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Waiting to Exhale: The Fedor/UFC Rendition

danawhiteWell, it appears we have finally got our answer for the time being as this weeks roller coaster ride involving the worlds most sought after MMA free-agent and the worlds’ most dominant fight organization has finally come to an end. There have been many new developments in the world of MMA, and as exciting as all of them have been, there is still a feeling that we didn’t get what we have expected or hoped.

Who would have thought that a single failed steroid test could cause such a shift in the MMA landscape? Sure this new sport is still evolving, but once again, the UFC is establishing itself as a mainstay as promotion after promotion collapse inward on themselves.

The UFC and Dana White have remained firm on their belief that Affliction would fall as quickly as, if not quicker than, all the rest of the other promotions who attempt to go head to head with them. However, I don’t think anyone expected that after only two shows and an attempt at a third, that Affliction would have come crawling back to the UFC with its tail between its legs.

This in turn has been a fantastic opportunity for the UFC to gobble up some of the remaining fighters on the scene to further their stranglehold on the MMA talent pool. The acquisition of names like, Vitor Belfort, Tito Ortiz, Paul Daley, and Ben Rothwell (along with many others, and talk of possibly more to come) has really sent a message to the MMA world coming out of the promotions 100th show, and that message is that we’re here to stay and we’re open for business.

Since the demise of Affliction as a promotion, their former roster of fighters are forced to look for work, and aside from the UFC, there isn’t a lot of ways to build your name as a fighter and to get your fights seen. As a fighter, you have to manage your own brand as well, the more people know your name and face, the more likely you are to get a big fight or see other opportunities.

One of the most skilled fighters on the planet is dealing with that problem right now, and his name is Fedor Emilienenko. Fedor has been dominant in other fight organizations with top talent and been sought after by the UFC for years now, yet he may even be more illusive than Lyoto Machida in the sense that he has been making some very strange demands. Fedor in previous negotiations has demanded that his Sambo career be allowed to continue, that the UFC build a stadium in Russia, a one fight deal for the title and even that M-1 Global (his management) are allowed to co-promote the shows in which he participates.

Now, with the UFC rising in popularity and credibility all over the world, it is beginning to be likened to the great sports leagues of the world today like the NHL, NFL, NBA, etc. And with all that credibility, the UFC has the option of doing what any other sports league does, and keep its athletes exclusive to their professional duties in order to keep them safe from activities which could threaten their health. You may ask my point, well originally, the UFC laughed off the demands of Fedor to compete in his country’s national sport Sambo. However, in talks made over this past week, the UFC has decided to take the risk involved and allow Fedor to train and compete in combat sport not involved in their business….. kind of a scary prospect when you are talking about Sambo, it’s not exactly a summer softball league, especially when you are the best in the world at it and everyone is gunning to take your head off for national pride.

The other major sticking point for Fedor has been this whole co-promotion issue. There have been some questions about the relationship between Fedor and M-1 since they always seem to be hand in hand every time Fedor fights. Fedor is part owner of the company but nobody could explain why he would demand that the UFC co-promote events rather than just let it go since the UFC clearly wasn’t interested. He has stated many times that he is managed by M-1 Global, but it’s not like the UFC is co-promoting with Ed Soares just because he manages Anderson Silva, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and Lyoto Machida.

Fedor’s manager Vadim Finkelchtein has been the target of much criticism since he is the face of M-1 and he seems to be at Fedor’s side the majority of the time he is speaking to the public. Some think that Finkelchtein is somehow attaching himself to the Russian standout in the hopes of making a name for his company and himself. It seems much of the time he is speaking that he is painting himself as a pioneer of the sport and that he feels he deserves a piece of the action in so many words. However, Fedor has stuck with his management and much to the puzzlement of the fans of MMA, he has seemed almost indifferent about his MMA career stating that it is not his most important of his activities.

Recently in an interview with, Fedor was finally asked up front, “Will you ever sign a contract that is (exclusive)? Do you have to have an M-1 Global co-promotion to be happy with the contract?” and Fedor got a bit more specific about his relationship, “ My contract with M-1 Global is valid for 3 more fights, and at the moment I am completely happy with this very contract. When it finishes, we’ll see.”

Knowing this, I am seeing an opening for Fedor to be signed with the UFC potentially in a years time if he stays active and has those 3 fights one after another. However, who knows if Dana White will be able to find a way around this issue since they are still in talks with each other and Dana has left the door wide open for Fedor.

