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Brock Lesnar celebrates revenge over Frank Mir with a cold Bud Light

Brock“Wow, that man just doesn’t give a …… just, wow,” was what must have run through most fans minds as Brock Lesnar took an opportunity to bash the sponsor of last evening’s UFC 100 in his post fight interview with Joe Rogan following his second round destruction of Frank Mir.

Lesnar looked right at the Bud Light logo painted in the center of the octagon and announced loud and proud that he would be drinking Coors Light to celebrate his revenge over Mir because Bud Light wasn’t paying him.

The man just doesn’t care.

Following the interview, Goldie announced that the heavyweight championship had been brought to us by Bud Light.

Just as the post fight press conference was set to begin, Brock entered the room with a cold bottle of Bud Lite in tow. He held it up high so Dana White can see it with a Cheshire Cat smile across his face. The UFC President couldn’t help but crack a grin and look down at the podium.

It was fairly obvious Lesnar had been spoken to at some point following his championship victory.

The massive champion faced the press and zipped his fingers across his lips in a gesture that said,”My mouth is shut, and I promise to be on my best behavior.”

The room broke out into laughter.

“BUD LITE!,” exclaimed Lesnar, keeping the devilish grin plastered across his mug the entire time.

“I took a hard knee,” joked Brock as he took a deep chug from his frosty beverage.

It may very well have been the first time a UFC champion has celebrated at a UFC post fight press conference with a cold one, but for some reason with Lesnar, it just made sense.

“I want to apologize to Bud Light,” said Lesnar. “I’m not biased, I drink any beer.

“Tonight I’m drinking Bud Light, all night.”

  • Angry Mike says:

    Few people saw the presser, but lots of people saw Lesnar’s loutish behavior after the fight–insulting Mir for no apparent reason, flipping off the crowd when they disapproved, disrespecting the UFC’s biggest sponsor, and talking about “getting on his wife” later in the evening. For anybody who cares about MMA and wants it to continue to grow, that performance was disappointing. People who watched a UFC ppv for the first time may have a completely inaccurate perception about the sport and its athletes. Those who dislike the sport can use Lesnar’s behavior to validate their stereotypes. He’s the heavyweight champ and may be the new face of MMA. Unfortunately he also comes off as a low class jackass.

  • PlagueAngel says:

    I know what your saying Mike, but the man was disrespected by the fans during the fight and frankly, Mir deserved everything he got. All the trash talking and cockiness slapped him right back in the face. When the dust settles, people will forget the outlandish behavior and remember the dominance of the champ. The Mommy and Daddy anti-MMA croud could have a field day with this, but in the end of the day, this stuff is not for everyone. Expect to see it all and head some trash talk. I wonder if the UFC is going to dump Bonner?

  • Bear says:

    I loved it. When some one talks as much smack at Frank Mir you had better be able to back it up. He got blown out. Beat up. In real life when you destroy your foe you don’t offer him a hand and be polite. You say “Talk $hit now”

    I loved it. Its real and its funny. Pulled that horseshoe out of his ass and beat him with it. Classic.

    Notice that if you are respectful to Lesnar (eg Couture) he is respectful of you after the fight. If you disrespect him and his accomplishments (Mir and Herring) you get ridiculed and beat up. Heavyweights take notice. Don’t piss off the vanilla gorilla.

  • notdanawhite says:

    Lesnar’s after fight antics were childish, disrespectful and disgraceful.

    He’s also really not a very good fighter. The weight difference is unfair.

    Even up the rules, create a super heavyweight division, and do weigh in’s just prior to the fight. That way Lesnar (or anybody else) would actually be fighting at 265, instead of the 300+ he actually fought at.

    Then watch him fight. All he did was lay on Mir and over power him. The extra 40 pounds or so (beyond the supposed 265 limit) are an unfair advantage.

    I usually don’t say thing like this, but I sorta would like to see Fedor break his arm.

    Brock = Yuk….bad for MMA in general.

