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UFC 100 was a Flop Outside of the Octagon

Over the last year, Dana White and the UFC spent countless hours and a tremendous amount of money to promote UFC 100 – which was billed as the most important night in Mixed Martial Arts history.

There were countdowns on both Yahoo! and Spike TV leading up to the event. Even ESPN – which had previously given MMA very little coverage in the past – spent all week leading up to UFC 100 promoting the spectacle.

I had waited months to see UFC 100. Yet when it was over I turned to the room full of people I was watching it with and asked, “That was it?”

UFC 100 was no different than any other UFC pay-per-view event. It was a few fights, they showed me Turkish from the movie Snatch sitting in the crowd and then I was given the disturbing mental image of Brock Lesnar mounting his wife.

For a normal UFC card, I would say this was pretty good but this wasn’t supposed to be a normal pay-per-view event. This was supposed to be the biggest night ever in the sport. It was supposed to be the Super Bowl of MMA.

If that’s the case – and it was the case – then White and the UFC badly missed their mark Saturday night.

When I tuned into this card, I didn’t have the same feeling as all the others. I had a knot in my stomach, like I do when I watch the Super Bowl or the College Football National Championship Game. This was supposed to be special. I thought in a lot of ways we were celebrating the sport and giving thanks to some of the guys who helped get it to UFC 100.

Where was Chuck Liddell? Where was Matt Hughes? Where was Tito Ortiz? OK, the last one was a joke. What a mean though, how about a video recap of the previous UFC cards, right? With all the promotion the company did for this, there must have been a lot of first time viewers for this pay-per-view.

I thought showing highlights of some of the UFC’s greatest fights of the past would have served two purposes. For us old time fans it would have been kind of a nice look back on such a historic night and for the new viewers it would have served as a history lesson.

But instead people tuning in for the first time saw Dan Henderson take a vicious cheap shot (which he later admitted was unnecessary and that he did on purpose) on a fallen opponent that was knocked out cold. Then by the end of the night new fight fans must have been questioning whether they were watching UFC or WWE.

I’m sorry but I didn’t get what the UFC was doing here. I know Liddell was in the crowd but I would have liked to hear from a couple of these legends about how far the company has come since they first entered the UFC and things of that nature.

Hey, it was their night. It was a night for the fighters and the sport of MMA. It was a night for the fans. We all deserved more than a few fights. Hell, we will get the exact same thing in a couple of weeks when we buy UFC 101.

And I don’t want to hear it was supposed to be just another pay-per-view. That’s bull. Ask the UFC what its advertising budget was for UFC 100 compared to any other event it’s ever put on. It wasn’t just another night. That’s not how they sold it and that’s not how it was marketed.

It’s funny because leading up to the event the UFC treated 100 like a special event but the night of the card, it was business as usual. I found that extremely odd and very poor judgment on White’s part.

UFC 100 was supposed to be a night that would be forever remembered for much more than just the fights in the Octagon. In the end it was but for all the wrong reasons, thanks to Dan Henderson and Brock Lesnar.

The UFC got its headlines but not the ones it wanted because the company didn’t know how to handle a huge event. People who say Dana White can only take this sport so far can rejoice because he really blew a big opportunity at UFC 100.

White should remember that the next time he promotes something as “the biggest night in the history of the sport,” he should probably at least make it more special than the event he put on a couple of weeks earlier.

I know Dana White doesn’t like to listen to anyone but he may want to start talking to others who have experience running a sports league because as far as outside of the Octagon goes, UFC 100 was a miserable failure.

  • davebo says:

    Are you kidding me? UFC 100 had the potential to be a huge flop if the fight card didn’t deliver, but it did. I think that anyone who thinks Hendo took that extra shot on purpose is crazy. It was a split second after the knockout punch, and anyone that has watched MMA knows that fighters can recover relatively quickly.

    Brock unifying the championship/dissing the sponsor and his opponent, hendo’s knockout, and GSP pistol whipping Alves all made for a great night of fights.

