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Lesnar smashes Mir, GSP dominates Alves, and Henderson crushes Bisping at UFC 100


The most anticipated UFC card in the history of the promotion is officially in the books.

Brock Lesnar became the UFC’s undisputed heavyweight champion at UFC 100 as he laid Frank Mir‘s interim championship to waste under a storm of punches in the second round of their headlining bout.

Lesnar did a great job controlling Mir from the top position for the bulk of the first round while landing solid damaging punches to the face. The hulking heavyweight champ picked up where he left off in the second round before eventually stopping Mir on the canvas with a series of crushing punches to the head as Mir rolled over to his knees.

Georges St. Pierre defended his welterweight title for the third consecutive time as he put on a wrestling clinic in his bout with Thiago Alves en route to being awarded the unanimous decision.

Dan Henderson finished his TUF 9 coach showdown with Michael Bisping with an exclamation mark as he blasted the leader of Team UK with an enormous right hand in the second round that left the Brit unconscious, then dropped the anvil one last time in the form of a big right hand for good measure. Brutal knockout.

Alan Belcher found himself on the short end of what seemed to be a highly questionable decision in his middleweight contest with Yoshihiro “Sexyama” Akiyama.

After getting off to a slow start Belcher turned it up during the second and third rounds where he punished Akiyama with bruising leg kicks and effective aggressiveness. However, when it was all said and done the judges awarded the Japanese superstar with the split decision, with one judge giving it to Akiyama with a score of 30-27.

In what was perhaps the biggest shocker of the night, Mark Coleman pulled the rabbit out of his hat in the form of a unanimous decision win over Stephan Bonnar.

A full list of results from UFC 100 are listed below:

Jon Fitch def. Paulo Thiago via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Brock Lesnar def. Frank Mir via TKO – Round 2

Georges St. Pierre def. Thiago Alves via unanimous decision (50-45, 50-44, 50-45)

Dan Henderson def. Michael Bisping via KO – Round 2

Yoshihiro Akiyama def. Alan Belcher via split decision (30-27, 28-29, 29-28)

Mark Coleman def. Stephan Bonnar via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Jim Miller def. Mac Danzig via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Jon Jones def. Jake O’Brien via submission (guillotine choke) – Round 2

Dong Hyun Kim def. T.J. Grant via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-26)

Tom Lawlor def. C.B. Dollaway via submission (guillotine choke) – Round 1

Shannon Gugerty def. Matt Grice via submission (guillotine choke) – Round 1

  • PlagueAngel says:

    I just want to say the people in attendence of the fight of Las Vegas and their appreciation of Brock Lesnar is a disgrace. I watched the fight several times and the domination of Mir was amazing. The fans at the fight disrespecting and booing the heavyweight champing should be ashamed of themselfs. Lesnar is no joke and now its time to realise the potential of the evolution of Brock Lesnar!

  • ozz_the_powerful says:

    COMPLETELY agree.

    At the post fight press conference, as sparsley attended as it was, Lesnar did apologize for his post fight antics, and even joked around about the Budweiser thing. To the people bashing Brock, watch the Post Fight Conference and then you’ll have a better understanding for the whole situation.

    I think this guy is going to reign for a LONG time to come. NOBODY in the heavyweight division posseses his speed, power, or agility. That includes Carwin & Cain.

    I see a much better and more well-rounded Brock every time he steps into the cage. Good luck to the next “lunch” that gets thrown his way!

  • CMT says:

    Lesnar is a PUNK! He deserves the booing after his poor show of sportsmanship before the fight. He is a horrible ambassador for the UFC. He was bitching because he did not get a specific sponsor, said he was “goin to get on top of his wife”, and made an ass out of himself. There is no doubt he is the real deal, but a little humility and respect for his opponent and the fans would go a long way to get the fans back on his side. On the other hand Mir was a class act in his post fight interview. Lesnar, we don’t want your WWE style of crap in the UFC. Grow up or go away.

  • Ryan Seacrest says:

    Ok first this first, I do agree that Lesnar dominated Mir with some vicious ground and pound. Dana was on his jock after the fight in a time Lesnar was walking around the ring flipping the crowd the bird and then when Mir who was wobbled, he gets in his face and taunts him? Give me a fucking break Brock, yeah Hendo gave Bisping an additional shot but did you see Hendo standing toe to toe with him taunting him? All I am really saying is that your paid to be a professional, act like one. On and one more thing, you said you were going to get on your wife last night, i mountain that has been climbed by thousands of men before you. I cannot wait to see Shane Carwin go toe to toe and test the chin of this jack ass. Shane Carwin for President!!!

  • Ryan Seacrest says:

    sorry spelling errors, just to amped up about this clown and his antics.

