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One Man’s Opinion: Who’s the true pound for pound king?

You know how the saying goes,”Opinions are like souls, everybody’s got one”, or something to that effect. Well come along and take a look deep into my soul as I have compiled a ranking that is completely up to date and accurate.

Penn Sherk Ultimate Fighting

Using the latest fights and knowledge of these competitors, combined with a look to the near future of their upcoming fights, I’m here to tell you exactly where I stand on who’s really the best in the business, and why.

So without further adieu, we start at the top.

#1 Georges St-Pierre: GSP is the #1 fighter in the world simply because he is the picture of incredible skills, combined with incredible mental focus.

 He has constant control of the Octagon, an always active and aggressive style, with the stamina and athleticism to perform at any intensity, consistently. Georges St-Pierre is the Ultimate Fighter.

Some say that his chin is suspect. He has a TKO loss to Matt Serra. But let’s be real, he was clipped in the back of the head. By his reaction it looked to me that his equilibrium was off. He was aware after the first shot, just could not control his legs and stand strait up in a defensive position. The barrage of punches that followed was on account of a great job by Matt Serra on finishing when the first opportunity arose. To be fair, GSP took a shot to the head and it’s his job not to, I just don’t see a scenario like that happening again.

I don’t think it was a good show of his chin because we did not see the ability of his chin to go from 100% and take a significant, clean impact, in order to gauge his limits. He may have been fluttering on the brink of unconsciousness with every accumulated blow, but he was never fully knocked out. Serra connected with good shots on St-Pierre but it was the referee stoppage that ended the punishment. In fact, in all of St-Pierre’s fights, he hasn’t really been knocked down or been in serious danger on his feet, other than the Serra fight.

He de-throned Matt Hughes, broke Josh Koscheck by beating him at his own game, dominated Serra, owned Fitch for 25 minutes and we all remember the public spanking and subsequent drama that ensued when he sent BJ back down to 155 and island paradise Hilo, Hawaii empty handed.

St-Pierre will be tested at upcoming UFC 100 and will have to put to rest the question of his chin when he takes on Thiago “Pitbull” Alves. Thiago is a scary, heavy hitting Muay Thai machine. Thiago also has excellent take down defense and knees waiting for anybody looking at his legs. St-Pierre needs to find a way around those knees and get to a dominant ground position and wear Alves down like he does to everybody. Matt Hughes held Alves down and if he can do it, I’m certain GSP can do it.

I even think GSP will eventually have a crack at Anderson Silva and everyone north of the border is hoping that everything lines up for the encounter to happen in Toronto, Ontario. Dana White mentioned it as a possibility but it’s all a matter of timing, especially since MMA is still illegal in Ontario for some strange reason. The UFC is knocking on the door with the biggest fight in history ready to be made and it all comes down to a Mr. Ken Hayashi, look him up.

Once the UFC gets this fight signed, I think GSP will take advantage of his strong wrestling base and ware down Anderson like nobody has. GSP has a history of beating guys like they have never been beat, handling them like they have never been handled before. I see the glaring difference in wrestling to be the most impactful and effective for St-Pierre.

GSP is incredibly dangerous in every range of fighting. His grappling is top notch and he has shown that in MMA, he can hang with anybody on the ground comfortably. His bottom game is nearly non-existent due to his dominant wrestling and his top game is tearing up some of the best grapplers in the world in Matt Serra, Matt Hughes and BJ Penn. His clinch game has been excellent and he is always dangerous to explode with in-close combinations or a nearly unavoidable takedown. His boxing is very technical, always threatening and he doesn’t linger in the pocket. He has that Karate in-and-out instinct that is so predominant in the game of Lyoto Machida, and he uses it to have more effective punches while lowering damage taken. He even has incredible control of the range due to his Muay Thai style kicks. He has a very long and accurate superman punch which he lands perfect on almost every attempt and the powerful spinning back kick that he utilizes just enough to maintain his stranglehold on the range. His and his teams’ game-planning has proven to be flawless (aside from Rashad Evans’ rough go with Machida recently), and he does an incredible job of executing when he needs to and can change strategy on command while in action.