On a media conference call Friday at 2pm ET, Dana spoke about the dealings with Fedor and where he stands, “I’ve said many times that my job as a promoter and as the President of this company is to bring the fans not only the best fights in the world, but the best fighters in the world, and more importantly, the fights the fans want to see,” said White. “We came to the table willing to give up just about anything except co-promotion. I guarantee that he will not be offered another deal like this in mixed martial arts. For whatever reason, they did not want to sign a deal with the UFC.” White continued, “I was so confident this was gonna happen. I went into this thing with the attitude that we’re gonna make it happen. The fans really want to see this fight (Brock Lesnar vs Fedor), I want to see how good this guy really is against the best in the world. So let’s do this thing. It didn’t happen. But if they want to make a deal, they can call me right now and we can do it.”

Since Finkelchtein represents M-1 and he will likely be glued to Fedor’s side over the next few days until we reach a conclusion, there may be a way to make this situation work without co-promotion. I, for one, don’t want to see Fedor vanish to Japan or fight for Strikeforce where he has little Pay-Per-View potential, and little to prove. The proving grounds for Fedor are in the UFC now and if he want’s to silence all his critics and doubters, he’s going to have to end up in Dana Whites world.

It seems everybody wants to get the deal done, so stay tuned to FiveOuncesOfPain to hear the latest developments on Fedor’s final destination, along with the many other free-agents being acquired at this time.

  • Davey D says:

    Honestly, as much as I hate to say it, I really don’t care if Fedor Emelianenko comes to the UFC. He and his cronnies can go cause another org to go under for all I care. I am certain Zuffa gave them the best offer any MMA fighter has EVER gotten, this I am sure.

    If M-1 is so hard up on co-promoting, are they saying they want to invest their money into the UFC and spend their money to help put on shows whenever Fedor fights SO THEN they can reap the benifit’s of their desired co-piggy back whatever the fuck? Ok, this is the UFC – they run shit with and/or without you, Vadim. They do not need you. If they would’ve let Fedor wear 5, 26, 69, 100 M-1 logo’S…isn’t that not co-promotion in itself? Grrrr…I’m done wasting anymore thought on that subject until we see a clear cut result. Cheers!!!

  • neijia says:

    So ridiculous. Before, I blamed Dana White. Now, I blame Vadim. How hard is it to come to an agreement, really?


    Maybe when Anderson Silva is done trying to box Jones, Jr., he can take on Fedor in Japan.

  • Kamakosmo says:

    Davey D….You said it. I’m a simpleton that LOVES this sport, and loves where the UFC has taken it. Screw Fedor if he’s gonna be an M-1 bitch, and let this charlatan make all his decisions for him, like a wee puppy. However, maybe Fedor really doesn’t care for fighting for or against the elite (I don’t live in Russia, so I don’t know the talent there)…however, it is a shame. Maybe Brock should call this guy out publicly…maybe that’ll get the ball rolling?

  • Dr.Stoppage says:

    Fedor is still young and awesome and has the best mystique in MMA.
    Hey man,he has a humble lifestyle and loves his family,and happens to be able to kick ass.
    Apparently HIS priorities don’t involve the need for more money,or the need to be treated like a superstar.

    I still believe that all the people involved will find a way to have him fight UFC heavyweights,whether he’s a solely contracted UFC fighter or not.
    So come on you effing MMA, M-1, UFC, business dealing with mofos!
    Make this shit happen!

    Bring in that mofo Ari Gold.
    He’ll make it happen.

  • Lord Faust says:

    IMHO, you’re not the best fighter in the world if the business interests of some guy in a business suit keep you from proving it. Fedor is definitely the best fighter not currently under contract with UFC, but he’s a Great White shark in a kiddie pool right now.

  • Kamakosmo says:

    Dr. S., fine, I get that… why tease the MMA community all the time? Why be involved with what seems to be an impossibility? Just go back to the frozen tundra of Russia and Sambo your ass all over the place. Don’t keep putting your face out there, then walking away like a spoiled brat (aka “chained-up-M1-girl) Answer that one.

  • s00nertp says:

    Argggggggggggggggggg M1, stop with the co-promotion! The brand sucks!

    I do however believe Fedor has nothing to do with it. I think he believes they have always left him alone & supported his interests, so why change it.

    Fedor is always a statesman, honorable and committed to destruction in the ring. Darn I wanted this like my first bike when I was 9.

  • ozz_the_powerful says:

    I can’t wait to hear the crawfishing Va-dick does in the next few days. Either way, I’m done with it. If he goes to SF, I crack a beer. If he goes to UFC, I’ll crack a beer. Hell, I’ll crack a beer anyway.