    UFC will not be accepted in to the mainstream american sports world with clowns like Lesnar around. And I don’t care if he’s usually a nice guy. It’s how he acts “on the job” that counts.

  • Bear says:


    What a whinny pussy you are. Every weight class has people cutting as much weight as possible to have a size advantage. Do you think GSP and Alves were 170lbs come fight time? Hell no. They were talking about Alves cutting 20lbs or more. GSP cuts about 15lbs. If you ain’t big enough to hang with the big boys find another sport.

    Not a very good fighter. That is funny. Just turned Mir’s face to a dogs breakfast. Beat up Randy Couture. Destroyed Herring in his third fight. All this with 5 carear fights. Ya he sucks.

  • Angry Mike says:

    Obviously Lesnar’s no rocket scientist, but somebody needs to explain to him that he can’t childishly react if fans heckle him. Now that he’s the champ he has some responsibility to be an ambassador for the sport whether he likes it or not. What an ironic development if Dana White has to lecture him about maturity and public relations.

    I don’t pay much attention to the hype before fights, but what little I did see from Mir didn’t seem disrepectful. He can hardly give an interview in which he says he expects to lose. Mir’s strategy really surprised me. His only chance was to stick and move, and he didn’t. Kicks and jumping knees just gave Lesnar the chance to take him down. Mir should’ve used the same game plan that he employed with ‘Nog. His striking looked very good in that one, and much better than last night.

    I didn’t see the Bonnar fight, but that’s an especially bad loss for him. Coleman’s past his prime, and his fight with Rua was kinda sad. Coleman gassed out to the point he could barely stand up. Bonnar hasn’t really progressed since the famous TUF finale with Griffin. He’s a technically proficient striker, but doesn’t seem to have power. Not much in the way of grappling or submissions. It wouldn’t surprise me if he’s cut in the next week or two.

  • PlagueAngel says:

    Completely disagree with you “notadanawhite”. If you want to be in the heavyweight division, you have to be heavy and big now. You would not be saying any of the weight crap if Mir caught Lesnar with a knockout punch or armbar. ADMIT THAT! Lesnar was in Mir’s halfguard to avoid submissions and if you think that was not skill, then I don’t know what to say man. I believe that Mir deserved the post fight antics because of his pre fight cockiness. The other antics is excitement and Lesnar will cool down in the future. Their will not be a superheavyweight division in the immediate future. The comments about the weigh-in before the fight is a rookie comment. Almost every fighter is heavier on fight day and do amazing cuts to make weight.

  • bigguy says:

    The guy acted like a complete idiot. Bud Light made a extremely large sponsorship deal with the UFC and to get spit on in the most important UFC pay per view deal ever is beyond unprofessional. I kind of liked Lesnar up to that point. Right now I am hoping that Dana White gets off his azz and brings in Bobby Lashley. That is the man that will whoop Lesnar’s ASS!

    Then again I am sure Dana really does not want his new money man to get beat anytime soon. Dana always hesitates to bring in better fighters than what they currently have in place.

  • goddammit-ed says:

    when the discussion about weight classes and cutting weight are brought up I wanna puke. Cutting weight has been going on for decades-but why do they stop at heavy weight? A 50lb difference at 270lbs is just as huge as a fighter being out weighed by 30lbs at 205! How much heavier was Dumb Ass brock then HOF Coulture? Brock has no skills what-so-ever and when he gets matched up with someone with more skills his weight won’t matter. I am sick of hearing that he is a good fighter when it only comes down to him being 70lbs heavier than coulture or 40lbs heavier than Mir. I’m 220lbs-I will kick the shit out of any guy 50lbs lighter than me-I can curl more than half his weight!! Try to submit me!!!

  • notdanawhite says:

    i’ve always thought the heavywieght division needs revision. more so now that bigger fighters are on the scene. the Lesnar fight made it obvious.

    the thing about weighing in just prior to the fight (no cutting allowed) goes for all divisions.

    just because it’s that way now doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. thing change, hopefully for the better.

    but ya i’m especially jacked up about it cause Lesners antics disgusted me. and i don’t believe it was an emotional moment. he’s a professional athlete / entertainer for years. he knows exactly what he’s doing.

    i’m 38 years old, was a TKD kid with a black belt at 14, wrestled in High School, and have actively practiced boxing, martial arts and MMA since then. so i do have some direct knowledge of the subject on which to base my opinion.