He simply has it all. However, he is still pretty young and has a long career ahead of him. He still has a legacy to build, and he is focused entirely on doing that.

#2 Anderson Silva: A lot of people might think that Silva needs to be #1 on the pound for pound list because he is simply on another planet with his striking and Octagon control. I too believe he is a contender for the title. It’s just that as of late, he hasn’t seemed as focused on finishing and building his reputation. I think maybe he feels that he has reached the top and there is nowhere higher to go until he gets better competition in the UFC. His performance against Thales Leites was disappointing at best and boring at worst.

Does he have the right to try and avoid punishment as it is clearly hazardous to his long term health? Sure. Does he have a right to fight however he wants? Of course. Do we truly believe he was pushed to his limits against Thales, or at any point feeling like his back was against the wall? I certainly don’t. I think the Anderson Silva in a career-defining fight is a completely different fighter than the Silva who is dancing to a chorus of boos in a fight that lacked any urgency.

Is that why I rank him #2? Not at all.

I believe that he has a weakness in his game, which is his lack of wrestling. Now we all saw the clip of him switching Nate Marquardt embarrassingly before finishing him shortly after, but Henderson was able to keep him down and didn’t make one serious attempt to pass to side control. I’ll admit that I think GSP will eventually have his chance to exploit that weakness as he has a reputation of destroying opponents’ confidence in their guard. In many of his fights, he gains entry to side with increasing ease as the fight drags on as if his opponents lose their will or simply their belief in their ability to control him.

Silva has incredible striking and very solid Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, I just don’t think he is 100% complete and believe that once people start to truly believe he is human, we will see much more competitive fights for him. I think he has built up some mystique and it may be beginning to wear off.

We will see him in action at UFC 101 against Forrest Griffen. Forrest will definitely not take him lightly and he will come with an intelligent game-plan as he is a very sharp guy with a great camp behind him. If anyone will know how to beat Anderson Silva, I’d imagine it being Randy Couture. Having him in his corner should guarantee that Forrest brings it and that we see a back and forth fight that is up and down.

Dependant on the upcoming performances by these top 2 fighters, we will have to re-evaluate their status. It may also end up in a fight between the two of them at MW to settle this dispute once and for all. However, maybe not yet, since Marquardt and Maia have definitely earned their contender status.

#3 Fedor Emelianenko: I am inviting criticism having the much hyped “Last Emperor” sitting way down at number 3. However, I do so for the lack of real competition he has faced outside of his days in PRIDE, which I feel may be due to his choice to stay out of the UFC and avoid the majority of his divisions’ competition.

Fedor has it all; devastating punches with great accuracy and instinct, excellent takedowns and takedown defense and his submission ability is top notch. His skills are well documented and well respected.

He has been criticized as of late for a lack of prime competition. I know that for many, beating Tim Sylvia the way he did was unbelievable. I just think it is a little more believable now that we have seen how “The Maine-iac” handled a 50 year old former pro boxer. Not so well. I think Tim has seen better days and is not even his old self anymore.

I’ll give Fedor all the credit in the world for the Arlovski fight. Sure he didn’t look so hot, but when I saw the replay from over Fedor’s right shoulder, I saw his split second reaction to Arlovski planting his feet for a take-off. He instantly began turning over for the overhand right that ended Arlovski’s night. To me that indicates that he still has great composure or just some crazy dumb luck on his side.

I just am not convinced that he could do so well with a guy like Brock Lesnar. This is a much debated dream match, and from seeing how Hong Man Choi controlled him on the ground I’m thinking that is not a stretch for Lesnar at all. Choi just laid on Fedor basically. He did do a significant amount of damage to Fedor as well from top position. Give Brock Lesnar the same opportunity, a case of Red Bull and I think Fedor is in a bit of trouble.

I think the unofficial HW crown is completely up in the air right now as Brock, Fedor and Frank Mir all have a potential vote from me leading into their upcoming fights. We will have to wait and see how they do.

I feel as if Fedor is still riding the remaining momentum from his good old days and now must put on a masterful performance against Josh Barnett to be considered for #1 pound for pound in my eyes.