    I don’t just want to see him fight, I want to see him fight the best! Overeem is a joke though considering he hasnt defended the belt in almost 2 years. Another Le right there.

  • cocoonofhorror says:


  • fanoftna33 says:

    The good news is that Fedor only has 3 fights left with m 1, and he is the type that will not badmouth his management(coincidently like Arlovski two great pros) If he is unhappy we will not know because he will not talk about it with anyone, I will not be surprised if after his three fights he comes over to the ufc. Unfortunatly the young prospects, ang brock may be to much for him by then.

  • gy614x says:

    I agree with Lord Faust, Fedor as of now is like a playground bully beating the competition in all of these lesser organizations, I do want to see him face some real competition (Carwin, Lesnar, Couture) the latter being a pretty neat idea.

    Jeez, i just with this guy would come to the UFC, i cant see strikeforce being around in the next 2 to 3 years (or at least even having decent competitors).

    Eventually the best all come to the UFC.

    this is like a famous baseball player, leaving the MLB and playing in like japan somewhere.

  • notdanawhite says:

    so M-1 co-promotes with the UFC in the USA. M-1 gains tons of equity and notoriety through association with the UFC. Fedor wins a couple UFC fights, now he’s famous, entirely due to the UFC’s efforts. Fedor quits UFC and fights for M-1 in the US.

    so M-1 wants the UFC to promote M-1, until M-1 is capable of competing with UFC.

    great for M-1, laughable nonsense for the UFC.

    crazy Russians indeed. convoluted bs designed to be so confusing you just give up out of frustration.

    screw fedor, great as he is. if he doesn’t want to fight, that’s fine.

    move on.

  • ozz_the_powerful says:

    You sure you’re not REALLY Dana White?

    That was a pretty good post. Right in-line with the rest of our thoughts.

  • 27jride says:

    How come NO ONE seems to mention that Fedor (or his puppet master) is acting like a flaming pussy?! Is he THAT afraid to grow a pair and fight guys that are in the same league as him?? Seriously, a couple of washed up UFC champs lose to him and suddenly he deserves top fighter in the world status? If Silvia and Arlovski are at the top of the food chain then why did Dana flat out state that he’s totally uninterested in either of them fighting in the UFC again? I was SO psyched for him to finally come over and prove one way or another if he’s really the man but this is just getting absurd he obviously has no desire to! Is it because he knows he’s a farce or what? I’m a grown man but I’m going to the playground to beat up some 15yr olds and tell everyone what a bad ass I am! So tired of his bullshit!

  • Kamakosmo says:

    27jride…spot-on. Who strives to be the Master of their Craft, then doesn’t want to put it to the test with the best? That’s like a 50 Home-run hitter in AAA passing up a shot at the Bigs (Baseball speak) If you have the talent (this is a sport, right?) then challenge the biggest and the best.
    Bottom line for all of us: It is hard for us “norms” to watch, arguably the baddest fighter on the planet, being jerked around by an ass in a suit. All the while he accepts it…like the good little puppet he is.

    For us fans….it’s a shame.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    27jride I would not call Arlovski or a in shape motivated Sylvia washed up at all. I really doubt Fedor is one bit scared of fighting in the ufc. We all want it so bad but face it, until he fulfills his deal with m 1 we will not see him here, now after his deal is done(3 fights) we will finally get to see him.

  • neijia says:

    Fedor is basically screwed over by Vadim. Having a manager who owns a promotion – does the manager put Fedor’s interests first, or the promotion’s interests first? Of course he probably puts the promotion’s interest first because when Fedor retires, what happens. He needs some ongoing business.

    Anyway, assume Fedor wins those 3 fights. Brock wins some more. What will fans be clamoring for, then? Even if Brock loses. What will fans clamor for?

    This is just getting old, though.

  • TerribleT says:

    It’s too bad that Fedor doesn’t care if he fights the best in the world or even give a shit what his legacy ends up being. Everything that Fedor’s management asked for the last time Dana and company tried to sign him was conceded so they could finally sign him this time but that wasn’t good enough now because they now want 1 more thing…..CO-PROMOTION for all of Fedor’s fights not to mention $5 million dollars a fight for 6 fights with PPV percentages.Vadim Finkelstein (Fedor’s MGR)isn’t thinking about what would happen to all that MONEY if some body for instance like Brett Rogers lands a huge lucky haymaker that KO’s or maybe cuts and TKO’s Fedor.What happens to M-1 GLOBAL and the $5 million bucks a fight ect.??? In less than 1/2 a second it will be G-O-N-E !!!! THEN WHAT????