  • WarriorPoetNY says:

    Cheshire Cat. Chester is a molester.

  • PlagueAngel says:

    All of the Mir fans would be saying nothing about the weight issue if Mir caught him with a KO or submission. That is a FACT! Mir did fine against a bigger and heavier Tim Sylvia and no one was whining after he broke his arm. The Superheavyweight class is not realistic at this time. Fighters might have to concider cutting down and losing some fat and make 205 if they don’t want to fight big and strong guys. I’m sick of all the excuses and disrespect against Lesnar. Its amazing to find so many people doubting his skills even now. I do believe that in the future, he could pose problems for Fedor.

    I do believe that Lesnar was emotional. I also know that Mir came up to Lesnar and got close to him first, so I think that amped him to say some things in the heat of the moment(although Lesnar claims Mir might have not known where he was at).

  • Demon6_0 says:

    I cringed during Lesnar’s post-fight rant, but only because I knew that he’d be handing crates full of ammunition to every one of his detractors. While it’s fair to say that at this level he should learn to master his emotions, I fail to understand how anyone could overlook the fact that Mir’s trash talking brought on both his beating and the outburst after the fight. Someone else already mentioned earlier that Lesnar didn’t behave in the same way after the Couture fight, and that’s because Randy approached both the run-up and the fight itself like a professional and a gentleman. I mean, talk about childish – did any of the Mir fan’s see his antics on the Countdown show? If I were Lesnar, I would have lost it too after seeing the bit where Frank and one of his cronies tried to be funny by impersonating him! Mir got exactly what was coming to him, and in the heat of the moment, Lesnar’s remarks should surprise no one. Most importantly he was classy enough during the press conference to admit that he’d made a mistake – whether or not Dana told him off or not.

  • Cory Brady says:

    @WarriorPoetNY – lol, you’re right. My mistake.

  • notdanawhite says:

    ya charles manson is emotional too.

    Lesnar lost control.

    all that Mir trash talk is encouraged by the UFC. those are promotional pieces and almost scripted, the fighters are coached on what to say. the video is then edited by the ufc to promote the fight. i just hope Lesnar’s antics were not encouraged behind the scenes.

    by “behind the scenes” i mean in meetings inaccessible to reporters and fans, and kept private within the organization.

    i hate WWE.

  • goddammit-ed says:

    PlagueAngel-you are an idiot!! You obviously have no clue what MMA is! When 2 guys face each other at the same weight-skill and athleticism is the key to the outcome of the fight. When some dumb idiot who cuts 30lbs to make the maximum weight allowed by the UFC and outweighs his opponent by 50lbs lands on you-it’s tough to get him off of you. He has no skills and I challenge anyone who says 3 yrs is all you need to be a BBJ Black-belt, Wrestling Champ, Boxing Champ, -I mean come on…Pull your head out of your ass!! He only won last night and the other nights because he is a huge guy with A HUGE WEIGHT ADVANTAGE-like I said, I will take on anyone 50lbs lighter than me and I will fuck them up too!!!

  • PlagueAngel says:

    Your opinion is a minority. Lesnar has been training for years now and he is now viewed as one of the best heavyweight fighters in the world. If Mir had beaten Lesnar in an armbar, we would not be having this conversation. Your opinion is is insane, that writing this is a waste of time.

  • metalmulisha says:

    goddammit-ed”PlagueAngel-you are an idiot!! You obviously have no clue what MMA is! When 2 guys face each other at the same weight-skill and athleticism is the key to the outcome of the fight. When some dumb idiot who cuts 30lbs to make the maximum weight allowed by the UFC and outweighs his opponent by 50lbs lands on you-it’s tough to get him off of you. He has no skills and I challenge anyone who says 3 yrs is all you need to be a BBJ Black-belt, Wrestling Champ, Boxing Champ, -I mean come on…Pull your head out of your ass!! He only won last night and the other nights because he is a huge guy with A HUGE WEIGHT ADVANTAGE-like I said, I will take on anyone 50lbs lighter than me and I will fuck them up too!!!”