Also, I’d like to see him put aside his Sambo for awhile and compete in the UFC. I understand it is your national sport, but very few in MMA care about your record in Sambo, and if you are only doing it to impress yourself and your home country, don’t expect to impress me. When it comes to the pound for pound best, that title includes drive and dedication, and the fans will decide who the best in the world is.

#4 BJ Penn: He may be licking his wounds from his recent domination at the hands of Georges St-Pierre, but I still believe that BJ Penn at his home of 155 is the absolute best. I simply don’t see him losing that belt any time soon.

He will have a great challenge ahead of him in Kenny Florian. I just believe he is a little better in the striking with his elite boxing and a good notch above in the grappling. But who am I to say in this fight? This is going to be a fantastic Main Event at UFC 101 and I can’t wait to see it.

It is well known that BJ has eye opening grappling technique, and a real nack for finishing opponents with vicious punches from ground as well as from the feet, but he now might even be able to boast great conditioning leading up to this fight.

He has continued his high level of strength training and cardio conditioning and is now beginning to really feel the effects of his work.

I place him above Lyoto Machida because when they fought at LHW years ago, BJ was grossly out of shape and was really stretching himself to his limits in moving up weight. It went to a decision and since then, BJ has dropped 3 weight classes to find his comfort zone. At LW, he is a completely different fighter and can really reach his full potential. I anticipate a long title reign.

#5 Lyoto Machida: I have always respected his style simply on account of him coming out of fights with wins and never really having a scratch on him. Finish or no finish, this guy is really dangerous and is about to really reach his prime. He looks more comfortable than ever in the Octagon, and it all began with the handling of Tito Ortiz. I believe he will begin finishing his fights on a regular basis.

His ground game is solid, his striking is precise, and his timing is perfect. His takedowns are usually in the form of well timed foot sweeps where he often gets the takedown, and will end up in great position. He also has excellent takedown defense and appears to be very aware of his opponents’ intentions at nearly all times.

I believe that Lyoto Machida will really come into his own with the UFC and will continue to look better from fight to fight. His punching power may not be devastating, but apparently that doesn’t stop him from knocking people out who have previously had unquestioned chins.

He always brings great strategies, he always comes with incredible focus and sharp reactions, and he displays a very effective style of fighting that is unordinary and hard to fully prepare for.

Lyoto may very well make a case to be moved up the list in the upcoming couple of years. However he has a huge challenge in front of him. Lyoto is taking on fellow Brazilian Superstar Mauricio “Shogun” Rua. Expect one of the best fights of the year, and maybe a succession of rematches due to the potential of both of these competitors to stay near the top of the division.

Some of the notable unmentioned are Miguel Torres, Urijah Faber, Norifumi Yamamoto (despite a disappointing return to competition), Mauricio Rua and Quinton Jackson.

I’m not going to go past a top 5 because I believe that there are too many arguments for too many fighters and it can get a little more about opinion and personal preference. I’ll leave that to you. Name your top 5 or 10, and if you think I’m wrong, post why in the comment field below.

  • meatloaf says:

    You lose all credibility with having Fedor at three and a guy who lost to Matt Serra at number 1.
    Fedor is should be number 1 but I’d cut you a little slack if you had Anderson Silva 1 and Fedor 2.
    GSP as skilled and athletic as he is still lost to Matt Serra who’s 9 and 6 and if he hadn’t won a season of TUF would be considered by the general MMA fan what he really is an average fighter at best.
    Satoru Kitaoka should be top 5 as well his submission skills in MMA
    (unlike Serra’s) are incredible and legit no matter who he’s fighting.

  • Hohlraum says:

    “Also, I’d like to see him put aside his Sambo for awhile and compete in the UFC. I understand it is your national sport, but very few in MMA care about your record in Sambo, and if you are only doing it to impress yourself and your home country, don’t expect to impress me. When it comes to the pound for pound best, that title includes drive and dedication, and the fans will decide who the best in the world is.”