  • I don’t understand where Fedor is going to go besides the UFC. Strikeforce can’t pay him anything close to what the UFC can. I also don’t think they will break the bank for Fedor. They would lose money on him. He isnt marketable in the US unless the UFC puts his face infront of millions of people with their marketing power, which Strikefroce can’t match.

    Who is there for him to fight in Sengoku? Maybe he could go to Heros and fight Josh Barnett there?

    Without Affliction I dont see too many options for Fedor.

  • Jak says:


    I agree about Strikeforce, plus the fact that M-1 would clearly have a say which would likely cause Strikeforce to have over pay on any marketing and cause them losses before they had even put a show on.

    Everyone seems to be pointing to Strikeforce, but I don’t see why they would want to hand over half their business to M-1 either. Mousasi isn’t that expensive, so he is understandable.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    Strikeforce has some very good fights and fighters now, they do not need Fedor, acually they cannot get Fedor, he has 2 fights there with legit competion. Overeem and Rogers, thats it. If they get Fedor everybody forgets about all the other great matches they have and personally I want to see strikeforce around for quite some time.

  • Jak says:

    ^^I would like to see both Rogers and Overeem vs. Fedor, but I would really wonder how big of names those opponents are. Sylvia, Arlovski and Barnett(ala Japan) had big names to help carry an influx of viewers. Not so sure that Rogers has the marketability to sell a main event yet.

    Overeem has a decent name, but is it worth what they would have to pay Fedor.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Everyone keeps saying who is “Fedor going to fight if he dosn’t fight in the UFC”?
    Um well maybe he’ll fight Crocop, Noguiera, Coleman, Randleman, Schilt, Hunt, Sylvia, Arlovski, Lindland, Fujita, Kosaka, Babalu, Herring or Big Daddy…oh no wait he has already done that OUT OF THE UFC!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean people think he is the best for a reason!.
    He might want to face Rogers, Overeem, Werdum, Buetello, kharitonov or Monson. Maybe he should go to the UFC and face a guy who has lost 6 of his last 12 fights or Carwin/Valasquez who have proven little, apart from that he could face Lesnar and Mir, or Nog for the 4th time.
    If he dosn’t go to the UFC it wont be the end of the world because the HW talent out of the UFC is just as good as in the UFC with the exception of Lesnar ( perhaps ).

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Not long ago (about 2 years) the top 10 HWs were as follows
    Kharitonov or
    Aleks or
    Kongo or
    Buentello etc
    Now how many of those have Fedor, Lesnar, Carwin, Valasquez and Randy faced?
    Randy 2 (a very good victory over Sylvia and what should have been a nc over Gonzaga)
    Valasquez 1 (A poor display against Kongo)
    Carwin 1 ( A lucky punch against Gonzaga )
    Lesnar 1 ( A victory over a 46 yr old who is now 6-6 from his last 12)
    Fedor 4 ( 1st rd victories over UFC HW champs Sylvia and Arlovski, complete domination over UFC and Pride champ Nog x2 and a victory over Pride gp champ Crocop)
    How could this be? Fedor has never been in the UFC.
    The UFC HW fighters that are now considered the best have not had to face those who were considered the best to gain the regard that they now hold in many people eyes. So if you ask me the likes of Carwin, Valasquez and Lesnar need to prove themselves against Barnett, Werdum, Monson, Sylvia, Arlovski, Crocop, Fedor Nog etc before they are considered the best…don’t they? if not why not?. Is it right to say that the best fighters fight in the UFC when they are relatively untested in comparison to those out of the UFC?.

  • ozz_the_powerful says:

    I may not agree with you LOGIC due to the fact there is a “were they in their prime” arguement, but you make a good point.

    I REALLY hate to say this, so I’m not going to use the word “scared.” A fighter is a fighter, and at no time do I believe they should be “scared” of a fight.

    Maybe Fedor truly knows that Brock is just too big, too stron, and too fast. Just bear with me on this for a second. Brock has some decent fights coming up, and perhaps Fedor thinks that with the 2 fights or so Brock has before the end of his obligated 3 to M-1, Brock may possibly lose the title.

    Maybe Fedor thinks his chances would be better against Carwin or Valasquez. Sure, he’ll eventually have to fight Brock, but at least he can go into a title fight if and when he does come to UFC and feel like he won’t get overpowered and embarressed right off the bat?

    Just a thought, guys. What do you think?

    COULD it be a possibility?