    Listen after the fight last night I thought Lesnar looked like he had a manic attack when he got in Mir’s face after he’d already beat him to a pulp to the point he could have gotten out of control, but to say he has no skills besides size is lunacy.

    By using your Logic Bob Sapp and Jimmy Ambriz would be unbeatable. Lesnar not only out wrestled Mir he used great technic using wrist control and trapping his arm so he couldn’t defend himself in the first round then in the second he pinned his arm again and put him against the cage where he had no where to go. He looked awesome last night and it was more than just because of his size. Not to mention he took virtually no damage. He could fight again soon if a suitable challenger was ready but Cain Velasquez needs more time. Carwin will get smoked if he fights Lesnar.

  • PlagueAngel says:

    I don’t think “goddammit-ed” was being serious. Some other guy said on here last week that he thought Machida was “overrated”. Now someone says that fighters shouldn’t be able to cut weight. That weight cut argument effects 100% of the fighters since all of them cut 10-30 Ibs to make their weight class. Guys like St.Pierre/Alves/Hughes(endless names) cut 20+ Ibs and Lesnar cuts 30 Ibs and everyone is having a fit. No one said anything after Mir beat Lesnar the first time, now that he loses, its a topic. To say that Lesnar has no skills and that we won only because of his size is absolute lunacy.

  • Orwell says:

    This weight thing is kind of stupid. I don’t even know why the UFC has a 265 lb. limit in the first place. The Heavyweight division is just that – the biggest, toughest guys in the world. Fans must have short memories because Randy did fine with Brock’s “unfair weight advantage.” He hurt him more than a few times and cut him before Brock caught him with a solid right. That’s fighting.

    As much as I dislike Lesnar he now has three straight wins over quality opponents. That doesn’t happen by accident, it takes skill.

  • mu_shin says:


    Royce Gracie submitted Remco Pardoel in an early UFC weighing 175 lbs. to Pardoel’s 250 lbs., just like he’d submit you if you were foolish enough to get in the ring with him. There are myriad examples of MMA fighters beating much bigger opponents before the advent of weight classes, so your size argument is not supported by MMA history. Not to mention the first Mir/Lesnar fight.

    Couldn’t care less about Brock’s behavior before or after the bell. I’m interested in his behavior in the octagon, and this time in the cage, he got it done. H

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    You know there is 1 thing that really puts sand in my undies! and that is people winging about ANOTHER HUMAN BEINGS actions. So what if he didn’t live up to your standards, he was being him, instead of being a robot that does everything that he feels the general public or a sponsor wants him to, I love it and would like to see it more often.
    Good win and good “sticking it to the man” Brock.

  • Charlie Freak says:

    Brock is really starting to grow on me. Watching him bash a major sponser right after he bashed that pretentious gimp’s face really warmed my heart.

    We need more brutal honesty in this world – not more plastic, fake cookie-cutter personalities.

    Brock Lesnar tells it like he sees it. How can you fault a man for that?

  • BrockLesnarRules says:

    Brock is unstoppable. People hate him because he is the best the business has ever seen!

    Angry Mike wouldnt call Lesnar a jackass to his face

  • Jstew3785 says:

    @ BrockLesnarRules

    Why does everyone use that same old tired argument. “So and so would kick your ass”. Well, no shit they would and I would expect them to. After all, they are TRAINED FIGHTERS!!!!!! Anyone in the UFC in any division should be able to whip any of our asses that post on here. Maybe some of us train MMA, but the majority of us are like myself, avid MMA fans. So yes, Lesnar would destroy all of us. Thanks for the update

  • goddammit-ed says:


    I’m Glad PlagueAngel could see my sarcasm in writing, and yes PlagueAngel I was not serious. Yes the weight cutting conversations drive me nuts and yes the weight difference in the heavy weight division drives me nuts too. I should let you guys get to know me first before I go off on my sarcastic rants! I’m not a fan of Brock but am willing to admit he is a gifted athlete with a huge frame and a work ethic to make him develop faster then most in MMA. And Yes Mu_shin Royce Gracie “built this house”

  • edub says:

    Brock was himself that was great. I actually disagree with the apology more than the way he acted.