    I don’t disagree with your points but the reason fedor is #1 is cuz he doesn’t give a shit what you, the ufc or anyone else thinks. He will not whore for anyone. :)

  • ekc says:

    Fedor is the best. no doubt… and i think with one more dominant win, Machida will be number 2

  • Jstew3785 says:

    #1. Miguel Torres
    #2. GSP
    #3. Fedor
    #4. Anderson Silva
    #5. Lyoto Machida

    This is my list and my opinions. I can’t wait to see other people’s lists and how they have it ranked

  • Cory Brady says:

    1. Fedor Emelianenko

    2. Anderson Silva

    3. Georges St. Pierre

    4. Lyoto Machida

    5. Miguel Torres

    Coming soon – Gegard

  • edub says:

    Im probably biased but no matter what argument writers make, I still dont see anyone above Fedor. He should go down as the pfp goat.

  • edub says:

    And he says he hasnt fought tough competition since pride. I mean his last two opponents were top 5 in his division(Arlovski being #2 in my eyes at the time).

  • mac wilson says:

    Well I can definately agree that Fedor is a stud, but I just think the real pound for pound best would jump into the UFC and answer all his critics to prove he’s the best. Fedor is choosing to leave a lot of questions unanswered, so I’m just not comfortable with him at #1. He can pick up the Sambo when he’s done with the UFC. We already know he’s the best in the world at Sambo… no body is argueing that… so why keep competeing at the detriment of your MMA career where you still have things to prove?

    I think Fedor could be even better than we think. I truely believe that, but it is just frustrating that he isn’t competeing in the shark tank. He needs to clean out his division and there are a bunch of guys waiting for him to try in the UFC.

  • mac wilson says:

    And the thing about the GSP/Serra fight is that he got clipped on the back of the head, and the second time they fought, St-Pierre worked him all over the cage in a completely dominant performance. He spent a good amount of the fight in Matt Serra’s guard. Supposedly one of the most dangerous guard’s around, and he began to pass it in nearly no time. By the end of the fight Serra was acting helpless in the grappling game, and could barely raise his hands to defend himself on the feet.

    Anderson Silva has been caught in a flying scissor heelhook by Ryo Chonan (who was just let go by the UFC btw). Do we think that takes Anderson Silva out of contention due to an inability to defend flying scissor heelhooks? Nope. Fedor has lost because of a cut before, does that mean he shouldn’t be in contention because he is more suseptable to cuts? Of course not.

    I’m not saying these cases are the exact same to GSP’s. GSP lost due to getting TKO’d by a guy who was not on the radar for a title shot if it wern’t for TUF. I just think that he redeemed himself in the second fight and that when he is 100% focused and on his game, he isn’t the guy who fought Matt Serra the first time.

    I dunno, I take GSP’s word for it and chalk it up to a mental lapse and inexperience. Not to mention how his personal life was at that time, a disaster.

  • mac wilson says:

    In response to edub,

    I agree that the Arlovski fight was a tough one. That is the one fight that stands out for me as his biggest challenge of late. That’s why I gave him props for that overhand right.

    It’s just that Hong Choi, Matt Lindland (moving up weight), Tim Sylvia, Mark Hunt (by submission), Mark Coleman……I mean common. Sure they’re big names, but I’d expect him to beat all those guys. I’d expect Couture, Lesnar, Mir, and a few others to beat all those guys too.

    Arlovski though was a good fight and a good show of heart and focus by Fedor. Even though he got his ass kicked untill he landed that overhand right.

  • Jfmoore62 says:

    When fedor dominates the UFC, then i could safely give him number 1#.
    GSP cant be up there because of the “serra incident”.

    Which leaves Anderson Silva. 1#. None of them dominate a division more.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    I really think with all that Fedor has done combined with the fact that he is still unbeaten he is the best fighter right now. It is a tough choice due to the fact that GSP is such a physcial freak. The olny way I would change the order now is if Fedor loses a fight. The next three can be disagreed on as much as you want but the top two rightfully belong to Fedor and GSP.

  • PlagueAngel says:

    My list reflects “edubs” top six. If GSP beats pitbull then he might secure a solid 2 or 1 spot in a lot of peoples eyes. Fedor is going to have his hands full with Barnett. Silvia’s lack of fighting puts him down to three. I wonder what will happen when Florian beats Penn at 101(knock on wood)? At least everyone can agree on a top five or six
    1)Fedor 2/3)GSP/A.Silva 4/5)Machida/Torres.

