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The Parallels Between Ivan Drago and Fedor Emelianenko

Ivan DragoAs I sit here watching Rocky IV, I cant help but think of Fedor Emelianenko. Not as the hero Rocky, but as his terrifying Russian opponent, Ivan Drago. The similarities between these two are almost unparalleled. Both are larger than life heavyweights, although Fedor’s more in legacy than physique. Both are fighting machines with unmatched strength and power. And both have management who seem to dictate their every move.

Very rarely does the man speak for himself, and never have I seen him without his Manager/Promoter, Vadim Finkelchtein. I’m just waiting for Bridgette Neilson to come out with spiked hair and nod in approval.

So this leads me to the question everyone wants answered. Who is in control of Fedor Emelianenko? Is it possible that Fedor agrees with everything Finkelchtein says or does?

I ask this question because as of now, Fedor and Finkelchtein are back in Russia without a signed contract. Reports state UFC offers ranged between 2 million a fight, up to 30 million for six fights. If these numbers are true, it’s pretty hard to think any fighter would pass them up. I understand the negotiation politics between agent/athlete and the possible organization who wants him, but can an offer get any better than that? Does anyone think Strikeforce can match what the UFC is offering? Would Fedor even be relevant if he went back to Japan?

As of now the two parties are at a stale-mate over one issue: a co-promotion. I believe this will never happen due to a couple of reasons.

One is the fact that the owners of Zuffa, Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta have Nevada State Gaming Licenses. This is the “impossible” that Dana White declared in his recent statements. Meaning if a co-promotion was to take place, a real hard look would have to be taken at M1-Global. If there were any shady involvements in the “Crazy Russians” past, it most certainly would make life miserable for the Fertitta’s. They have already been involved with a lawsuit when they bought Pride due to similar circumstances, and I’m sure they want to avoid this at all costs.

The second reason is simple, the UFC does not want another company to ride on their coat-tails. You can’t blame them for this standpoint, it is their company and they are the ones who built it up to what its become. One fighter is not worth equal involvement in a billion dollar company.

So again, who is in control of Fedor?

If the pound for pound best heavyweight fighter in the world wants to continue his legacy, he has to fight in the pound for pound best organization in the world. Most fighters would want to continue to challenge themselves against top level opponents and not worry about their management’s agenda. They would want to showcase their skills on the largest stage in the world, and don’t get me started on how unethical I believe it is to have the same Manager/Promoter. MMA continues to be the only sport that this is still allowed.

Although negotiations at this time are still open, it would be a shame to see Fedor in any other organization other than the UFC.

I know Fedor has stated publicly that he trusts in everything Finelchtein does. But this man continues to wish for that one day where he stands up, grabs Vadim by the throat and tosses him to the side. And just like Ivan Drago in Rocky IV, screams, “I FIGHT TO WIN! I FIGHT FOR ME!”

  • drdsanders says:

    Fedor is contractually obligated to M-1. The M-1 banner will be flying for his next few fights regardless of whether other promotions are involved or not.

  • ozz_the_powerful says:

    3 more fights. That’s all I can say. Who knows? Maybe Fedor is embarressed by this whole fiasco, and is just going through the motions till his 3 obligated fights are over. Maybe he plans on using his next three fights to try to get someone to partner with M-1, where he is part owner, so he can leave and fight in the UFC to cement his legacy. Just a thought.

  • Jak says:

    It’s funny that apparently there was more than one person who was watching a crappy spiketv movie instead of watching Affliction:Trilogy…

    well maybe “funny” wasn’t the word i was looking for. :(

  • s00nertp says:

    Randy couldnt leave UFC, Fedor can’t leave M1. (Until their contract ends)

    In his interview on Sherdog, Fedor said that he is contractually obligated to M1 for ?3? fights, and after that he is a free man.

    Jason, I dont really think this comparison is very fair. Maybe I need to see the movie again, but I remembered the Russian as being mean.. I think he tried to kill Hulk Hogan or something.