  • Jstew3785 says:

    Everyone knows Fedor is scared of fighting in the UFC and is ducking Justin McCully.

  • neijia says:

    MMA-Logic is, well, logical. It is all about marketing.

    What about this: the upcoming season of TUF is all about heavyweights.
    1. that’s because UFC needs more competition in this division.
    2. will it make the “top” guys seem more legitimate if they beat these guys?
    3. on the other hand, the “losers” of the show may make for some other good non-UFC competition, e.g., against Fedor? Could the UFC marketing end up lifting all MMA boats … and helping Fedor more?

    If Fedor’s stock goes up, won’t it be more likely there will be a deal?

  • Gurthee says:

    I don’t think Fedor is scared as much as he just doesn’t really care where/who he fights or about MMA. He’s stated before that he’s not going to lose any sleep over, or care what people say about him as far as his MMA career goes. I think he’s more interested in all you can eat buffets and geisha girls. Fighting is just something he does to earn some money and pass the time. He’s really not the best representative for MMA with that type of attitude. He “was” one of the best fighters of all time but I don’t think he can lay claim to that title anymore. Beating sub par opponents, and yes I include Sylvia and Arlovski in that category now, does not make you the best. It just means he can beat guys that were let go by the most powerful MMA organization for a reason…they don’t have “it” anymore. And saying he beat them while they were ranked #2 and #3 by WAMMA at the time is irrelevant. Who did they beat to earn those rankings? IMO, Fedor has been fighting cans since PRIDE folded. Plain and simple. To argue that is a waste of time. I used to like Fedor and I understand that his management is dicking around and blowing potential deals, but ultimately Fedor is in control of his career. If he chooses to let Finklstink do what he’s been doing then Fedor is as much to blame as Finkldork is. Sorry Fedor, but your stock has dropped significantly in my eyes until you step up and “prove” that you’re the best. Wake me up when he steps into a ring/cage. Until then he’s not worthy of any more press coverage.

  • Davey D says:

    @ ozz_the_powerful…

    it’s really hard to say at this point. with all the variables surrounding Fedor, Vadim and their obligation’s to one another through M-1. it is really impossible to guess what they’re thinking. I mean, if they turned down the HIGHEST paying contract EVER presented to an MMA fighter and with all those other consession’s as well. Who knows bro?

    Is he scared of Brock? I don’t really think so. Is Vadim and/or Fedor trying to milk this current period for all it’s worth? Probably so…

    Here is what I think will happen…Fedor Emelianenko will sign with Strikeforce. It’ll get the casual American public to know him better (not us hard-core’s cuz we’ve heard about him already). Scott Coker said he’ll co-promote with M-1. Fedor will win the Strikeforce HW Title and his next 2 bout’s after that.

    After that, I believe he’ll join the UFC. This way, his stock will be at an all time high & hopefully, he’ll tell Vadim & M-1 to take a long walk off a short dock. Strikeforce won’t fold and will remain the #2 org in America. I also believe we could see Aleksander Emelianenko in the UFC before his older brother (granted, he isn’t infected with the cooties).

    what say you? Cheers!!!

  • ozz_the_powerful says:

    That’s a great analysis. There’s just SO many variables and could-be’s, you could get 20 scenarios in your head by just giving laxidasical thought.

    The only thing I think is even if he goes to SF and wins the belt, cleans it out and all, with the way he turnes his back on the UFC, let alone the fact that there should be no viable competition outside the UFC by that point, I think his stock STILL might actually go down.

    I don’t think Dana will offer the same terms b/c in his mind, where else will he have to go? Dream won’t have a TV deal after DREAM 12. Who else could pay him? I know he says it’s not about the money, but they still have to pay him SOMETHING. After his run in SF, he will have no other option than to either come to UFC, or retire with all the questions STILL in our heads.

  • Davey D says:

    good stuff…yeah, as pissed as I am about this whole thing. Fedor Emelianenko has done some awesome, awesome stuff in his career. His war’s with Nogueira are legendary. He put on some of the most unbelievable performances in Pride FC that I have ever witnessed. That will never change.

    The present day is what he has to deal with now. I just hope he makes the right choice for himself & his Family. In the end, that is all we have.

  • dpk says:

    The end result of this is that I fully expect UFC to continue grabbing every quality HW that they can get their hands on (Rogers, Alex (If he can pass medicals), monson, Lashley, Bigfoot). I don’t think they will worry about someone like Werdum, because they can always counter program Fedor v Werdum with UFC 90, to make sure everyone sees him get KTFO’d by Dos Santos about 45 minutes before his fight with Fedor is suppose to air. They are also going to be picking up a lot of prospects, I wouldn’t be surprised if season 12 of TUF went back to HWs, even if they split it with LHWs, just to get some more guys in with some publicity behind them. After all this BS in negotiating with Fedor, I’m sure UFC will try and find and sign the “Next Fedor” before he can get big time in another organization.

