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Randy Couture Willing to Return to Light Heavyweight for Machida


Could a drop to 205 pounds be in UFC Hall of Famer Randy Couture’s future?

How realistic a move that is may be left to fans’ speculation, but “The Natural” has made one thing certain – he is intrigued by the possibility of stepping into the Octagon against UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Lyoto Machida.

The former double-division UFC champion expressed his interest during a recent interview with local Oregon media outletOn Portland“.

“[Machida’s] got a very unique style – it’s very unorthodox. He stays pretty true to his karate background and makes it work for him. He’s got great footwork, great balance. He’s very patient. I think he’s terrific,” said Couture of Machida after flashing a coy smile when the subject initially came up.

“I could certainly go back down to 205 if that was something (the UFC) wanted to see. I’d be interested in competing against him. I think he’s a tremendous competitor and somebody I’d like to fight.”

The Xtreme Couture training center’s patriarch’s current focus is undoubtedly on his upcoming clash with fellow Mixed Martial Arts legend Antonio “Minotauro” Nogueira at UFC 102, but the seeds for Couture’s possible return to the light heavyweight division and subsequent in-cage chess match with the undefeated Machida have officially been planted.

  • s00nertp says:

    This would be awesome… Randy is the man.

  • antone3x7 says:

    I’ve learned to never count Randy out. I just know that somehow someway he’ll find a way to solve the Machida riddle.

  • BigDave says:

    Now like many i will never question the heart and shire will of Randy Couture he is one of the greatest MMA fighters of all time. That being said I dont think this fight would be the best idea for Randy. Machida is just far to good at this point for randy to have anything more then possibly taking the fight to a decision

  • BigDave says:

    Now like many i will never question the heart and shire will of Randy Couture he is one of the greatest MMA fighters of all time. That being said I dont think this fight would be the best idea for Randy. Machida is just far to good at this point for randy to have anything more then possibly taking the fight to a decision which Randy would lose unanimously maybe drawing the first round but losing the next too. I dont want to see this because I want to not have my last memory of couture being losing badly in his last 2 fights. Lets have him fight Liddel one last time and have them both retire after the fight win or lose.

  • Brendhan Conlan says:

    If he drops down to 205 I would *love* to see Randy fight Quinton Jackson.

  • redness says:

    This is to risky for he UFC think about it. 1) If he beats him they have a 42 or whatever old champ that would lose to most of the top competion in the division. 2) With all the talent in the division how do they give him a shot. 3) I dont see it as a big PPV seller. Just my opition and YOu right you can never cout Randy out.

  • dpk says:

    Let’s see Randy get by Nog first. He went back up to HW, because he said that the cut to 205 was taking too much out of him. There is also so much talent at LHW these days that UFC doesn’t need this fight.

  • ctownhood says:

    Ok..I’ll be the first to say it. Randy would get owned.

  • mmajosh says:

    I’m a huge Randy fan, but I’m disappointed in him now getting a second divorce. But this fight sure would be awesome.

  • says:

    During the interview we did with Randy he talks about a lot of things including a hope to fight Fedor.

    We will be posting some photos from the interview soon, they turned out pretty amazing!

  • Brendhan Conlan says:

    It’s his third divorce isn’t it?

  • metalmulisha says:

    Yeah it’s his third divorce and he’s 46 not 42 like was stated earlier.

  • GetItOn says:

    I believe that the HW division is starting to get too stacked with heavier guys that Randy will have a hard time manhandling anymore. These new HW’s are learning how to execute gameplans just like Couture does. After this fight with Nogueira, provided he wins, he should definitely step down. There won’t be many exciting fights in HW for him to sell on PPV. In the LHW division he has a whole roster of guys that he can challenge and provide excitement in the UFC with. A fight with Machida would be one for the books. Can he solve the Machida riddle? We’ll just have to see, provided he gets that opportunity. Machida still has to face Shogun, which stylistically is his best match-up to date. I do believe that Randy has a better shot at beating him than Shogun, as long as he closes the distance and is able to get him against the cage and take him down.

