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Strikeforce signing spree continues with Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza

After signing both M-1 properties Gegard Mousasi and Fedor Emelianenko over the span of seven days, the San Jose-based Strikeforce organization has added yet another hot commodity to its roster with the signing of grappling ace Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza.

Strikeforce Vice President of Communications Mike Afromowitz confirmed the news in a press release sent to early Wednesday morning.

Souza is scheduled to face Jason “Mayhem” Miller for the DREAM middleweight title in their third career meeting at DREAM 11 on Oct. 6 in Japan. However, Strikeforce indicates that Souza’s first bout under the Strikeforce banner could take place sometime in the fall.

Souza, 10-2, increases the depth in an already strong Strikeforce middleweight division that includes Cung Le, Jake Shields, Robbie Lawler, Scott Smith, and Benji Radach.

Not surprisingly, the native Brazilian is excited to come to the U.S. and test his skills in the Strikeforce cage.

“I am very excited that I will have the opportunity to fight in Strikeforce amongst many of the world’s best middleweight fighters,” the 29-year jiu-jitsu black belt is quoted. “Strikeforce has an extremely deep roster of top middleweight fighters.  I am looking forward to the challenge and to taking my career to the next level.”

  • David Andrest says:

    Ok I fully expect Jacare to get flamed here. How could he!!!

    Great pick up for SF

  • fanoftna33 says:

    I guess we now know who jake Shields will fight for the interim mw belt this year.

  • KTru says:

    Good pick up, I know it will not happen but Jacare v Mousasi 2 would be nice.

    Keep it up Strikeforce

  • fanoftna33 says:

    So wouldnt it be great for Souza if he beats Miller at the Dream fight for there title then comes over to Strikeforce and wins the interim belt and faces Cung Le for the real title. Thats three belts, that has to be more belts for any one fight ever…

  • Jstew3785 says:

    Too bad it won’t happen again. I really thought Jacare was going to win the first one right up until that upkick. So if Jacare beats Mayhem he is the Dream MW Champion, and then if he faces Shields he’ll possibly have the Strikeforce MW belt. That should skyrocket his stock if they do that. I fully expect he will beat Mayhem, but I don’t know about Shields.

  • Jstew3785 says:

    I guess Fan and I were thinking the same thing at the same time

  • fanoftna33 says:

    I like Shields a lot but at ww I dont think at mw he will be able to hang, especially with a guy like Souza, who wont be submitted by him. I love the guy at ww though and see him as a legit threat to GSP.

  • neijia says:

    Strikeforce is really looking good in the mw area. When the heck is Cung Le coming back. The guy may have a budding movie career but he ain’t getting younger if he still wants to compete in mma.

  • edub says:

    I love Shields at WW, and I think he can beat some great guys at MW. However, this a terrible matchup for him. He has held his own against bigger guys in Jiujitsu matches before(Magalhaes), but Jacare is just a league better than pretty much everyone in jits.

    Good p/u by Strikeforce. There MW future is very bright.

  • meatloaf says:

    This is the best thing that could’ve happened to Jacare.

    We don’t have to see another fight with Miller.
    Which is a waste he’s a clearly better fighter than Mayhem and now he can come to Strikeforce and put an end to this Jake Shields hype train.

  • dpk says:

    This is a good signing for SF, they need some depth at MW. They don’t have anyone who is great but they have a few guys who will make some interesting fights. Jacare v Shields would be an amazing grappling match, I hope SF makes it happen.

  • TURKISH says:

    How long do comments await moderation?

  • antone3x7 says:

    I love Jacare but I hope his SF bout doesn’t put his Mayhem fight in jeopardy. Hopefully he’ll make it out unscathe and still wins the DREAM MW title.

  • metalmulisha says:

    I don’t understand what you’re talking about dpk The Middleweight division is the deepest division Strikeforce has.

  • edub says:

    Yea about the only division.

  • edub says:

    NM lws are pretty good too.


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