  • CMT says:

    I posted before I watched the post fight conference. That was a BS apology. He must have been slapped by his handlers and Dana White. You think Budweiser will sponsor him now? He will be around for a long time, so man up Brock and win some fans back.

    Lesnar made a reported $450K for this fight, I need his manager.

  • There’s no question that Lesnar is extremely talented and a monster. However, it’s clear that he has ZERO respect for anybody but himself. He said it himself in the Countdown show. I’m paraphrasing but it was something to the effect “I have never respected any of my opponents…”. He then proceeds to not touch gloves before the fight, taunts Mir after the fight, essentially spit in the face of one the UFC’s biggest sponsors, flip the bird to the crowd, and then offer up a half-assed apology. He wants respect but doesn’t give it to anybody? C’mon! What a d’ bag. I can understand the pre-fight shit-talking but all the other WWE crap we can do without. Oh, and the “get on my wife” comment… very classy.

    As far as Lesnar’s next challenger, how good would it be to get Fedor to knock his head off? Please, please, please Dana, can we see that fight in the near future?

  • Mbreckles49 says:

    You guys are all wrong about this ‘sportsmanship’ thing. This is why I should be writing for this site. Am I the only one to have this type of insight?

    For all the people slamming Lesnar for his ‘fake wrestling’ background, the UFC is just as fake when it comes to hyping up a fight. It’s a boxing move. The two fighters talk smack and act like they hate each other to sell fights. Isn’t about time that SOMEONE actually took the sport serious?

    A fighter can go through a lot of physical damage. His opponent is essentially in there to injure him to defeat. Lesnar actually takes his physical well-being serious enough, that if you say something about hurting him he will make sure you pay for it.

    If someone was threatening to break your arm, or knock you unconscious, would you really shake their hand before a fight, or hug them after?

    This fake sportsmanship crap in the UFC, this touching gloves before the fight, is so lame and it just proves that a lot of the fighters don’t take themselves seriously. That is why Brock Lesnar SELLS. He’s different.

    Just like Mir exercised his 2nd amendment coming into Vegas, Lesnar used his 1st after the fight. The UFC wants to ban sponsors? Lesnar will give them a something to really worry about with sponsors. But he’s attractive to viewers that he’ll bring in a lot more than he pushes away. 99% of the ESPN Sportscenter coverage was about him.

  • David Andrest says:

    I couldn’t agree more Mbreckles49 . I enjoy a poor sport…….why because I am a poor sport. Terrible loser, even worse winner. I like that because the fight is over, Brock isn’t going to forget everything leading up to it. or forgive it. I wouldn’t , I don’t.

    I like the late hit by Henderson, and his explanation for it.

    I like anywhere in life for people to know there may be consequences for running your mouth. UFC 100 was a terrific exercise in that.

  • Josh_Kahn says:

    UFC 100 was very disappointing. It seemed like it was a fight too short. And the main event was very discouraging. Lesnar is an uncouth callow bully. He’s no martial artist. And I’m not buying another pay-per-view with him, on it.

  • Josh_Kahn says:

    Akiyama versus Belcher was very good. But why didn’t they show Coleman-Bonnar or Jon Jones? This show was a rip-off.

  • Rich S. says:

    Brock fought a better fight this time around. He completely controlled Mir, and didn’t allow him to even gain the position to TRY a submission once..

    And Mir, as smart as he is, fought pretty stupid.. See, Mir’s favorite place in a fight, is on bottom.. and that is the only, ONLY place you just CAN’T be against Lesnar.. He tried to be ‘calm’ and let Lesnar tire himself out, but all that did was mess up Mir’s face, and disorient him.. Then, he DID do great with that big combo on the cage, but he should’ve tried to stop the takedown instead of GIVING it to Lesnar with the jumping knee (although the knee DID seem to hurt him).

    I don’t know what it is.. I’ve admitted to Brock being a beast and a monster, plenty of times.. But I just can’t drink the Brock Kool-Aid right now.. I don’t know who it’s going to take, whether it’s Carwin, Cro Cop, or Cain, but someone’s going to go in there, and mess Lesnar up.. Hell, maybe even Mir in the trilogy..

    Oh, and what’s all this talk about Lesnar deserving respect from the fans? Why does he deserve this respect? Because he’s the champion?

    Last time I checked, he’s completely unsportsmanlike.. He taunts all of his opponents after the fight, and did anyone else catch him trying to get in Mir’s face after the fight, when Mir didn’t even know where he was? Not to mention immediately flipping the crowd off after being removed from Mir.. There’s no such thing as a post-fight interview with Lesnar.. No matter what Joe asks he just starts yelling, and then starts babbling about other stuff.. And even if you show him respect (which we’ll see less and less often now) he still doesn’t respect you.. He’s practically the epitome of an asshole, and I’m having a hard time finding a reason to respect him.. Either way, that doesn’t make my opinion towards him biased (Although, I do think it would be nice to have a more respectful and honorable fighter as champion in this sport I love so much)..

