he better hope some one dosent get a lucky clip right on the BUTTON!! i think i might owe rogan some money

  • Orwell says:

    “If it was so miserable and you were terribly insulted by the offer, why not disclose it and help the fans understand a little more about the process of negotiating with the UFC.”

    You could just as easily argue that Dana White should produce the contract that they offered instead of using their media connections to spread rumours. Of course that’s not going to happen and I wouldn’t expect it to.

    By the way, expect Randy vs Fedor sometime in 2010. I think his next fight with Nog is the last on his current contract. No wonder Dana’s having a conniption.

  • Matthew says:

    Dana didn’t comment as the offer was still on the table (until he signed with strikeforce). The UFC would’ve been (would be) silly to disclose the deal as it is the best contract they have ever offered. Other fighters might take note of the details and reassess their own worth when their negotiations come up. You could see it on Dana White’s face in the phone press conference that he couldn’t do any better.

    Fedor won’t disclose the deal as he will undoubtedly look silly for taking the strikeforce deal if the two were compared.

    Either way, Fuck the lot of them. It is a shamozzle.

  • danisocean says:

    Dana has given full disclosure about two million guarantee and the bars set for Fedor to hit 30million Dana’s running a business and in most business’s you have to set tears and bars to pay extra money in protects the business and stimulates the players-thats good business, Its unfortunate that Fedor won’t disclose anything about Strykforce prabrobley to avoid embarrassment.

    Check out youtube and interview with Fedor where hes basically saying his hands are tied for three fights then he has obtions

  • I wish the UFC would just make the contract details public so we can all see once and for all. Lets get this out in the open and see what really went down.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    I Guess this and I Guess that or he really did that because bla bla bla. In other words I’ll use these rumors for my own agenda…right?. Either to put Fedor or the UFC down. Trust me when I say none of us have any idea what goes on behind the scenes so why pretend we have some sort of insight when all we (you) are doing is talking shit. Fedor picked Strikeforce and will now start to fight Overeem, Rogers, Werdum, Big Foot etc as well as those willing to cross promote with Strikeforce. To be honest the only fights I would liked to have seen in the UFC with Fedor is versus Lesnar, Gonzaga and Mir, the rest are little more than marketing-made fighters until they prove otherwise in my opinion. In time we will see if Valasquez, Carwin etc are really what they are hyped up to be, Maybe then I will really want to see them fight Fedor.


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