    Fedor is always respectful. IMO, he is the model of respect, never inflates his image, never puts down his opponents.. for as long as I’ve followed him (his Heath Herring fight, before he beat Nog for the title).

    Rocky would even be an arrogant b$(^#@ compared with Fedor.

  • Jak says:

    The problem with the 3 more fights is that at Fedor/M-1’s rate that will take till at least the beginning of 2011 to complete. 1 NY’s fight and hopefully, fingers crossed he’ll actualyl get 2 fights in 2010 as 2 fights is pretty much his maximum per year.

    s00nertp – i wouldn’t recommend rewatching Rocky IV as it sucks, but the russian fighter was friendly and was only doing what his evil handlers wanted him to do at the end he disregards them and shows much respect to Rocky.

    I only know this because Affliction wasn’t on last night and i had to channel surf. 😡

  • s00nertp says:

    lolol, thanks Jak for the summary. That isnt so bad then. Sorry Jason.

  • Persian_Prince says:

    Fedor is M1, M1 is Fedor, ppl think it is the greedy managers and M1 folks that hinder Fedor from going to the ufc, but Fedor really represents himself being an owner of a nice chunk of M1. When Fedor retires, his cut from M1 will hopefully take care of him, hence his desire for M1 to get a piece of the action. Just because the guy is quite and humble doesn’t mean he is not a shrewd businessman too lol If Fedor doesn’t get a better deal elsewhere, he will for sure come knocking on the ufc door soon

  • moosebaby02 says:

    so he is part owner of M-1. thought i read that some where. so with 3 more fights he can go anywhere unless the puppet master reels him in again. i saw that interview and i to believe he is being all class until his deal is done. why not max out as much as you can but there should be a point where you know thats all you can get. i guess im not the only one who couldnt find anything to watch. at least i didnt find rocky v thank god. I might have put it on

  • hindsightufuk says:

    cmon man, Hulk Hogan was trying to kill Rocky dammit

  • Dr.Stoppage says:

    Hey Ozz,
    Wanna duke it out again ?
    Just for kicks ?
    So I can attempt to avenge my only loss ?

    Maybe Dana should offer to ‘loan’ M-1 a UFC Heavyweight.

    Has M-1 ever put on a show featuring Fedor without co-promotion?

  • Dr.Stoppage says:

    forgot to add,
    Just like Rocky IV
    Ozz suggested a UFC event in Russia,with all the important people attached.
    Now would that be awesome ,or what.

  • mu_shin says:

    Persian Prince states it correctly as far as I can see. Finkelchtein appears to be Fedor’s English speaking mouthpiece, not his malevolent Svengali. Whatever percentage Fedor holds in M-1/Global, he also appears to be their only asset. Seems to me this profit oriented business man is trying to maximize his earnings potential, and if being under contract to a company he also co-owns achieves that end, it must make some kind of financial sense. The same argument would seem to apply to Fedor’s dealings with the UFC: none of us know what was put down on paper in those meetings, so I can only assume if Emelianenko plans on continuing in MMA, he will represent his own best interests, and either cash in on Zuffa’s offer when it suits him, or fight elsewhere until an ignominious retirement.

    While I think Fedor exudes that particularly cold post-Soviet Union Eastern European demeanor that definitely reminds me of the Drago character, the understated confidence, “I will break you…”, he is not the steroid enhanced science project represented in the film. Fedor is more old school, more Rocky Balboa when you come down to it. Just another Philly guy’s opinion…

  • TheHouse says:

    I hope that if he is able to get through three more fights he will still be in prime or close to prime condition. Arlovski made everyone take a second look at him and then we all saw what Rogers did to AA. Three more fights, each one putting a little more stress on him, emotionally, physically and historically. Also, three fights is usually around a year to a year and a half. God knows what could be going on with the UFC and the other promotions.