  • neijia says:

    ekc, yes. fedor, lyoto, anderson are the top 3. gsp doesn’t show the same supreme technical skill as lyoto or anderson nor the mental presence fedor has above all other mma fighters (probably in the same league as tiger woods and michael jordan). too much of the wrestling playbook for me. some mental presence weaknesses.

    lyoto should probably be #1 if we judge fighters by mistakes and losses. nearly every peformance and round of his has been flawless so far, save for more caution than really needed, and he just keeps getting better. not even fedor can say that. fedor shows his greatness by winning *in the face of problems* such as the randleman slam, arlovski’s superior boxing, giving up size/reach (though hong was not allowed to use knees in that match).

  • redness says:

    Anderson should be number one I mean no one has cleared out a divsion like him, they cant even get guys to fight him at his own weight class who wont drop on the floor and try and get him on the floor. Dont look at his last as bad preformances look at them as his oppenents are scared to trade stand up with him and now he is moving up just to get someone to fight him. Fedor on the other hand is great I love to watch him. Anlowski was kicking his head him before the hay maker if and I say if he gets by Barrent then you would be able to make the case for number one. Also dont forget Loyto has never been hit with a serious shot or taken to the floor even by Tito who is able to take anyone down he should be higher and BJ lower even know I love him but that last fight was as bad as bad can get. Weather it was moving up in weight or not. GSP has destoryed evryone in his weight class this will be his biggest test in a while coming up. But who is next after Aviles if he wins. He might start to move up as well.


  • Jstew3785 says:

    Who is Anlowksi, Loyto, and Aviles?

  • macdosg says:

    i too believe fedor is pfp the best. he has beaten at least five former ufc champions. the only reason he isnt in the ufc is because dana white wont sign him on fedors terms. the ufc contracts are very pro ufc and not good for the fighters. the ufc can drop them for any reason and fedor doesnt want that. why doesnt dana allow inter promotional fighting like the other organizations do. the ufc is not the be all and end all of mma. as an example strikeforce has a better middleweight division and affliction has a better heaveyweight division.

  • redness says:

    No spell check is a killer.

  • edub says:

    Neijia i really like your point about lyoto, and i think we will see him steadily climb this list in the upcoming years.

    In response to redness I feel Anderson’s showings have been great and that he is obviously a great fighter I just feel like his last two fights were against opponents who shouldnt have been in there with him. Cote had just won a gift of a decision against Almeida(IMO of course), and Thales had just gotten beat up by Nate.

    I have Fedor at #1 because he IMO has been there for years, and I believe his last two fights cement that spot.(Mac I know Sylvia is on a downslide but he was a top 5 hw when he lost to Fedor and I do not think he should be grouped in with such fighters as HMC, Hunt, Coleman, and an out of his weightclass Lindland.

    I will be hard pressed not to give GSP the #1 spot if he beats Alves especially if he does it in dominating fashion. That will be 4 top5 ww’s in the world in a row(plus the best lw in the world; Sam I dont agree Aoki is ahead of Penn). Also before the Serra fight he had demolished Hughes, Sherk, Trigg, and Mayhem.

    Back to Anderson; The streak he is on is incredible but I just feel it is not gonna last much longer. On the other hand if he demolishes Forrest he is definately here to stay.

    (side note: Does anyone know anything about Nate the Great in his fight with Anderson. He came in three lbs underweight and he is usually a very large MW. Ive never been able to get any answers on the subject.)

