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Bobby Lashley submits Bob Sapp with ground and pound

Bobby Lashley moved his undefeated record to 4-0 on Saturday night as he wasted no time taking Bob Sapp right to the canvas in the opening seconds of round one where he proceeded to pound his way to victory.


The two faced off as the headlining bout of “Ultimate Chaos” that took place in Biloxi, Mississippi.

There was no question as to what Lashley’s intentions were as he immediately started the fight out with a successful double leg takedown which he followed with a steady stream of punches that forced the eventual tapout with just 1:42 remaining in the first round.

When asked about his gameplan following the bout, Lashley said he knew there would be other bouts in the future that he would be able to showcase some of his other skills, but with Sapp he just wanted to “Go in there and ground and pound, get a quick win, and get out of there.”

The bout with Sapp was Lashley’s fourth in about six months and his second in the just over a month with his last bout being a lightning quick 24 second guillotine choke over Mike Cook at MFC 21 on May 15.

  • dpk says:

    4-0, I think UFC, Strikeforce, Affliction, Bellator will all be expressing interest now. I’d like to see UFC pick him up, they have some lower end guys that they could match him up with so he can keep developing (Al-Turk, Barry, Hague, and all the guys who will be coming off of TUF 10).

  • I have not read an article yet that is focusing on what a disgrace Bob Sapp is to every mixed martial artist who puts their blood and guts on the line each and every time they step into an octagaon, cage or ring.

    I’ll give Sapp credit for entering the cage…but that’s where it ends. There is no doubt in my mind that Sapp was there to collect a paycheck. He literally told anyone who would listen that he’d come out charging. Which, to a wrestler like Lashley, meant one thing: takedown time.

    It couldn’t have been choreographed any better.

    As I said earlier, I give any fighter credit for stepping into a fight. But I’ll give those with heart more credit when it’s deserved. Sapp tapped out due to shots to the eye? That’s boxing’s equivalent to staying down on a knee for the 10-count due to a jab to the elbow.

    Personally, I learned one thing about Lashley in this “fight,” which is that he is strong. Otherwise, everything else was inconclusive. We have no idea what will happen when he fights someone who can defend his takedowns and fight back.

    Lashley is still a heavyweight prospect with a ton of upside…Bob Sapp is a man that’s the size of a lion, but has the roar of a kitten. Any United States promoter who pays him a cent, especially in this economy, will be giving money to a thief.

  • Rich S. says:

    Well, I gave Sapp 2 minutes max.. and I was about right..

    It’s pretty sad when you’ve gotten to the point where people can bredict how many seconds you’re going to last in the ring..

    Especially when you are a freaking giant that always tries to act scary..

    I honestly believe that I could step in there, and probably beat Sapp..

    The only victories of Sapp’s that I can remember are against fighters that were severely outweighed, and a couple FEET shorter than him..

  • Rich S. says:

    “Well, I gave Sapp 2 minutes max.. and I was about right..”

    Ok, that was wrong.. The tapout came at the 1:42 MARK, not 1:42 INTO THE FIGHT..

  • Cory Brady says:

    Yep, thanks Rich

  • Rich S. says:

    No problem..

    Sapp losing 1:42 into the round was very believable though :)

  • egad81 says:

    At the end of the match you hear Lashley commenting about how embarrassed he was for Bob Sapp’s bitch out. Something to the effect of THAT WAS HORRIBLE or PATHETIC I can recall the actual quote.

    LASHLEY vs YVEL is a good possibility & test for both men


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