  • moosebaby02 says:

    ozz_the_powerful, Dave d, notdanawhite, you all make sense. I am not going to comment on the people on here who have no idea what there talking about cause that would be like talking to M-1 management. A waste of time. Just because fedor beat some cast offs from the ufc does not mean he is the best. You talk to any fighter who is not in the ufc their main goal is to get into the ufc. You don’t hear them saying my main goal as mma fighter is to fight for strikeforce or affliction may they rest in peace. And why??? Because that’s where the best fighters are and that’s where all the $$$ are as well. And blast me all you want about “it’s not about the money” cause everything on this planet is based on the mighty dollar and any fool who believes any different needs to go back to watching Disney movies??? Correct me if im wrong but does fedor not own some part of M-1???? And if he does then wouldn’t he have some say to what HE WANTS TO DO. Oh wait he wants to let the puppet master do all his talking for him so when it all boils down it’s not his fault. Read notdanawhite’s post…COMPLET COMMON SENSE. Better yet read two or three times just in case you don’t get it cause right there is what M-1 wants and in the long run its about $$$$$$$ my friends. If fedor wants to fight in the ufc he would have singed by now. He just wants max out as much cash as possible because he knows all that’s going to happen is when he gets in the cage with lesnar he is going to get taken down, held there, and get punched in the face over and over and over until the ref stops It witch would be the end of M-1 cause fedor is all they have. And that’s not me being a lesnar fan because I can’t stand him. Dave d 1st post is dead on. The ufc just banned a bunch of companies a few weeks ago over $$$ (witch I thought is damn greedy of them for what they were asking) but still is willing to let your fighter have logos all over himself, on the mat of the cage, then plain and simple IT’S A CO-PROMOTION. They just want half of what ufc will make because they can’t do it themselves. So with ufc offering so much (witch we all don’t know cause none of us were there) everything boils down to M-1 wanting co-promotion. Hmmmmmm sounds like an excuse to me not to get my ass kicked with out maxing out on everything I can

  • moosebaby02 says:

    no ???? needed after disney movies sorry

  • moosebaby02 says:

    oh and ozz your theroy of him waiting it out hoping lesnar lose’s the belt to come in after his contract is done with M-1 could be a possibility

  • Jstew3785 says:

    F*ck M-1, F*ck Vadim, and F*ck Fedor. Sorry, but that’s all I can feel right now. F*ck them all and anyone who looks like them

  • Madmax says:

    FEDOR FEARS THE OCTAGON! All this Co-promo crap is just a way to smokescreen the issue.”The Last Chicken” has seen what happened to CC and others that came from other orgs that use a RING (Pussy MMA in my book).There aint no place to run and hide in the cage, no funky resets when guys hide in the ropes. FEDOR has never fought in a CAGE, only in the pussified ring, and conveniently uses Vadim and the Co-promo issue as the deal-breaker so he doesnt look bad and can later blame The Fink for NEVER fighting in the UFC.
    FEDOR WILL NEVER ENTER THE OCTAGON TO FIGHT!!! After this latest situation, I think DANA knows it too. IF FE wanted to sign for the BIG BUCKS 5-7(with PPV)mil per fight, he’d tell the fink to take a hike and sign.


  • ozz_the_powerful says:

    It’s one thing to get in a ring and stare down your oppenent.

    It’s completely another to get in a steel cage, stare your opponent down, walk back to your corner looking at the crowd through woven steel, see the cameras & announcer exit, and HEAR the cage door slam and be pinned shut, knowing there is no escape until someone is declared the victor.

    Damn, I got chillys just typing that, LOL

  • meatloaf says:

    These last two posts might be the dumbest fucking posts I’ve ever read on this site and that’s saying something.

    What happened to this site you used to get somewhat knowledgeable mma fans visiting here reading the stories and occasionally posting a comment. Now it’s filled with mostly all TUF Noobs who feel the need to post a hundred comments of UFC biased opinions every day without really any worthwhile input at all.

    If this keeps this website will be nearly as bad as is.

    A question for these guys who are always posting comments on these sites do you just talk about MMA or do you ever actually sit down and watch fights without being influenced by other TUF Noobs on MMA blogs?