  • ericsupermann says:

    if Fedor is like Drago Brock is like king kong LOL

    Seriously if Fedor keeps avoiding and dodging it seems to be very

    A.cowardly- (not fighting top champions at the top of there game in the top mma show

    B.Just plain stupid business man who also erashional (M1 global check it out on the net its a joke fedor the owner and only member and investor LOL)

    Either way it a sad day if this bull [email protected] continues for the fans

  • ozz_the_powerful says:

    Dr Stoppage says: “Ozz suggested a UFC event in Russia,……”

    That’s really the only way, in the NEAR future, I could see Fedor in the UFC. It would require co-promotion, but for the UFC to get in the door in Russia, I almost think it would be worth it. Use M-1 ONE time. Just to get your foot in the door.

    I can tell you this much, it would most DEFINATELY be a national event. It really wouldn’t surprise me if Putin himself was there.

    You guys do know he’s a judo Black Belt, and a Sambo guy himself, right?

    It’s the only way I could ever see the UFC co-promoting, and actually have half of a decent chance of it not blowing up in their faces. Any other circumstances, I say hell no. It would get the UFC in a completely different market though. Who else is communist? China? Oh, that’s right, they just happen to be great friends too. BAM, there’s another market too.

    Just my $.02

    Dr Stoppage, the I still get a kick out of the avatar!

  • fanoftna33 says:

    I hope the only difference between Fedor and Drago is that Fedor was not chemically enhanced.

  • ericsupermann says:

    Fedor mind as well said when pigs fly Ill fight brock.. The funny thing is he has an interview the same week saying hed love to fight Brock but the reality is Fedor and M1 put so many raod blocks it will never happen

    Why- Because Fedor is a…… [STAFF: No fighter bashing, especially name calling. You’ve been warned] looking to fight only has been champions and no names, he has had one real fight and that was Nogera.

    Its embarrassing to rank Fedor as number, at least challenge yourself especially since the world is watching and so far all we see is a coward looking to fight substandard fights and half assed organazations that go in and out of business like the seasons.

    Sh%t or gey off the pot

  • metalmulisha says:

    Stop trolling superman.

    Yeah I think everyone gets it you hate Fedor or you’re a twelve year old Dana White fan who thinks he’s cool cause he swears a lot and acts tough.

    Whichever enough of your nonsense. You’ve posted basically the same thing numerous times now.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    Eric Fedor’s last 3 fights(if he had fought Barnett) were top 10 ranked fighters, thats not something a coward does, for coward see Tim Sylvia fighting 48 year old Ray Mercer after losing to Fedor. Just because he hasnt come to the ufc does not mean the best heavyweight on the planet is a coward.

  • mr thickfingers says:

    This is funny. I had a similar thought when pondering Fedor V. Lesnar. However the smaller Fedor made a more compelling Rocky. Who couldn’t see Lesnar say “I must break you”? However in my fantasy, Lesnar never remarks that Fedor is like punching iron.
    BTW Polley is correct. Fedor is a loyal puppet. Typical of Russians. Alot of boxers show that trait too. I just saw Assault in the Ring. Luis Resto lost his whole life and career getting screwed by Panama Lewis. And couldn’t even look him in the face to confront him years later, because of all of the things he percieves Lewis did for him. Unethical and deadly to his career they may have been.
    Some guys are sadly weakest when the path isn’t absolutely clear. In the ring, he is told go get em. And he does with unyeilding vigor. But even a monster in the ring like Fedor can be sweet and easily manipulated by clever con men like Vadim. I’m sure he just can’t imagine Vadim would screw him to come up.
    As for his stake in M-1, I’m sure he isn’t hedging his retirement on that. He has millions to make fighting and training fighters. M-1 just used that to shackle him to their organization. Poor, poor Fedor.
    Right on Polley. “I fight for me!”

  • So, how many “Yo Adrian!” references have been made in the comments already?

  • edub says:

    Brock is way more like Drago than Fedor is. Just look at the hair.


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