  • MMASwami says:

    Lol @ calling the biggest ever selling UFC ppv a failure. You fail at grasping what is most important to Dana White and Zuffa.

  • Jak says:

    Your right that that was it.

    Just because of every mma forum has been lit up like a fourth of july celebration for the last few days doesn’t mean much, just because ESPN and every other sports station is talking about UFC 100, that doesn’t mean much either.

    The ONLY time my local news ever had anything UFC related was when Evan Tanner passed away, and yet Sunday morning they had a segment about UFC 100. Not per UFC 100, but post UFC 100.

    I definitely agree that it was a flop and that nobody is talking about it. What a disappointment.

  • MMAFright says:

    Everyone is talking about it but what are they talking about? GSP being a great fighter? GSP maybe being the smartest, most well-rounded fighters ever? No they are talking about Lesnar acting like an ass. I was listening to The Herd and he talked about UFC 100 for three minutes and it was all about Lesnar acting like a jerk and Dana White being forced to spank him. So yeah people are talking but is it the kind of talk that’s going to help the sport? And for the guy defending Hendo he said himself that he did that on purpose so maybe you should listen to the post-fight interview again.

    By the way I kind of agree with this article. I was left wanting more. I thought the night was going to have more to it being such a huge event and all.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    the ufc aired a top 100 fights about two weeks befor this event, ending with the top 10 the day of, people can olny watch so many replays of past fights. I would have liked to see all the weight classes represented in the main card but other than that we did get a pretty good night of fights, I really would have liked to see Danzig vs Miller.

  • aimres says:

    I love the UFC. But Dana White and the Fertitta’s are not genius’s they are making themselves out to be. They are three guys mimicking the WWE business plan in every way and this was their attempt at summer slam.

    We got a card packed with names. Big names. Which works for some fans but drives other fans crazy.

    If you are a true mma fan you must analyze the card and what is truly being offered.

    101 will be more to your liking Tom.

  • Miguel Antonio says:

    I dont think it flopped honestly, I mean it wasn’t any different as any other UFC event. Since the UFC/ZUFFA/Dana White made it out to seem like it was above every other event,then in that sense, yea I guess it did flop. But the standard is so high now, that anything lower is considered a flop, under any other circumstance, its a success. Perhaps it was the UFCs own fault for hyping it so much.

  • Cliff says:

    I do have to agree, it was a great card but with all of the hype leading up to it, it was a bit of a let down. To celebrate 100 maybe it should have been an all title event.

  • edub says:

    I didnt get through the entire article.

    I watched the event with some people who only watch mma sometimes. One who thinks the UFC is mma, and one who only watches about once every year.

    They thought that Henderson was gonna be a pussy fighter because he was soft spoken on the show. There faces lit up when he started to whoop Bispings ass, and they went nuts with a knockout.
    My buddy ended the night saying “I think he was actually trying to kill him with his right hand”.

    My buddies left this event fascinated with the idea of anyone being able to defeat Lesnar or GSP.(And wanting to see Henderson fight Silva again).

    I think the UFC did a great job with this event the only thing I would have changed is the opening fight. Jon Jones leading off the show woulda been awesome.

  • rediknight says:

    All that Dana and Joe Silva can do is create the match-ups and hope the fighters go out and put on a good show. What makes a fight card legendary is what happens in the cage, not any highlight reels they play between fights. They created the bonuses in hope it would inspire the fighters to put on a good show.

    But you also failed to mention the extremely successful debut of the UFC Fan Expo. An estimated 30,000 to 50,000 people showed up and it was an awesome event. I personally met so many fighters and was even the butt of a Rampage joke. Seeing the Hall of Fame induction with Chuck Liddell was awesome and Dana White’s speech and Q&A session with the fans was superb. I know that had nothing to do with the PPV but it was a successful part of UFC 100 that was “Outside the Octagon.”

  • Mbreckles49 says:

    These hyperbolic headlines need to stop, (e.g., the kimbo/lidell one). I thought the card was amazing, but I do agree a little bit with you.

