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Fabricio Werdum reveals strategy against Alistair Overeem: ‘Just wait for him to get tired’

Fabricio Werdum

Fabricio Werdum is currently preparing for the most important professional fight of his life.

On August 15 the renowned Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt will be facing off with Dutch wrecking ball Alistair Overeem for the Strikeforce Heavyweight Championship on the main card of “Strikeforce: Carano vs.Cyborg“.

The two are far from strangers as they had previously faced off at “PRIDE: Total Elimination Absolute” in May of 2006. A bout which Werdum had his hand raised in victory following a second round kimura submission from his guard.

The towering Brazilian knows full well that Alistair isn’t the same fighter that he faced over three years ago. Most notably, Overeem is a good 40 pounds heavier than he was in their previous encounter, with muscles packed on top of muscles. Something Werdum plans on using against Overeem when the two meet for the second time.

“As I changed, he changed too,” Werdum was quoted as saying in a recent interview with “I know he’s heavier and stronger, but there is one thing: the stronger and heavier, the guy can get tired fast.

“In our other fight, he gave me a heat in the first round and began to get tired in the second. I can use this strategy again, just wait for him to get tired, but if I have a way to finalize before, I will.”

Make no mistake about it, Fabricio has no illusions of going in there to knock Overeem unconscious standing. He plans on taking the fearsome knockout specialist to his world as soon as humanly possible; the canvas.

“I’ll bring the fight to my area, but that is thing: the fight starts standing,” said the 6’4″ heavyweight. “I’ll train standing as on the ground, but I’ll give more emphasis to the ground.”

However, talking about taking Overeem to the ground, and doing it are two entirely different things. Something Werdum already knows all too well.

“It’s difficult to take Overeem to the ground,” admitted the Chute Boxe trained submission specialist. “In the other time that we fought, I couldn’t give him any takedown, and he took me down five times, so I was forced to fight standing with him. The strategy is this: take to the ground as soon as possible and submit.”

  • Rich S. says:

    He doesn’t stand much of a chance in this fight if that’s his strategy..

    I see Werdum gassing before Overeem..

  • edub says:

    I wonder if Alistair has learned his lesson to just try and stand with people instead of going to the ground.

    Demolition man 2nd rd. KO(I think its gonna be brutal)

  • redness says:

    Its like Overeem is two different fighters at some points in his career bsides the weight, (heart). He has been killing it as of late. I cant pick one on this one.

  • Patrickk says:

    I seriously think Werdum is going to get annihilated! Overeem just seems to be so impressive, so athletic, and I feel like it is his time to shine.


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