  • ultimoshogun says:

    Fedor is #1 p4p hands down, and as far as Wilson’s opinion of “lack of real competition” Barnett would clean out the UFC HW division except maybe for Noguiera.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Mac what are you talking about?. Fedor can fight Arlovski, Sylvia, Buentello, Werdum, Barnett, Overeem, Rogers, Kharitonov, Monson, Yvel, Nelson, Crocop(?), Hunt as well as many others, in the UFC he can face Mir, Lesnar a 3-1 champ (who was rushed to the belt for ratings), Couture a 46 yr old overrated wrestler who can’t submit can’t kick, can’t knock you out and can’t hold on to a belt in any division let alone HW and has a record of 6-6 over the last 7 or 8 yrs, Nog for the 4th time?. Sure there are guys with promise but its a big MMA world out there and to go to the UFC and hand Dana his balls would not make sense.
    As for Anderson yeah he has cleaned out the division but the UFC MW division sucks! Of his fights in the UFC he has faced the likes of Leben, Lutter, Laites and Cote. None of these guys are even top fighters in the grand scheme of things. He has not faced Rua, Lawler, Santiago, Lindland, Jacre, Manouf, Mousassi, Villasenor, Smith, Belfort, Okami (again), Misaki, Trigg or had a rematch with Henderson. To be honest I think he has only faced 3 guys that I would consider great victories since joining the UFC…Henderson, Franklin and Marquadt and the guy also lost his last 2 fights in Pride.
    I rate BJ but the UFC LW division is the worst out of all of the UFC divisions. I would guess that about 6 or 7 of the top 10 LW fighters fight elsewhere.
    As for GSP…grease anyone?.
    Fedor has only ever lost once, via accidental illegal elbow that opened a cut and he has faced 4 Pride HW champs and about 5 UFC HW champs along with 2 K1 GP champs.

  • edub says:

    Mma-Logic: The second half of your name is quite laughable with the complete garbage rant you just went on in the site.

    Everybody’s entitled to their opinion, but you should probably just go jerk off to old Pride Dvds.

    The UFC is the biggest promotion in the entire world with the highest rated divisions across the board.(Some would argue Dream has a better LW, and affliction has a better HW).

    “The guy lost his last two fights in pride”.

    I would usually think the problem with MMA is new fans, but after reading this it is definately people like you.

  • neijia says:

    Lyoto not taking a big shot is to his CREDIT, not something to count against him. If we judge p4p by coming back after taking a shot, it’s obviously Fedor. Just saying if we judge by lack of flaws, it’s Lyoto. Biggest problem I see in his past performances is I don’t think he clearly beat BJ Penn. I’d call that fight a draw.

  • mu_shin says:

    neijia: dial up the Penn/Machida fight and watch it again. BJ hit Lyoto as hard as anyone has to date, but Lyoto clearly dominated that fight. I watched it again a couple times previous to the GSP/BJ fight, and while I think Lyoto has improved quite a bit since he fought BJ, it was still a clear victory for Machida.

    P4P is at best a great topic for debate, and at worst a fool’s errand, as evidenced by many of the comments above. Of course, every fan is entitled to his or her opinion…

    Miguel Torres is one of the best illustrations of what the P4P concept is really all about. He is an incredibly dominant champion, and has fought some tough tough matches in defense of his title. The war he had with Yoshiro Maeda was a great MMA contest, and the Takeda Mizugaki fight was among the absolute best MMA fights I’ve ever seen. The fact that this guys weighs 135 lbs. just defines the cliche: it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.

    That said, it’s difficult for me to seriously consider anyone other than Fedor Emelianenko as the number one pound for pound fighter currently active in MMA. Aside from one DQ cut loss which in most situations would be considered a no contest, he has overcome every technical challenge he’s ever faced in the ring, and walked out of every fight he’s ever had with his hands raised.

    Just for general information, Fedor did lose the Combat Sambo World Championships he competed in on November 16, 2008, in St. Petersburg,Russia, his first loss in Sambo in eight years. He redeemed himself on Feb. 21, 2009, where he won the Russian Combat Sambo Chamionship, where his quarter, semi, and final matches totalled sixty seconds combined.

  • GetItOn says:

    #1 Still Fedor just because of his competition and record
    #2 Miguel Torres just because of his dominating record 37-1-0
    #3 Anderson Silva Record and competition better than GSP
    #4 GSP Record and competition better than Machida
    #5 Lyota Machida

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    edub he did lose his last 2 fights in Pride???
    You would have sounded just as mature if you called me a poo poo head!
    I did like Pride better so what? do you “jerk off” over the UFC???
    edub you disagree it seems why don’t you say why instead of acting like a 5 year old school girl and calling me names.
    If I made you cry because I pointed out a few things about the UFC I’m sorry. Now go play with your toys cuz us grown-ups are trying to talk.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    “The UFC is the biggest promotion in the entire world with the highest rated divisions across the board”
    Yes it is adud, but it does not have a very strong MW or LW division and although Affliction has a few good HWs I would say as far as a complete division goes the UFC HW division is better but…Affliction is willing to work with others.