  • shotokai_ says:

    “I’m a huge Randy fan, but I’m disappointed in him now getting a second divorce.” HAHA, what?! That made me laugh out loud, for a while, congrats.

    As for the article I think it would be a very predictable fight resulting in Randy getting caught coming in at some point in the 1st or 2nd. A la against Liddell II and III.

  • Brendhan Conlan says:

    I still maintain I’d rather see Randy vs. Rampage. That’s a UFC vs. PRIDE dream for me.

  • shotokai_ says:

    That would definitely be a cool fight. I suppose it could only make sense if Rampage loses to Evans. Close one to call, who would you take?

  • PlagueAngel says:

    What is this about a divorce for Randy? He is more effective at this point at 205 and I think his wrestling will pose a lot of problems for fighters in that division. He is simply not a huge heavyweight, but he is a good sized 205er with great skills.

  • RU486 says:

    As I recall, Randy was doing rather impressively with the behemoth Lesnar before getting caught behind the ear. All of you have forgotten that, although he got taken down a couple of times, sustained relatively no damage, and got right back to his feet where he was able to inflict his own damage. Remember the huge shot that cut Lesnar wide open? In his other fights, Brock has just plowed right through his opponents in resounding fashion. This should be a testament to Randy, that he still has it, and can compete with the best of them.

    I like Randy’s chances against Machida. If you look at the pre-UFC Machida fights, you’ll notice the giant holes in his clinch and ground games – especially if he is on bottom against a powerful wrestler (watch the Sam Grecco fight). These are the areas where Randy outshines all others. Randy will close the gap, will bust Lyoto up with that dirty boxing, will get his body lock and take him down where he will pound on him from half-guard.

  • bizzarmg says:

    Randy is good, real good, but I just don’t think he should step in the Octagon with Machida. Randy did come in and beat down Tim Sylvia and Gabe Gonzaga but he lost to Brock and I think Brock might be a little worse than Gabe or Tim just because of experience and don’t get me wrong I think Randy would beat Brock if they had a rematch. But Brock isn’t Machida. Machida is the best in his division and there is no questioning that. Taking a forty five year old man and throwing him in there with a guy who has never been beaten and has shown all around awesome skills and about to realize his full potential isn’t a good idea. I hate to say it but Randy would lose probably by knock out. He got too aggressive with chuck and look what happened. Machida wouldn’t let him take him down, he wouldn’t let him get in close. Machida would be in and out and the fight would be over with. A fighter can only fight for so long and a fighters career usually ends after a devastating loss. If he steps in there with Machida, there will be a devastating loss and it won’t be Machida’s.

  • manny says:

    C’mon, Randy just stay at the hw division and hoefully beat Nog. There’s no way he will defeat the dragon. Machida is to good for old randy and there is plenty of other good 205 fighter that should lose to machida b4 randy does.

  • Patrickk says:

    Yeah, big time! I’d love to see this fight! Granted, I think Randy would lose. I think he stands the best chance of defeating Machida. Not with his athletic ability, not with his strength, power, or speed; but with his genius mindstate and strong will!

  • edub says:

    Randy has the best shot at beating Machida out of everyone else in the UFC IMO. His clinch work is second to none and I dont think Machida has the one punch power that Liddell was blessed with.

    I think this would be the closest a Machida fight would be in this new era.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Randy should face Coleman. Both are 16-9, and both are into their 40’s.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    Randy would destroy coleman, standing for sure on the ground i dont think coleman has enough gas in the tank to compete with randy. 9 years ago maybe coleman takes this one.

  • metalmulisha says:

    I think a lot of people forget the fact Randy Couture is 46 years old his next fight might be his last fight.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    That guy will fight forever, i really think they need to bring in severn and have a good old fashioned retirement match. The loser has to be happy with their multiple titles and hall of fame plaques while thewinner gets to fight again. Thats a money match.

  • aceyeager says:

    i honestly think couture could take machida down and pound out a victory.remember when no one gave him a chance against belfort, sylvia, and gonzaga. think about it. as for NOG if he can keep it standing he can win it their. no point in taking him down and getting caught in a sub.


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