    I would have liked to see maybe Dana in the ring give a speech to old fans, and new fans talking about the UFC’s past, present, and future. It would have been a cool gesture toward fans, maybe a thank you of sorts. But I’m still totally satisfied as what went down.

  • notdanawhite says:

    UFC 100 was bigger than anyone could have imagined.

    Dana has said “we aren’t even close to mainstream”. He’s right, and UFC 100 proved it.

    Had middle America caught a glimpse of Brock Lesnar’s caveman antics (he basically won a fight, beat his chest and grunted that he was going off to fornicate. i’m surprised he didn’t grab his wife by the hair and drag her back to the locker room), it would have set the UFC back quite a bit. Real Elite sponsors (car companies, nike etc)would be horrified. The one bigtime sponsor, Bud Lite was disrespected and a competing product (coors) was promoted.

    A small percentage of fans appreciate this behavior, and that’s fine. I like underdog mavericks too. But it won’t “play in Peoria”.

    Until TV is replaced by the internet, the UFC needs a bigtime TV contract to really get to the next level, where the big tv rights, ad packages, sponsorship money and endorsements are available. Oh, and big money for fighters too. If any of powers-that-be that control those goldmines were watching, they were most likely “not impressed by your performance”.

    Hopefully UFC 100 will be the Nexus to the next level of MMA. The UFC has done amazingly well, but it still has some work to do. They probably know this better than anyone else. I’m excited for the future.

  • Snoop Dogg says:

    The writer of this must be a Lesnar hater and a Bisbing fan. Hendo did his job he is allowed to hit someone until the ref pulls him off. One of the best KO’s I have ever seen Loved it. Brock talked a lot of trash before this fight so did Mir. So I imagine it felt pretty good to beat the tar out of Mir and Lesnar may have said a few wrong things. But no where does it say every fighter has to be all around champs like Fedor, GSP and Randy. I personally thought what Brock said was funny as hell and I am a bigger fan of him because of it. It is nice to see a guy every once in a while that fights with true emotion.

  • xtremski says:

    This is really good feedback here for Dana and Co. Here’s the difference: I think everyone can admit the fight card delivered. However, that being said a great opportunity was missed. Think about the Superbowl, for instance. There is a huge difference between a regular season game, and the Superbowl…and it starts and ends with entertainment. That’s the part that’s missing.

    Dana is a smart guy and will get it right, and talking to other professional sports leagues would be a great start.

  • Angry Mike says:

    I wonder if any representatives from Bud attended the fight. I’ll bet they did; sponsors usually are comp’ed for events. I wonder if they thought of UFC 100 as a big success after Lesnar’s hijinks. Think they’d ever make an endorsement or sponsorship deal with him now? The big dummy shat where he wants to eat. And lots of little dummies think he was clever. What a bunch of maroons.

  • shotokai_ says:

    I think there fight selection was a little off, but apart from that I don’t really see what they could have done to drastically change anything. Yeah a speech from Dana White sounds a nice sentimental gesture but it would have been quite an awkward moment really. He’s a good promoter but he’s not amazing at giving emotional, heart warming speeches. They could have shown some past fights but they had shown the top 10 in the US just prior (I believe) and the whole top 100 in the UK, I mean how many past fights can they get away with showing? I would have liked them to have set up a lightweight fight containing someone like Guida, Griffin or Edgar and put that bottom of the main card, kicking off the live show. Most UFC lightweights know how to throw down for 3 rounds, fast. And I didnt see the advantage to the company, fans or show of putting Akiyama Belcher first. But in the grand scheme of things these are small adjustments and I think to label ufc 100 as a flop is sensationalistic and harsh, really. And the headlines over the top, as someones already alluded to. And for what its worth I agree with the post above mine re. Lesnar. I didn’t care too much for him before but I too found his pre and post fight behavior entertaining and funny. You really think if Mir had somehow stunned Lesnar on the feet and then finished him that he wouldn’t have rubbed it in his face after the fight? Of course he would. I like Mir he’s articulate, thinking-mans fighter, blah blah, but his arrogance is off the charts and its irritating as hell. The sponsorship comment was amusing just thinking about the fits Dana would be having. And Lesnars attitude is refreshing, yes its a bit pro wrestling but I also think its quite genuine – he genuinely doesnt give a shit what anyone thinks about him, I love it man. Some fighters go the direct approach of wanting everyone to love them, others go the indirect, and some claim they dont care what anyone thinks of them; but really Brock is the only guy I can come up with, at least in the UFC, that actually does not give a shit about the fans, other fighters, promoters, sponsors and just wants to fight to prove he’s the baddest man on the plannet. Give me Brock Fedor now, please!

