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Dana White squelches Roy Nelson rumor

Prior to adding Roy Nelson to the cast for next season’s Ultimate Fighter, UFC President Dana White was rumored to have said that Nelson would never be a part of the UFC. The alleged reason was that Nelson did not fit the physical prototype of what White was looking for.

At 6′ and 250 lbs, Nelson does not always appear to be in peak physical condition. However, Nelson has a 13-4 record and was the IFL heavyweight champion when the promotion folded.

His inclusion on TUF may have surprised some but not White. He said that he never made any negative statements about Nelson.

“That’s not true,” White said. “That was never a thing – ‘Roy, you’re too fat. You can’t fight in the UFC.’ That’s not true.”

As one of the favorites to win the upcoming season, Nelson now has a chance to make a big impact in the UFC, and by adding Nelson to the show, White makes it almost impossible not to believe his side of the story.

  • GetItOn says:

    Roy Nelson has some heavy hands and does have some submissions under his belt but the question is, can he hang with the big boys that the UFC has to offer him? For starters he must get past the other TUF 10 cast members which will be a feat in itself. The majority of his opponents are coming onto the show with a decent amount of pro experience in the cage or ring. Kimbo Slice 3-1, Zak Jensen 7-3, Marcus Jones 4-1, Scott Junk 6-2-1, Jon Madsen 1-0, James Mcsweeney 3-4, Matt Mitrione 0-0-0, Demico Rogers 0-0-0, Brendan Schaub 4-0, Darrill Schoonover 10-0, Wes Shivers 0-0-0, Wes Sims 22-12-1, Abe Wagner 6-2-0, Justin Wren 6-1-0, Mike Wessel 6-1-0. If he does make it past these guys, he will have his hands full in the big show. I don’t see it happening. I certainly don’t want to see tubby tubby bounce around the octagon.

  • Kamakosmo says:

    My gut says he did not make it the Finals (just a gut feeling is all) Either way, should be an entertaining season and I can’t wait.

  • Eric says:

    Nelson had Arlovski in major trouble and was looking like he was going to win their bout before the questionable stand up. Most of the guys on TUF 10 don’t have the ‘big time’ experience and credibility Roy does. Nelson has fought some tough competition and proved himself as a legit heavyweight. He has to be one of the favorites to win. And if he does, I’ll look forward to watching ‘tubby tubby’ rack up some UFC wins.

  • Demogorgo says:

    It was actually Joe Silva who criticized Roy Nelson’s appearance, Roy talked about it in various interviews. I don’t think Dana White ever went on record trashing Nelson.

  • Roy Nelson will be the Mac Danzig of this season.

  • manny says:

    Sounds like something that Dana would say. If he talked trash about Fedor then you have to believe he said something about Roy.

  • Patrickk says:

    I’ve never seen Roy Nelson fight. He sounds like a humongous guy though. I’m still rooting for the heavy underdog (Kimbo) to take all of the marbles.

    You can LOL at me, I’ll take the flak…

  • edub says:

    Roy is a monster on the ground. Literally and figuratively. I dont see anyone else being able to hang with him this season.

  • ultmma says:

    From the organization that brought you Tank Abbott? Why would Joe Silva or D White ever make a comment like that? A 13-4 record with plenty of KO wins more than make up for any physical deficiencies Roy Nelson may have.

  • Angry Mike says:

    Roy’s weight is a factor only if it indicates poor conditioning, and the status of his conditioning will be obvious right away. If he’s got enough gas to get through three rounds, he’s a serious threat. He’s so big that if he’s in side mount or even in full guard, he’s hard to dislodge.

  • I’ll tell you what…from what I’ve seen, Roy Nelson has a better tank than guys like Mark Coleman and Phil Baroni.

  • TerribleT says:

    Since Nelson was cast on TUF 10 they might as well as signed up Ben Rothwell too since he was the only IFL Heavyweight to beat Nelson and the decision was very controversial.We might have had a super grudge match for the 1st time for a TUF Final.


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