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Georges St. Pierre looking to train with Lyoto Machida

lyoto_machida-025Coming off a dominating performance at the UFC’s most anticipated show ever, UFC 100, Georges St-Pierre has put a stamp on his weight class and is pondering a move up to seek new challenges.

With this prospect on his horizon, he is reaching out to another UFC Champion in Lyoto Machida due to one thing they have in common. It isn’t their UFC belts, rather their matching black belts in Karate.

In a recent interview with TATAME Magazine, Georges was asked about Lyoto Machida and their similar Karate backgrounds, and stated, “My Karate style is Kyokushin and Lyoto’s is Shootokan, the rules are a little different. But I think it isn’t the style that makes the fighter, is the fighter that makes itself, and Lyoto Machida is a great fighter.”

Lyoto has become a treasured representative for Karate due to his deep roots in the sport and in his general style in the cage being so heavily influenced by the principals and techniques of the legendary martial art.

With St-Pierre being such a student of the game and the type to always seek out a challenge, he feels that he can benefit from some time on the mats with the much hailed master of Karate for MMA. He went on to add, “I would love [to train with him], because I love Karate and Lyoto is a great fighter.”

However, with “GSP” surrounded by rumors of a fight with Machida’s good friend Anderson Silva, it may be a long shot for this match made in smelly dojo heaven.

Anderson and Lyoto share a manager in Ed Soares, they often train together, and have stated publicly on numerous occasions that they have no desire to fight each other.

Brazilians may be strong in their bonds, but there are some lines that are not meant to be crossed. Rumor has it that Anderson had a problem with Wanderlei Silva moving down to 185 lbs where he holds his belt, so he trained Rich Franklin who came up with a thin decision victory over the game Wanderlei at UFC 99. Anderson denied that was his reason for assisting Franklin, saying it was just a coincidence that they were both finally free to train, and it was a promise they had made each other.

There may be little chance of this relationship between St-Pierre and Machida materializing (for the time being at least), but one thing is for sure, GSP has never heard the phrase, “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.”

  • thunder okami says:


  • Jstew3785 says:

    GSP wants to be the first fighter to get ahold of the magical Machida urine.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    He wants to train with the best and putting himself in there with Lyoto will only help, He still trains with Rashad though so I dont know how open Machida will be to training with him.

  • ozz_the_powerful says:

    That would hands down be a superfight, not that it would ever happen. Too much weight difference. Could you imagine a 185lb Machida though?

  • Jstew3785 says:

    Machida looks like he could get down to 185. He’s not fat by any means, but he looks like a fluffy 205. He could drop down to 185 and be absolutely shredded. I think he walks around at 215-220 so it’s not out of the realm of possiblity.

  • EdBuzz says:

    GSP doesn’t have the frame to be dominant at a higher weight class. It would only happen because of financial motivation. Fighters have a very short career and must make as much money as possible. That and the challenge aspect might motivate GSP, but he wouldn’t fare well against the much bigger 185lb fighters.

  • GSP vs Machida at 185 would be a hell of a fight. I gotta stick with my boy GSP tho.

    I hope they end up hookin up for some training. They are 2 of the best in the world and could only help each other. This is what I love about GSP, he is always bringing in top guys to train with from all over the world. Did you catch the HL of that French MT fighter he trained with? The guy was legit.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    GSP has truly moved into Silva territory, where he really needs a challenge. AT his current weight I dont see a challenge. Just imagine how much more competitivt the WW class would be if he wasnt there. It would look like the LHW class where we get a new champ every other week(seemingly) Now if Machida dominates we have three chamos that seem unbeatable, so for himself to not get complaceant I would be in favor of GSP going up to MW. Even without a title shot, just see him take that challenge. Then could you imangine the tournament for his belt, the top 4 WW fighters over probably4-6 months. It would be graet.

  • neijia says:

    GSP really comes across as a humble champ, always looking to learn more. Would love to see him use more of his karate background and less wrestling and gnp.

  • neijia says:

    p.s. love your p4p top 10 reader list, lol.

  • Rich S. says:

    Good Lord..

    If GSP actually took some of Machida’s striking techniques away from his time training with him, I’m sure it would prove to be devistating in the WW division..

    Could you imagine?

    A man who can totally destroy you on the feet, without getting touched.. can avoid every takedown attempt, even from the best of wrestlers.. and can still take THEM down at will..

    Er, sounds like I just described Machida perfectly..

    GSP’s striking is already devistating, and probably the best in the welterweight division right now (at least the best out of the people he’s faced). His wrestling is the best in the UFC, maybe even all of MMA.. If he just gave his striking that extra little edge, we could probably see more finishes from him, the likes of Anderson Silva..

  • neijia says:

    Lol, you did describe Machida perfectly. GSP would be ungodly good if he perfected his karate base on top of his wrestling. I love the overall trend toward much more technical kickboxing.

    GSP fighting a little more like Machida, and Machida fighting a little more like GSP would be just amazing. Both fighters would be more entertaining and even more dominating against their competition. Anderson Silva type finishes. Yes. Then, GSP vs. Anderson would become more of a dream match. Silva vs. Machida would be awesome as well even though it ain’t happening.


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