  • shotokai_ says:

    If a fighter disrespected a sponsor whilst at the same time desperately wanting them to sponsor him, that would be ridiculously moronic and said fighter would likely get what he deserved; nothing. But do you really think Lesnar cares that much about a sponsor? You think he cares that much about money? He made a f*cking fortune with the WWE, lives in a modest, at best, farm house in Minnesota and now makes half a mill per fight with the UFC. What does he need it to spend it on exactly? Lesnar is undoubtedly a “maroon” but even he isnt maroonic enough to take the piss out of a sponsor and at the same time crave their contract. I agree that Bud would have been less impressed with what he said but why would he give a sh*t anyway? The only sh*t he gives is making sure he doesn’t piss off Dana and the Fertittas’ too much, and he didnt, so thats that.

  • Brendhan Conlan says:

    Sorry, but I completely disagree with the premise of this article.

  • Angry Mike says:


    If Brock doesn’t care about money, then his statements about Bud and Coors won’t cause him any heartburn. I thought he might, though, because he said something to the effect that Bud doesn’t pay him any money and that’s why he dropped Coors’ name. Kind of an odd thing to say if it’s a non-issue for him.

  • Kamakosmo says:

    “B.Conlan”, I completely agree with you. Seems the author is looking for anything negative to say regarding UFC100. My boys and I enjoyed the hell outta this card…Lesnar’s antics aside. I did not care about his comments and demeanor after the fight, but he’ll get it. He’ll realize soon enough that this is not the WWE. The fights overall were above par and everything that I was looking for.

  • CMT says:

    I think overall it was a good card, it was just a few fights short of what I would have like to have seen. 5 fights for $54.95 (I got the HD version) is a rip. For that kind of dough, I could have watched GSP and Hendo for about half that at the UFC website and still had money for wings, beer, more beer, and, hell who am I kidding, just beer. Dos XX, not Bud Light. I wasn’t expecting anything special from White & Co., just thought they would show more fights.

  • Nepal says:

    Silly article. This show kicked butt in so many ways. We got to see the new HW champ do his 285lb unstoppable thing. We got to see GSP continue his dominance, which is history in the making. We got to see Hendo KO the British big hope. We got to see Jon Jones do more of this thing. We got to see Akiyama vs Belcher. From a card standpoint, it was fantastic. It was a great show on paper before the event and it delivered. One of the best shows in years.

    It had more mainstream following than any other PPV before. Probably record PPV buys, big gate revenue.

    Even the idiotic behavior from Brock isn’t that big a deal, it’s probably the best thing that could happen. This attracts the WWE fans and converts many of them to MMA fans. Sure the media can paint an ugly picture based on Brock’s crap but that’s what the media tries to do, that is “create a stir”, much as your article tries and fails to do.

    Feeling of anticipation for this event. I’ve been counting down the days for 3 months thinking about how GSP will handle this Brazilian monster. I was probably more hyped for this fight than GSP/BJ because I assumed GSP would crush BJ, I didn’t have that assumption here.

    Don’t quit your day job dude.