  • ozz_the_powerful says:


    You’re trying to instigate a riot huh?

    I’ll tell you what, why don’t you scroll through all the stories on here, find my avatar blasted all over, actually take the time to actually read my comments, then make your own assesment.

    God forbid it’s been a slow news day and people are just shooting the shit and having a few laughs.

    Yesterday I told Dr. Stoppage to drink a cup of coffee.
    You need to push the cup away, friend.

  • twyg says:

    I do not believe fedor fears brock or the cage if that were the case why would he be willing to have one fight? With one fight if he loses that is all she wrote. Contract was for 6 fights, which means even if he loses he still has 5 fights for a shit ton of money. That is called job security. We may never know why fedor did not sign this contract, because it just seems illogical to not do so. I have to blame fedor and not his managment because in the end it is his name that either does or does not go on the dotted line

  • Jak says:

    I do find it funny that Fedor fans bash the UFC HW’s when the reality is that there really aren’t a whole lot of HW’s worldwide that are above the competition.

    Overeem, Rogers and that’s about it. Buent, Monson, Werdum are all out of the UFC.

    I’ll take “future prospects” like dos Santos, Velasquez, Lesnar and Carwin any day over guys that have already shown they’re not the top HW’s.

    Although i don’t understand what it is about Fedor that makes his fans or bashers so pissy all the time. Some people need to take a deep breath and relax.

  • ericsupermann says:

    Its this simple it will take one person to knock out fedor and M1 will be begging to clean UFC toilets,fedor has not been challenge only with has beens.

    Brock Lesner sheer size only will eat Fedor for Breakfast Fedors/M1s request are not logical and are fantacys which leads us to believe Fedor my be cowarding for easier fights.

    You have to beat the best to be the best we all no if your not in the UFC its usually beacuse youve been beeten out of it,

    Fedor has amounted to nothing my then a Jackle or Vulture going for left overs.

    M1 globel needs to think about taking a hike if Fedor is as dumb as he looks thell all dig a hole so deep in the anus of history of could of should of. but didnt .

  • mu_shin says:

    Mu_Shin’s Considered Opinion:

    Anyone who thinks Fedor is afraid of Brock Lesnar needs to check out his fights with Semmy Schiltz (6’11” 285lbs.), Zuluzino (6’7″ 390lbs.), and Hong-Man Choi (7’2″ 330lbs). Schiltz is bigger than Lesnar, an excellent wrestler, and while it was not the most exciting fight in the annals of MMA, it was a convincing win for Fedor. No, it was not last week, but neither was it so long ago that Fedor’s skills have deteriorated in any noticeable way. Notice I do not include Tim Sylvia in this grouping, as he is also bigger than Lesnar and much bigger than Fedor, but never had the well rounded skills to be a serious challenge to Emelianenko. I also believe Arlovski was released by the UFC for good reason: fast hands and glass jaw…

    There has been a well conceived well constructed myth woven around Fedor, absolving him from personal responsibility in all of the important business decisions invlolved in his MMA career. It may be that his lack of English language skills make it easy for us to believe that he could be so thoroughly manipulated by the evil Finkelchtein, or the Russian Mob, or pod people from an alien universe far far away…

    Emelianenko is a part owner of M-1 Global. Vadim Finkelchtein has been portrayed as a fiduciary representative who administers Fedor’s best interests in regard to his fighting career. I suspect that the reality is closer to a partnership, and that Finkelchtein is actally Fedor’s English speaking mouthpiece.

    Plain and simple: Fedor perceives some business advantage to not making a UFC deal at this time, and will not do so until he believes it is in his best interest, and at such a time as to maximize his personal benefit. He is not the unsuspecting dupe of an malevolent management team; he is the team. Fedor has made good money to this point in his career, and whoever he fights for in whatever promotion, I believe he will continue to do so. I also believe he will continue to win, as whoever he ends up in the ring/cage with, he has demonstrated the indomitable spirit, unbending intent, and unbreakable will that make a true champion, and will continue to do so.

  • Jak says:


    i’m not arguing on the “fedor is scared” part, but did you just compare Brock Lesnar to Hong Man Choi and Zuluzino?

    Not trying to be critical, but those are rather poor comparisons based on the fact most people who are fans of Lesnar will undoubtedly will point to his crazy amount of athleticism as much as they will his size. Neither of those guys are very athletic.

    I’m not really sure Fedor vs. HMC would have ended the same if HMC was as fast and explosive as a running back and had the ground ability and wrestling strengths that a green Lesnar possesses.

