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Wanderlei Silva: Fight with Vitor Belfort ‘is going to happen’

UFC President Dana White recently made news by announcing that he was working to re-sign former UFC champion Vitor Belfort and instantly speculation began to run rampant in regards to a possible first opponent for “The Phenom” if the signing comes to fruition.Wanderlei

One name that keeps popping up is no stranger to Belfort as Vitor’s lightning quick knockout victory over Wanderlei Silva at UFC Brazil back in 1998 is among the biggest wins of his career

According to Silva in a recent interview with Sensei Sport TV, Belfort was seriously stressing out before his first fight with “The Axe Murderer”. If that was the case it would definitely work in Wanderlei’s favor if Belfort came into the potential rematch much more relaxed.

“That sequence of punches, I don’t know whether that was technique or anxiety,” speculated Silva. “Many people told me he was dying of fear to face me so that must have been anxiety [that drove him].”

Both men formerly made their home at 205 pounds before recently making the mutual decision to drop down to middleweight so a potential bout between the two would likely come at 185 pounds. Although Silva knows nothing is set in stone at this time, if the call comes, he’ll be ready, as usual.

“Sooner or later [the rematch] is going to happen,” said Silva. “I’m ready to face anyone, including him.”

Props to Fighters Only Magazine for the find

  • redness says:

    although I think that would make a great rematch. One would have to think that it would not benefit the UFC. As of now they are having a hard why time finding fighters to stand in there and bang with Anderson Silva why take two possible head line fights and pit them against each other. It doesnt make sense to me.

  • dpk says:

    Wandy is on the verge of not being a headliner anymore. This would be a great fight, and re-introduce Vitor to the UFC, so he could then move into a super bout with Anderson if he wins. If Wandy won, he would have a big win at MW to set up the Anderson fight. One way or the other, UFC would get a big time match-up.

  • Bullylover says:

    sounds like a great fight. So lets get it on

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    “…must have been anxiety [that drove him].”

    No it was your poor defense and his fists repeatedly hitting you in the head Wanderlei. Tell me did he have a scared sh*tless expression like that look on your face when you were about to face Mirko for the 2nd time.

  • edub says:


    Vitor has been notorious for having extreme anxiety before fights. The first time he fought Randy it took him like 30 minutes just to come out to the ring.


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