  • elkymbo says:

    Whinge, bitch, groan. Have we become so spoiled by the excellent quality of today’s MMA product that we’ve been left to piss and moan about the little details. I’ve been following the sport for about 5 years now and for UFC 100 my lounge room was packed! And a large amount of the crew there had never seen UFC before so for there to be that many new people watching it as far away as Perth Western Australia Dana must be doing something right.

    And the fights were awesome!

  • jdwilli09 says:

    It’s crazy to me how so many people are trying to jump on their high horse over this event. These fighters are so jacked up on adrenaline after the fights that they often say or do stupid stuff. Fighters often pose over a KO’d opponent. Rich Clementi did the suck it motion while standing over Guillard, in the heat of the moment stuff happens. All the people saying Dana White needs to take a lesson on running a league from the NFL or whatever need to step back and think about it a little. Are all the players in the other major sports perfect role models? No. They shoot themselves in the leg, they kill people while drunk driving, all kinds of stuff. Much worse than what happened on Sat. Also, to the guy that said Hendo admitted it was a purposeful cheap shot in his “post fight interview”, needs to watch some of the interviews that happened after emotions return to normal. Hendo said that he was joking, and that it was a bad joke. He hit him cause that’s what he is supposed to do, fight until the ref stops him. He hit him once standing, once on the ground and stopped immediately when the ref stepped in. Plus, Dana white said that the actual event was going to run like any other event. They did go over top fights, that they let the fans vote on. Just not during the show. Did you want to waste time that could be spent showing live fights on a HL reel? Also, the fan expo was HUGE!! They did the things necessary to illuminate the magnitude of the event. They just did it on their own time. I appreciate the fact that they didn’t waste any of my $50 on some sentimental video that would have taken up PPV time. If, you want to act like a fan of MMA, you need to spend more than 3 hours a month paying attention to it. Get the full stories, and accept that not every fighter is going to act exactly how YOU want them to all the time.

  • TerribleT says:

    Dana is a genius because he knew that this card wasn’t the greatest ever but he had everybody buy into like it was! 1.5 million PPV buys,a flop? Are you high? If he puts all his best fighters on one card then how many buys will his next PPV get? and the one after that? Get the picture now? Anyway like somebody already said,the 100 Greatest UFC Fights of all time were on on free tv(SPIKE TV)being played and replayed all week long each and every night starting Sunday night all the way ’til Saturday just B4 UFC 100 went on the air.

  • TerribleT says:

    One guy said that $54.95 is a rip off for the UFC to charge for their PPV’s just to see 5 fights.That’s why you get about 10 to 12 guys to all pitch in $5 or so buck apiece and then it’s all good.C,mon now use that brain of yours a little.I do agree though that they should broadcast the 1st 5 or 6 prelims that are always dark.That way we would get to see 10 or 11 fights for the $55 buck skins.

  • thenick says:

    I have to say I agree with Tom. I’ve rarely missed a PPV (over the last 4 years) and I follow MMA online daily through my sites. Regardless of how the fights ended, the broadcast was virtually the same as a normal PPV. I honestly didn’t even think about the point that Tom brought up until I read his column. However after reading it, I feel a bit shortchanged that I didn’t get to re-live all of those great moments that lead me to UFC 100. I think we all agree that this event was a milestone, yet after watching the broadcast, many new fans I was with didn’t even comment on how OUR sport has evelved. Many folks are visual people and the broadcast did not lead them to the fact that this was indeed a major milestone for our sport. The card was not a flop. It delivered buys by the millions. Has the new UFC chosen to forget its origins, is the past too crazy to bother dealing with, or are there enough hardcore fans out there to bother showing the amazing fights that made Saturday’s card possible?

  • CMT says:

    TerribleT – I said $54.95 is a rip for 5 fights, use your tiny peanut to read comments carefully. I had many people back out because of let’s say summer vacations and the like, so I was stuck with the bill. Luckily, the people who did show up brought wings, beer, whiskey, so although I was out some cash, I am still eating and drinking the leftovers. With an event this big I would have expected more fights. You know draw in the unsuspecting new fans thinking they are getting a bargain because they get say 10 fights for 55 bucks!! And then screw them next time. Now it is time to go back to watching the PPV events live and free on the internet. Don’t judge, you do it too.