    Amazing win for Hendo..
    He’s still an amazing fighter, and only the best of the best can beat him. But there for a while, he couldn’t land those big shots, and all he could do was outpower and smother his opponents.. But last night he came in and got a huuuuuge knockout and I’m happy for him.. He seems to have gotten better since his loss to Silva, and Silva seems to have lost it a bit.. I like Hendo’s chances now..

    GSP/Alves was great.. I was absolutely amazed to see Thiago keep getting up from those takedowns.. I’ve never seen anyone do that to GSP.. And although GSP was dominating the fight, I just kept thinking it was only a matter of time before Thiago landed a huge shot.. So, it kept me on the edge of my seat..

  • @ MBreckles and David Andrest

    Don’t get me wrong, Lesnar has every right to act the way he does. That doesn’t change the fact that he’s a d-bag. But make no mistake, every sport, be it mma, football, baseball, tennis, or poker (if you want to consider that a sport) has unwritten rules about sportsmanship. You’re welcome not to follow them, but you’ll lose a lot of respect (and fans). Your point that people watch Lesnar because he’s different (read: an ass) is completely false. People watch Lesnar because he’s a monster and he wins… you think if you put Randy Couture’s personality (or any one of 1000 other guys) in Lesnar’s body, nobody would watch him? Or conversely, look at guys like CB Dolloway, Junie, or any number of shit-talkers that don’t win but talk a big game. Are you watching them because they’re “different”?

    Regarding the sponsors, it’s not up to Lesnar to decide who the UFC endorses. He’s not bigger than the organization. Nobody forced him to fight for the UFC. He can go fight somewhere else and be sponsored by Coors Light, Miller Lite, or PBR, for that matter. And you conveniently failed to address his complete lack of respect for his wife. Like I said, the guy is full of class.

  • Angry Mike says:

    UFC 100 was a milestone, and the org. hyped it like it was the biggest event in its history. Was it a success? I wonder. Belcher got robbed. Dan Henderson, one of the sport’s greatest fighters, ko’d an inferior (albeit annoying) opponent and then gave him a gratuitous and potentially dangerous extra shot when he was defenseless on the canvas. To cap off the evening, Lesnar, who’s likely to become the new face of MMA, disrespects his opponent, the fans, the org.’s most important sponsor (and, indirectly, the org. itself), and, in his finest moment, talks about is wife like she’s a streetwalker. What’s the lasting impression of viewers who are relatively new to the sport? Did it perpetuate old stereotypes about MMA–“human cockfighting”–or did it help make the case that MMA is a legitimate sport with world class atheletes? We’ll see, but I have my doubts.

  • PlagueAngel says:

    I don’t think I thought of Sable as a “streetwalker” when he said he was going to give her a royal “banging”. The extra punch by Henderson was okay because the way the rules are setup, a fighter has to do it to seal the deal. When momentum shifts, sometimes its hard to pull that last punch. I did think that Belcher did get robbed and Lesnar was over the top. In the end, a real adult knows that this is a fighting sport and your going to see/hear unpleasent things. I believe all the fighters proved that the sport is legitimate in the cage and I was excited on every fight. People just need to relax and stop being sensative. I think Bonner needs to go to strikeforce(on a side note).

  • Mbreckles49 says:

    Sportsmanship is irrelevant in MMA. It’s invented to bring in people UFC originally turned off by marketing itself as a bloodsport. Someone please give me a logical explanation of why would you want to be nice to a person who is trying to break your arm, choke you unconscoius or put you in a hospital?

    I respect Lesnar’s individualism of not caring what fans want. What sponsors want. What organizations want. ALthough I don’t think he will be too over the top next time after all this coverage over his actions.

  • Angry Mike says:


    Ever trained in a martial art? If you have, there’s no need to explain the idea of respect for the teaching, the teacher, fellow students, yourself, etc. And the name of the sport is mixed martial arts, after all.

    “Sportsmanship” is nothing more than honor. You’ll see some form of it in any human behavior involving conflict, regardless of whether it’s a sport. It’s not really about being nice. It’s about your character, and what your behavior says about your character. Your character isn’t defined by whether you win or lose on any particular day. A competitor who respects only himself has no honor, and dishonorable people always self destruct sooner or later.

  • RU486 says:

    Lesnar is nothing but a big whiny bitch of a bully that doesn’t deserve in the least to be in the position he’s in. Comes across to me as a roid raged crybaby with serious anger management problems. Even before the fight, during the countdown interviews, he stormed out of the room and knocked a door off the hinges. To blatantly spit in the face of the organization, it’s paying fans, it’s biggest sponsor, and the employees of the organization is blasphemous. In any other line of work, he would have been terminated on the spot.

