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Kit Cope vs. Shawn Tompkins: The war of words heats up

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It appears that we may have something brewing between Xtreme Couture striking coach Shawn Tompkins and upstart MMA fighter Kit Cope.

Kit had stated in an interview with MMAJunkie radio on July 8th that he didn’t believe Carano could handle her upcoming opponent due to her training regimen and made a point to call out her entire camp at Xtreme Couture.

“She’s gonna get her ass handed to her if she keeps training the way she’s training. But, if she keeps training where she is.” When asked if he is actually training with her he responded, “We do not train together. Have not trained together for a long time. She’s over at Xtreme Fashion, here in town. But she’s not gonna get what she needs over there.”

When asked elaborate on his views of Xtreme Couture, he went on to say “Because it’s the cool kids club. Like if you’re already good, just go over there and keep being good. I mean, like, they don’t create good.” He goes on to get a little more specific, “Okay well here’s the thing, they help guys become superstars with the exposure they get thanks to Randy.”

Keeping with his theme of the gym lacking real technical training, he sets his crosshairs on the gyms prized striking coach, Shawn Tompkins. “I don’t think Randy makes them (the fighters) at all, I definitely don’t think that, I’m sorry I don’t think that Shawn Tompkins makes them at all. You know, Shawn Tompkins, from what I’ve seen, like he can work you out. And that dude will work you out, and he’ll make sure that you’re in shape and that kind of thing, but he is not gonna teach you any kind of technical nothing. I’ve seen his pad work, I’ve seen his training.”

Tompkins, always one to speak his mind and defend his fighters, had an immediate response in an interview done with RawVegas.TV.

First, he addressed the comments made about how prepared Gina will be for her upcoming main event fight. “I know Gina Carano very well. This sort of stuff wont bother her.” Adding, “She’s training harder than she has ever trained, she’s got great coaches here, everybody saw her at the press conference in New York City and everybody is commenting on how she has a brand new body.”

Tompkins goes on and puts the issue to rest with this, “You know, he can say what he wants, but the bottom line is Kit Cope hasn’t seen Gina Carano in a training session in probably 3 years. She’s been here. I’ve seen her every day, she’s dedicated and she’ll do what she does. What does he know?”

As far as Copes’ comments about Tompkins coaching himself, he went on to state how he feels about Copes’ assessment, “Well he can say what he wants, but I have 28 of the best fighters in the world right now. As far as I’m concerned, he hasn’t fought in years, and I don’t see him training anybody. So, I don’t know where he gets this.”

Always one to stick up for his team and his fighters, Tompkins warns, “Las Vegas is a small city, everybody knows everybody, and in saying something about Xtreme Couture, he just made a lot of great fighters angry and he better not wanna see them or pass them on escalators or in hallways in casinos because I’m sure they’re not gonna have nice things to say or do to him.”

Continuing to go back and forth, the war of words resumes from Kit Cope as he returned to MMAJunkie radio on July 16th to restate his case.

When asked if there was any bad blood between him and Tompkins prior to his comments, he said, “No, not at all. There shouldn’t have been beef anyways. All I said, I said he’ll work you out. The guy will work (you) out. He just doesn’t have any technique. He’s 0-4 in MMA. He got mounted and pounded out every single fight that he had. I don’t even know that he ever did a kickboxing fight. The guy just doesn’t have any technique. I’ve watched him do pad work with Wanderlei.”

Cope didn’t stop there, he added, “Wanderlei and I talked about the pad work, we both agreed that he sucked at it, and so then Shawn was dismissed. That’s all. He had a good workout, made Wanderlei sweat. Good job, awesome.”

With the odds of these two meeting on the canvas being extremely low, when being proposed with fighting one of Shawn’s long-time projects, Chris Horodecki, Cope seemed very receptive, “That’d be great. I’d love to push him around.” Adding, “That’d be awesome. He’s wiley enough to stand up with me and that would be a good time. So far, I haven’t been able to find anybody to do that.”

With this as a possibility, we may have a fight like this on the horizons, with one of Tompkins long time disciples fighting for his honour as a coach.

Cope may be a great self promoter, but who knows how he would fair against Horodecki. One thing is for sure, we wont be seeing Kit over at Xtreme Couture any time soon.

P.S. If you tuned in for news on the sex tape, sorry to disappoint. But, in Kits’ words, “it was a joke”.

  • edub says:

    Kit Cope is the greatest muay thai fighter everrrr. xtreemeee.

    Id pay to watch him and Horodecki fight tho.

  • CMT says:

    What the hell is this guy talikng about!! He is 2-4 in MMA. He is a great Muy Thai fighter, but cannot seem to translate those skills into MMA. Didn’t he try boxing also? I think I would be mad at the world too if Carano dumped me. This whole interview was about his jealousy. Ball up “Prophecy”, and own your failures.

  • Patrickk says:

    Well seems like Cope is being a hater. But maybe he does hold some truth. I don’t know the whole situation, but what I get from it is that he made an opinion and Tompkins had to say something about it. Apparently either Tompkins has a lot of pride for his fighters and always has to take up for them even when someone is taking verbal shots of them, or he really has some insecurities that need to be worked out. Either way, it’s good hype. I wish Cope and Chris would fight, like Mac said.


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