  • Austin says:

    What did you guys want? ASS TRUMPETS AND A LIVE BAND?!
    jesus. 2 title fights = less time for prelims.

  • kenonbass says:

    It really blows my mind how good the content on this site used to be compared to now.

    Liddell, Hughes, and Ortiz are no longer what they were, so why would you try and showcase them?

    On this card you had 3 fights that easily could have headlined on their own. For a boxing ppv, you are lucky to get one of that caliber for the same price.

    The only argument you could make is that there should have been some sort of big announcement on the show, like the signing of a big fighter. Vitor, Cung Le, etc.

    Or I would have been happy with a new intro. Can we be done with the whole gladiator thing aldready?

  • JBAR says:

    The only part of Lesnar’s actions that bothered me was the disrespect shown to the sponsor (Bud Light). Bud Light may not directly sponsor Brock but they do sponsor the UFC and without the sponsorship money fighters would not be making close to what they are now. Money may not matter to Brock but it hurts the business side of MMA if sponsorship dollars go down. He will still be making his money it will be the lower tier fighters that pay the price for his actions. Other than that I thought it was pretty funny, classless but funny.

  • edub says:

    Him shitting on Bud light is nothing like say… Dana charging a fucking sponorship fee. I know he gave an explanation about the reason. I just dont care. He said everything about how they need the sponsorship money so it they can pay the fighters more money.Dont be fooled… Dana White and the Fertitas have their own interests at heart.

  • Iconoclastic says:

    I think Tom is right. Bottom line the UFC doesn’t do spectacular. Do they have the best fighers and fights? Of course they do. But this being their big centenial event and I got/felt the vibe it didn’t live up to expectations.

    I think this is why they never had an event under the Pride banner they couldn’t/can’t replicate the whole “super bowl” atmosphere it just isn’t them. Dana comes from a boxing background where things are linear based, shit apart from the 15/12 rounds change boxing hasn’t changed a bit over the last 50 years. This stale formula I think is ingrained in him. The least they (UFC) could have done has added another hour to their allotted time an have to show more of the fights (don’t know if they sucked or not) or to have a real tribute to the OG fighers such as Gracie, Shamrock, Couture, Liddell, Ortiz and show (highlights) some of their best fights. If they needed to pull something out their ass this was the time to do it, but the vibe was just like any other UFC. Nothing special………

  • Jak says:

    I disagree with a lot of the comments.

    It seems to be that argument that the UFC should blow their wad on over the top shows like other companies that go bankrupt quickly. Sure they could have had 5 title fights and a huge payroll, but at the end of the night, it would have still just been another fight card.

    I’m sorry, but i could not give a sh*t about the SuperBowl half time show or any of the other crap that goes along with it.

    To me, the fact that as soon as UFC 100 was over, i get to look forward to 2 awesome fight cards in August, and again in September and again in October…

    Then again, f*ck it, they should have just skipped the fights and had Megadeath play for the entire broadcast. then maybe everybody would be happy.

  • Iconoclastic says:

    SuperBowl half time show? Megadeath play for the entire broadcast? That has no place in MMA and that wasn’t my argument.

    My point is the UFC needed to distinguish this event apart from other events to celebrate the fact that is was the 100th event and IMO it didn’t happen. I think it would have been a good idea to honor the old school fighters, who lets face it were treated like crap (low pay, last minute fight schedules, and crappy motels.) I think this why fighters like Fedor are hesitant to come to the UFC things like this perpetuates the “disposable fighters” argument that the UFC has no place for a fighter after few loses, instead they care more the UFC brand when they should be marketing the fighter (past and present).

  • mac wilson says:

    I thought the show was great. We heard from all the fighters leading up to the event about the significance to them and we looked back to the past for weeks.

