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Antoni Hardonk prevents armed robbery

A message to muggers with homemade knives: You may want to think twice before you select a 6’4″, 250 pound K-1 and UFC veteran as your target.

According to a recent report on Yahoo! Sports by Kevin Iole, Antoni Hardonk, a bonafide bad mofo with four knockouts in the UFC’s heavyweight division, was recently approached by three assailants outside of a Los Angeles airport where he was asked for some spare change. When Hardonk failed to come up with any change for the men they pulled out a homemade shank with a two inch blade and demanded the feared kickboxer’s wallet.

Needless to say, three men or not Hardonk wasn’t exactly in the mood to hand over his billfold, so he told the trio to come and get it. The three must have figured Hardonk was a little to bulky for them to handle and wisely dropped the subject and slithered down the street.

As Hardonk drove from the scene with his attorney who had been accompanying him they saw the three men surrounding a young girl, then dash towards a man walking down the street and proceeded to grapple his wallet away from him.

Antoni Hardonk to the rescue.

He bumrushed two of the men, knocked them to the pavement and chased the third man until he dropped the wallet.

Eventually the trio escaped over a fence empty handed, but they can consider themselves lucky that they escaped with their lives.


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