    See and I didn’t insult your name or complete lack of a reasonable retort.

    P.S. Up yours.

  • edub says:

    Yea i was an asshole.

    Sorry I get a little heated, and I just called someone out in another thread for doing exactly what i did. Hypocrite=Me

    I just set me off that i completely disagree with everything you said.

    Just answer me one thing who has a better MW division than the UFC?

    Besides dream I dont think there is anyone even close to the lw division of the UFC. and I still think the UFCs is stronger.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Cool, thanks for that.
    I guess I was trying to say that Silva has cleaned out a division that isn’t as strong as it could or perhaps should be, saying that it sucked was something that I realize was wrong but I was just saying that to say he is p4p for “cleaning out” The UFC MW division was going a bit far. He hasn’t done that anyway, there is a few guys like Bisping, Okami, Mia etc that would say he has cleaned out nothing.
    I tend to pick on the UFC divisions because they don’t cooperate with any others which means that although the UFC has about half of the worlds top 20 talent (or more) in 1 company it is not the be all and end all of MMA. Other fighters such as Mousassi, Belfort, Lindland, Manouf for example may be better competition at MW than Leben, Cote, Lutter etc.
    Having said that I do think that the UFC has the best HW,LHW,MW and WW divisions (I would say that the LW division belongs to DREAM).

  • neijia says:

    mu_shin, yeah I’ll have to watch that fight again. In his book, BJ talks about how hard Machida hit him, but I couldn’t tell from the video. It didn’t seem to be a dominating win despite the weight difference. I wouldn’t put Penn above Machida in p4p but I think most of us put Fedor, GSP, Anderson Silva and Machida somewhere in the top 5. If we go on records, it’s Fedor at essentially 30-0, though Torres is 37-1 and claims 49-1.

  • bizzarmg says:

    I would have said Anderson Silva #1 GSP #2 Lyoto at 3 and Fedor at 4. Silva looks like he’s just playing around in the Octagon and recently has been disappointing. But I think if it came down to it, if he had someone good to fight against, we’d see him in his most dominant form ever. GSP is a beast and there is no question about it and the only reason i put him at 2 is because I think if anderson and GSP fought anderson would beat him. That’s just my opinion. Lyoto is undefeated and has beaten all tough fighters his skill is unmatched in his division. Fedor is good but he looked bad against arlovski. Maybe he knocked him out but I think if they rematched arlovski would have that fight won. He slipped up and got too cockey and you can’t don that with Fedor.

  • Patrickk says:

    A brief critique of the top 5 people and then the numbers according to me:

    GSP – his hands are not up to par with any of the guys in this top 5. He uses his wrestling somewhat like Brock and just pounds away his opponent’s face and spirits. Then once their spirit is gone he just humiliates them until the end of the fight. He rarely finishes fights.

    Anderson Silva – Top 2 best strikers in this top 5. Garbage wrestling skills. Great ground skills. He usually finishes opponents.

    Lyoto Machida – Top 2 best stikers in this top 5. Awesome wrestling skills (we seen against Tito). Ground skills pretty up to par although I haven’t seen much of them except a sweep or an escape. Is starting to finish his opponents.

    Fedor – Unorthodox and very lethal and precise striking. Not the best technically. He just has that instinct of his own style. Usually finishes his opponents. Ground skills are alright, haven’t seen much of them except some escapes.

    Mike Brown – Extremely powerful and precise. Great wrestling skills. Can stifle most submission attempts from the ground. Don’t know about his ground defense, I’m sure it’s just to escape back to the feet. Has been finishing most of his fights lately.