    Frank Mir kida deserved it he was very cocky and a bit disrespectful before the fight. Look what happend to Bisping.

    Brock is a freak, and I dont see anyone beating him for a while.

    I just hope Fedor is in his prime by the time they fight each other.

  • King C says:

    Memo to “notdanawhite”…

    Show me the man that can cut 30+ pounds 24 hours prior to a fight…
    And I’ll show you…
    A man that can heal the sick & turn water into wine…
    Neither one exists…

    Some of you have either NEVER been a competitor or NEVER put your life on the line…If you don’t know, you never will…

  • leninvaros says:

    Brock’s post fight talk was awesome!I hate when fighters talk trash just hype up the fight and after that just hug each other.That’s the fake WWE style thing.This was real.Yeah about respect.Before the fight trash talk-OK. After the fight trash talk-disrespectful,destroys the MMA’s image.What the heck?

  • elkymbo says:

    I have a very bad feeling that at the moment Brock may well overwhelm Fedor as much as I hate to say it.

    And as far as Mir goes I think he got what he deserved. Even while he was down in the first round he was flashing cocky looks across his face and his lack of respect for his opponent and high opinion of himself were two of his major downfalls. Plus the fact that Brock is an absolute beast didn’t help his cause either.

  • Dizzave678 says:

    Ok, first off. All you idiots who STILL doubt Brock’s ability and make excuses such as: Lay n Pray, His weight advantage etc. are the biggest losers of them all.
    goddammit-ed says:

    You are the biggest idiot of them all. Did you ever see Fedor submit Hong Man Choi????

    If your logic had any merit, then as the other poster said, people like Bob Sapp would win all the time, unfortunately, they don’t.

    Did you see Mir Submit a much larger Sylvia???? Probably not because you don’t pay attention to things that contradict your very limited logic.

    Let’s look at Brock’s 3 UFC Wins

    Heath Herring — One of the most experienced fighters out there
    Couture — Former Champ
    Mir — Former Champ

    Also to throw another hole in your logic?
    Couture was roughly 50-60 lbs less than Sylvia and knocked his ass down and LAID ON HIM for most of the match…

    Wow how about that? A guy who weights 50 less than the other lays on him?
    You gonna say he laid n prayed too?

    People like YOU are a disgrace to MMA.

    Any MMA fan with an IQ of over 12 could tell you that weight is a small issue. Once again, ask Fedor, CroCop, Mir in his first fight against Brock, and anyone who has beaten Sapp or Choi.

    Wow, you’re an epic disgrace.

  • Dizzave678 says:

    Edit to my former post. I accidentally pasted the “says” part after that goddammit-ed Ed dude. That was my comments in response to his idiocy.

  • PlagueAngel says:
    I’m from MN and this is a great story from a local hometown sports writer on the real Brock Lesnar. This is stuff that many people don’t know. Its a great article and I hope you guys enjoy it!

  • Patrickk says:

    Brock Lesnar; you acted like a compete moron! I know you don’t care what the fans have to say about you. But you should, because in the end, we are the reason you are able to fight like this. So at least respect us enough to know when it’s time to be professional, and when it’s time to act a fool.

    Backstage you can do what you want, but on air, you need to really reconsider bashing sponsors and flicking off the fans; this isn’t the WWE.

    And I’m not saying it wasn’t amusing, but it seriously reminded me when you were in the WWE dude. I stopped watching that stuff to watch the real deal sports, and you came over here to stop faking the funk and really compete. So focus on competing; not pissing off the people that pay you!


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