    It seems that in the post fight press conversation he had been humbled to a degree. Perhaps Lorenzo, Frank, and Dana really let him have it (and rightfully so) and ironically there is an article with Dana touting bringing F. Emelianenko into the UFC to face Lesnar. Perhaps the antics of Cock_Chestnar pushed Dana to that point of sticking foot in mouth and doing whatever it takes to see Brock tumble.

    Don’t look too far, Zuffa. Carwin is your man. In the Randy / Brock Fight, a 40 lb smaller, 45 year old man was able to somewhat nullify Brock’s wrestling prowess, and managed to bust him up. How about another 270+ lb. wrestler with knockout power in both hands? Something tells me Carwin’s discipline will shut Brock’s barbaric bull-rush style to a halt.

  • CMT says:

    I have no problem with the trash talking before the event. That helps to sell more tickets. All that garbage about not showing respect to your opponent because they want to break your arm or beat your ass, is a load of crap. That is the sport. Most professional sports have a either hand shake (or some kind of respect for the opponent) before the game and/or after. Rugby, Football, and Hockey are sports where the players are trying to rip off the other teams head off. But after the game they shake hands. There will always be athletes that think they are bigger than the sport (any sport). These guys do not last long. You all talk about how it is OK to be a poor sportsman, but then cry because MMA is not on network TV or how it is not main stream enough.

    I agree not enough televised fights on this card.

  • shotnonny says:

    Lesnar’s behavior was inexcusable. This is not pro wrestling..if you give respect….you get respect. Someone within the UFC organization needs to step on this man quickly. Those of us who are not 20 year olds but more mainstream will leave this sport in droves if this behavior is not curbed. We started watching it because we liked the athleticism and sense of respect that we saw…we won’t continue to watch it if Brock Lesnar continues with his WWE antics.

    We are now paying $55.00 per fight and upwards of 5 figures to watch at ringside, we don’t like this.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    I didn’t see all of the under card fights but can I just say this…
    Lesnar vs Mir. Lesnar takes him down and controls him on the ground.
    GSP vs Alves. GSP takes him down and controls him on the ground.
    Fitch vs Thiago. Fitch takes him down and controls him on the ground.
    I didn’t see the Coleman fight but I imagine it went like this
    Coleman vs Bonnar. Coleman takes him down and controls him on the ground.
    and the Henderson fight could of so easily gone the same way.
    Alarming trend for me, so why do we want to make it easier for guys to be taken down Caplan and Co ie cage vs ring and stand ups etc. If this trend continues will there be room for strikers or will it be just a wrestling match?.
    Lesnar was respectful to Randy??? If somebody talks shit about Lesnar before the fight expect him to talk shit to them after he has beat their ass. To be honest all this “respect” after a fight makes me dry reach, it’s a fight and you shouldn’t have to say “I love you man” afterwards, especially if the guy was saying shitty things about you beforehand. Man! all the fake pushing at the weigh in or trash talking you get in the build up to a fight and people just lap it up but as soon as someone lets fly after they win they are assholes. Get your hands off it you righteous, high and mighty pansies, I thought it was refreshing to see a bit of the (authentic) dark side of testosterone.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Oh and an eye for an eye and a finger for a boo I say.

  • CMT says:

    Logic has gone the way of the “BIRDS”. Basketball has gone the way of the “TURDS”. Sportsmanship is the reason I quit watching basketball. Million dollar thugs who think they are above the game. They treat the fans, teammates, and their peers like crap. Then they wonder why they don’t get no RESPECT!

  • Mbreckles49 says:

    @ Angry Mike.

    I respect your opinion, and I have trained in martial arts. My personal opinion is that honor and character training in Martial Arts all stems from collectivist, Middle Eastern philosophy that isn’t worth a damn to my personal life. This is my personal opinion, and I think no less of anyone who disagrees.

    I think you can see why Lesnar is the way he is though. He’s a wrestler. NOT a martial artist. He doesn’t care for the art or spiritual aspect of fighting. Neither do I. I stil like respectful and classy fighters like GSP, but I won’t hate anyone who comes from a different philosophy.

  • Patrickk says:

    Jon Jones is going to be a beast. Well, he already is, but he needs some a top 5 contender to go to work on, so he can really be in the title picture!

    Akiyama is off the chain! Sexyama, what a name! I would have loved to see him toss Belcher around like a rag doll, but he put it to him regardless. Controversial decision though, but still, you can’t leave it in the judges hands.

    I REALLY though Alves was going to KO GSP. GSP is just a takedown machine, that’s like his only strategy. His timing is virtually perfect too.


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