    And not to be critical of Shilt, but that guy loses EVERY time he faces anybody of note, he has his whole career.

    I’m not saying Fedor wouldn’t win, i’m just saying that those are very good comparisons. :)

  • mu_shin says:

    Jak, there are no comparisons to Lesnar. I’m simply stating that Fedor has dealt with huge size disparities in the past. Physics is physics, whatever your opinion of the opponent’s record, and Fedor, at 6′ 230 pounds, has overcome these much bigger opponents. I think that gives him the experiential knowledge base to deal with Brock in a way that no other active heavyweight can, at least at the present time. My real point, as I think you agreed, is that Fedor is not scared to meet Brock in the ring, and if and when he does, I think he has the best chance at overcoming all of Lesnar’s obvious advantages.

    Unlike a lot of other “fans”, I did not know Lesnar as a WWE wrestler, and my only opinion of him has to do with what I’ve seen in the cage. He has learned more in a shorter time than any MMA fighter I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been watching this sport since 1993. I have no opinion of his personality or media persona; I simply think he could be the most naturally gifted, hardest working, hardest training heavyweight to enter the sport, and if and when he and Fedor ever meet, it will be a colossal battle, and a great fight.

    Finally, watch the Semmy Schiltz fight, as I did recently on line, and tell me you don’t think Schiltz is a worthy opponent, regardless of his record. Fedor proved himself multiple times against Nogueira, CroCop, Randleman, Coleman, Babalu Sobral, and people always bring up Fujita, who actually proved Emelianenko is human and can be rocked. None of these fights were so long ago that his skills have deteriorated in any demonstrable way. Fedor exemplifies the indomitable spirit, unbending intent, and unbreakable will of a true champion, and until someone holds him down and submits him or seperates him from consciousness, I will assert that he is the best. At present it doesn’t look like we’ll ever see Lesnar/Emelianenko, but as fans, we can continue to hope maybe some day…

  • ericsupermann says:

    Nogueira, CroCop, Randleman, Coleman, Babalu Sobral,are at least recognizable names but besides Nogerira are not worthy of heavyweight championship recognition. As I know you would agree size is such a small part of mma But that being said when it is applied to Brocks athleticism is unstoppable so it would appear. FEdor is in no where near the condition of Brock the best oppoinant fro Brock I truly believe was Randy.

    Fedor I beleive is creating reasons to avoid UFC lets face it they have the best heavyweight division in the world, a true champion would challenge this arena money is not the issue nor compatition was FEdors statement, thats purely idiotsy in the industry. He was offered the highest offer in history of mma and easily turned it down. If you read the nmma news espn ect… he seems to be loosing respect by the minute. If you havent fought Randy, MIr, Brock,and only 1 of the top 10 ranked fighters in the world then at what point is is consider frightened or cowardly?

  • meatloaf says:

    This above post is reason enough to just read the articles but not the comments from now on.

  • ericsupermann says:

    Years ago Martial arts was known to be technique and skill, now it invloves conditioning athletizism speed Size are all serious aspects of the mma world tech and skill can be nuturalized if the other avenues are a bit lacking and vise a versa. To be a true champion you mush be developed at a high level to compete as a world champion.

    Fedor- Mostly his fights have with has beens– he himself has a bit of a gut and man boobs hes a bit soft, his skill on the other hand is at the top of the game,

    One knock out mark me words of Fedor and the world will be laughing at his outlandish unrealistic requests. As time goes on the new mma athlete will submerge the past heroes who like Fedor are not total packages and where able to servive fighting substandard mma fighters. If you look threw the past 15 years the have evolved and will continue to do so.

    At what point does one become a coward for not fighting the top of the game contenders or is it that Fedor knows if hes knocked out the money will get less and less.

    Fedors excact words where “it not the money or the desire to prove myself against the best in the world, I want to develope M1 Globel and co operate.

    Look up M1 global on the internet Fedors the part Owner Vice pres and only member, its embarrassing the fact that this M1 is the tree in the road is an insult to other true champions and fans around the world. M1 wants half of ufc profit for the entire night.

    Its like saying I invented a cool amusement ride and demand half of disneys money to share my invention no matter how fun my ride is my request is unreasonable. When people in the world act erashional and make weird unpopular descisions in a market with this kind of fan base it just makes it fun to talk about it bottom line fedor is

    A. a coward- avoiding Brock and Randy-maybe hes waiting when randy gets to be 50
    B.or hes reaching way to high and should stick to fighting

    no his role and appreciate he can get a little bit more then any other fighter on earth

    I truley believe its a bit of both


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