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Edgar Garcia: ‘I Come To Fight’


Fighting has long been a way of life for the heavy handed Edgar Garcia. The youngest of four rough and tumble brothers, Garcia had to learn how to hold his own as a necessity. From fist fights in the kitchen to the octagon, the transition has been a natural one for the Arizona based fighter.

An Arizona State Wrestling Champion in high school, you would never know it by watching him fight as Garcia likes to let his fists do the talking for him. 

Garcia racked up an undefeated record of 7-0 with five knockouts prior to his disputable split decision loss to Brad Blackburn at The Ultimate Finale 9. A fight that earned both men “Fight of the Night” honors and a $25,000 bonus check.

With the explosive power in his fists and his never say die attitude, Garcia is set to make a major impact on the UFC’s welterweight division in the near future. had the opportunity to catch up  with Garcia recently to discuss his recent slugfest with Blackburn, his future in the octagon and much more.

Cory Brady for Do you feel like slugging it out with your brothers while growing up had a lot to do with the development of your heavy handed punching style today?

Edgar Garcia: Yeah, I guess we fought a lot while growing up. However I have give credit to my boxing coaches for helping me fine tune my talent. Would you guys go out in the backyard and box, or where would you end up throwing down most of the time?

Edgar Garcia: Wherever we were at we just threw down, the kitchen, the living room, wherever. We weren’t going to go that far to fight. It was all just spur of the moment.. When did the tide start to change where you actually started winning some of those fights against your older brothers?

Edgar Garcia: We stopped fighting and punching each other as we got older and more mature so I don”t really know when that happened. As I got into high school and started wrestling, we would wrestle for hours around the house. I was the only wrestler but my bothers could hold their own. I know you have a background in wrestling, but would you say that you prefer to stand and slug it out by nature?

Edgar Garcia: Of course, fighting is about hitting people isn’t it? You don’t fight somebody thinking hey I am gonna wrestle this guy, you think I am going to knock this guy out, Did you suffer from any pre fight jitters in your UFC debut, or do you think your prior experience with the WEC enabled you to feel relatively comfortable in there?

Edgar Garcia: Well, I had some jitters because the UFC is the biggest you get. Blackburn seemed like he wanted to jump right on you in the beginning and possibly take advantage of it being your first time in the UFC. Was there ever a point where you were stunned early in the fight?

Edgar Garcia: That is probably why I got rocked in the beginning but once I realized he didn’t hit that hard I was settled down and knew I was the better stand up fighter Were you a little surprised with how tough Blackburn’s chin was?

Edgar Garcia: It’s not that I am surprised he has a good chin, he does have a good chin, I was just missing my mark. He did a good job of avoiding my hook. I knew when I caught him he would go down. I just wasn’t tagging him like I wanted to until the end of the fight when I caught him with that hook. Do you feel like you may have been able to finish the fight if it had gone just 10 or 20 more seconds? How bad did Blackburn look hurt at the end of the fight?

Edgar Garcia: I don’t think 10 or 20 seconds would have allowed me to finish him. He did stand up pretty quickly. Maybe bout a minute and I would have finished him. As far as him looking hurt, he didn’t look as bad as I wanted him to. Have you had a chance to actually go back and watch that fight, and do you feel that you did enough to be awarded with that decision?

Edgar Garcia: Yes, I have watched it plenty of times. I clearly think I won the first and third round which would have been a decsion in my favor. The second could have gone either way depending on the judges. Is that a fight that you want back at some point down the road?

Edgar Garcia: If I don’t think I need the fight to get to the next level then I don’t see why I would re-fight him. I mean, if he is in my way of me getting a title shot or into title contention somewhere down the line then of course I will fight him again. I would rather beat better guys and move forward. I am not a big fan of rematches, but if the UFC wants to see it I will do it no questions asked. At twenty five years of age and a record of 7-1, do you feel like it’s safe to say that you have a lot of room left to improve?

Edgar Garcia: I think no matter who you are you should have room to improve. I watched the film by myself and with my coaches many times. I have the tools I just need to put them all together. More kicks, takedowns, different combinations etc. I need to mix it up a bit more. What can UFC fans expect from Edgar Garcia in the future?

Edgar Garcia: Winning, more excitement and action packed fights. I come to fight. Maybe some knockouts or submission attempts. Thanks a lot Edgar, is there anyone you would like to thank?

Edgar Garcia: I want to thank MTX Audio for making it possible for me to fight full time and train properly. I want thank Aztec FightGear for their support. And mostly my friends and family because they put up with with all of the training and time away. I want to thank my training partners and my coaches. They are always there for me.

  • Patrickk says:

    I haven’t seen this fight, but apparently he lost a split decision. He seems to be comfortable with his hands, and that’s always a good thing. I’d like to see him fight just because of how good he says his hands are. We all love KO’s don’t we?


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