    Given this information I’d say the top 5 are:

    1. Anderson Silva – His wrap sheet is more composed of high-class victims than any other guy, and in devastating fashion. His past 2 fights were scared opponents. But before that, he tapped Henderson, KO’d Rich Franklin twice, tapped Lutter, TKO’d Marquardt, and we can’t forget how he embarrassed Lloyd Irvin. Anyone that has embraced a full fledged war with Silva has came up on the short end of the stick very quickly and with an abrupt end.

    2. Lyoto Machida – His wrap sheet is becoming better every fight, and it is not as long as Silva’s. It seems like Machida is just starting to approach the initial part of his prime. Outscoring and embarrassing Tito is a very impressible feat. Also, knocking out Thiago Silva in the first was great. And to top it off, he humiliated Rashad Evans and knocked him out in one of the most spectacular fashions I have ever seen in the UFC. Evans is a beast, and he is a top-of-the-line opponent. And for Machida to do that to Evans says to me that he can do that to pretty much anyone. I’d like to see Machida vs. Anderson Silva though!

    3. GSP – It seems as though GSP’s only advantage is his Brock Lesnar-type fighting style. His takedowns are somewhat technical, but his timing is impeccable; and that is why it looks like he takes everyone down with ease. He is very durable and his athleticness is above all. But he just does not have the stand-up skills to compete with Silva or Machida. I’d see him getting KO’d within the first 2 rounds by either one of them.

    4. Fedor – We haven’t seen Fedor fight an incredibly top-tier fighter in years now. It seems as though he has this mystique around him like he is extremely amazing. I understand he has skills in every area, but we have not seen him tested against the cream of the crop.

    5. Mike Brown – He has exploded on the scene with his power and poise. He will reign as the featherweight champ for a long time. I don’t see anyone beating him. Aldo can outstrike him technically. But after a little war of attrition (grinding each other out), Mike Brown will make his move for and secure a knockout around the fourth. He is just too durable and extremely strong and explosive for his weight class.

  • edub says:


    GSP: (Not finishing and not having hands up to par with the top 5)Has finished everyone of his opponents except Fitch, Alves, Mayhem, and Pariysian. And In those fights(except for Karo) he left his opponent a bloddy beatdown mess. He has a Knockdown against every opponent he has ever faced except Serra and Trigg in the UFC.

    Anderson:(Garbage wrestling skills) See the switch on Marquardt, Or just watch the Henderson fight and see how hard it was for Hendo to take him down. And he embarrassed Jam3es Irvin not Lloyd Irvin.

    Fedor: (Not fighting top tier in years and ur point about ground skills) His last two fights were against top 5 hw opponents and he scheduled to again fight the 2nd ranked hw in the world. He is the best Sambo practicioner in MMA, and He has subs in ALOT of his fights.

    Lyoto: Good points

    Mike Brown:(On sub defense) He is getting better working at American top team, but his sub defense is still his achilles heal(see Imanari fight). I dont think he belongs on this list because I think he has yet to face a great sub expert on the ground in the WEC(Curran is great but he is just to small). I believe if he faces a guy like Fabiano we will see the chinks in his armor.

    I think Bj should be at 5 and Mike Brown should be in the 7-8 range.

    Im not hating on your points. They were well thought out, Im just giving you some different things to look at.

  • Jstew3785 says:

    My boy Miguel Torres, still not getting any love (except from Mu_Shin). How anyone would not have him in their top 5 or have BJ Penn ranked above him is beyond me. As I posted before, I have him ranked at #1. I’m not hating on anyone, it’s just blows my mind that BJ would be in anyone’s top 5.

  • edub says:


    He’ll move up(on my list) after he gets this next win on his resume IMO. There just hasnt been enough competition at 135 until recently for me to rank him any higher p4p wise.

  • Jstew3785 says:

    That’s fair. I don’t expect everyone to have it ranked the same as me. I just wish that the UFC would incorporate the 135 and 145 divisions so great fighters like Faber, Brown, Torres etc would get the exposure they deserve. Of course we all know about them but I bet the casual fan couldn’t pick them out of a lineup

  • metalmulisha says:

    LOL @ Patrickk
    Fedor “we have not seen him tested against the cream of the crop.”

    Really? WTF are you talking about?


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