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Jamie Varner’s Hand Still Fractured; WEC Could Implement Interim Belt

After a doctor’s examination revealed that WEC lightweight champion Jamie Varner still hasn’t recovered from a broken hand, Yahoo! Sports is reporting that WEC officials are now discussing the possibility of creating an interim belt.Jamie Varner

Varner fractured his hand in a close win over Donald Cerrone back in January. The current WEC lightweight champion posted on his Twitter account that the doctor who examined him “pulled the rug out from my feet” by telling Varner he won’t be ready to fight anytime soon.

WEC spokesman Dave Sholler said the organization wishes Varner a speedy recovery but at the same time the WEC can’t put a division title on hold and that they are working on the possibility of an interim title while waiting for Varner’s hand to heal.

“Right now, we’re considering it,” Sholler said of an interim title. “We have to consider it. Who will fight for it? We haven’t decided that as of yet. There are no firm plans yet, but it’s something we have discussed.

“There are a lot of great contenders in the lightweight division. We definitely feel some people are ready and chomping at the bit. Reed and Sean will keep discussing it.”

Sholler is hoping a decision regarding the interim title will be made by the end of the week.

  • GetItOn says:

    Hey Varner, how’s that eye doing? haha

  • madheartmma says:

    “Jamie Varner’s Hand (ego,pride,confidence,status,fanbase) Still Fractured;WEC Could Implement Interim Belt (so there can be a line of fighters to whoop his ass)”


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