    I watched the first 20 UFC’s over again myself to celebrate…

    The UFC’s main goal is to get thier show seen by as many people as possible. With all the hype they set themselves up to put on a show with some mega stars and let the product speak for itsself.

    As far as the Henderson shot goes….. He did the exact same thing to Wanderlei and no one has said anything about that. It’s part of the way he fights and it’s a great technique to shut out any remaining lights.

    Lesnar embarrassed himself and Dana by his attitude but he’ll learn not to act like an idiot with time. Other than the Lesnar incident, I thought the show was great.

    However, I would have liked to see the Hall of Fame ceremony in the Octagon though. Also maybe the “we’re just getting started” video at the end of the broadcast or something like that.

  • redgreen3b1 says:

    I was never more happy watching an mma fight as when Hendo took that cheap shot at the British Bitch. He did that for American mma fans. Did you not watch last season of the reality show. I thought the cheap shot was well deserved.

  • shotokai_ says:

    An effective way of honoring the past of the UFC would have been to have taken a gamble on the competence of Coleman against Bonnar and put him on the bottom of the main card with Belcher Akiyama on the top of the under. (Apart from a guillotine over Kang – which means nothing to 90% of ufc fans anyway – what has Belcher done to deserve to be on the 100 main card?) They could have shown a video montage of his first UFC appearances starting at 10, with an interview about what it was like back then, how much it has changed etc (competing in UFC 10 and then UFC 100 is a very impressive feat and even the most uneducated fans would appreciate that). If you haven’t seen his under card fight, watch it; it’s not the most exciting by any means but the crowd were really behind Coleman and it was clearly because they appreciated the fact is an old school warrior and, at 44, is still trying to battle against some of the best athletes in the sport. His performance was a commendable effort – and he didn’t gas! And he won convincingly! The hammer is back! Or he was for one night at least, and the UFC should have capitalised on it – whilst satisfying the need for more sentimental value in the event as a whole.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Nothing to say really but it looks like everyone has commented but me so I just thought I would say hi.
    Oh before I go I’ll just say this…people are watching one of the most violent and brutal sports in the world, Dan Henderson admits he punched an Koed and defenseless man just through spite, there was an add for an upcoming movie where the selling point was that an unarmed Nazi prisoner gets his head caved in by a baseball bat and yet people complain about Brock Lesnar’s antics after he had just beaten a guys face in until he was limp…go figure.

  • bizzarmg says:

    100 was awesome there’s no doubt about it. GSP cemented his name into the welterweight division and I don’t think there’s anyone that can beat him now. Brock is hilarious, he’d be the only guy to say something like that in the UFC besides Tito. As for Hendo and Bisbing. I was rooting for bisbing but that knock out was probably the best one I’ve ever seen and in the heat of the moment hendo just shot another one off it wasn’t on purpose…well maybe. Just wanted Bisbing to win because now Hendo has another shot at anderson and no offense to any Hendo fans but he cannot and will not beat anderson silva.

  • Patrickk says:

    Honestly, not even 30 seconds after the Lesnar vs. Mir fight was over, I was like…that’s it?

    I did feel like the UFC could have put a segment together commemorating all of the events up to UFC 100, show some legends in the crowd, and make it all classy. Maybe even make a new template for the tale of the tape, innovate some new items into their normal commentating [number of punches/punches landed, etc.] THAT would have made UFC 100 different from every other one.

    But they just did it like a regular show. And to top it off, Lesnar was a complete and utter idiot after he won.

    Now I agree, Hendo should not be ridiculed because of the punch/elbow after he knocked him to the floor. You have to fight until the refs stop it. I would rather secure the victory by hitting the guy until the ref stops me, even if it causes him some extra pain. Because I’m sure they would do it to me if they were in my position, and also I’ve seen all too many times where fighters hit them and when they fall they do not pounce on them and the other fighter recovers and sometimes ends up turning the tide in the fight and winning.

    But yeah, UFC 100 could have been wayyyyyyyyyy better in my opinion.


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