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Additional clothing sponsors added to UFC’s banned list

A UFC fighter’s ability to obtain sponsorship from clothing apparel sponsors could take on a new degree of difficulty for upcoming fight cards, has learned. was contacted by a manager on Wednesday night who spoke on the condition of anonymity and stated that he recently received an e-mail indicating that additional clothing sponsors have been added to the UFC’s list of banned companies.

Five Ounces of Pain was able to obtain an e-mail distributed by the UFC’s legal department that now lists Dethrone, One More Round, and Rolling Stone as a list of sponsors that will not be approved for UFC 100 on July 11. Unacceptable sponsors for UFC 100 also online Poker sponsors Full Tilt Poker, Ultimate Bet, and Party Poker.

Clothing sponsors that are approved for UFC 100 include Cage Fighter, MMA Authentic, Familia Gladitoria and MMA Elite. The source added that several clothing sponsors have indicated that they were contacted recently by the UFC and informed that in order to have the ability to sponsor a UFC fighter during a UFC-promoted event that they would have to pay a $100,000 fee to the UFC for the right to sponsor a fighter. contacted several other managers and agents who represent UFC fighters and they reaffirmed every detail brought forth by the original source.

Based on the details provided, certain clothing companies may have to pay the UFC an unofficial licensing fee to have the ability to utilize the UFC’s telecasts to market their product. All sources contacted for this article expressed a great deal of concern regarding their ability to generate income for their fighters. attempted to contact the UFC but messages left on voicemail as well as e-mail were not immediately returned.

  • Brendhan Conlan says:

    I’m sure Jacob Duran won’t mind the fact his “One More Round” brand is being banned. lol And Dethrone?!? That is a major hit to AKA.

  • egad81 says:

    UFC is the MMA equivalent to Nazi Germany.

    Floyd Mayweather makes 25 million + a fight and can do whatever he wants… MMA Guys make almost nothing to start and to take away their little bit of sponsorship money is ridiculous.

    I can see Zuffa stand point when it comes to online casinos as they company is owned by casino people…. but clothing sponsors? I dont get it.

  • Austin says:


  • GetItOn says:

    Wow, they are really sticking it to these clothing companies! IDK about $100,000 per fighter! That is rediculous considering there are hundreds of fighters in the UFC’s organization and there is no guarantee that they will be in the UFC forever. Hell they lose two fights and the fighter is cut and the sponsors are left with a bill for $100,000 so they could market their products through the UFC, which now they can’t. I think the price is a little high. The UFC has the right idea but they really need to negotiate that price based on the particular fighter.

    Next thing you know, Tapout will be buying these companies up and selling them as different line of Tapout gear. Just wait and see. Sad day.

    I know this is not “new” news with the UFC doing this with clothing sponsors but this is getting way out of hand.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    I dont think its 100,000 per fighter, just 1 flat fee. Really if you think about it this makes sense. These companys are making money off the UFC, they were getting very cheap advertising and by paying the fighters a little money to wear there shirts or put up banners and getting lots of exposure out of it. As a good business move the UFC shouldnt be cut out of the money making loop on this. Put yourself in their place for a bit, you are paying loads of money for air time, insurance, payroll(not just fighters but everyboy and these companies are getting almost free exposure off your dime. I totally agree with them on this.

  • ace328 says:

    This is just speculation, but my guess would be that this is a one time thing. The UFC is trying to cash in for what they know is going to be their biggest event yet and figure they can charge $100k for the right to be able to sponsor a fighter. I’m sure the sponsors aren’t to thrilled with it but there’s plenty that will pay the fee to be included on a ppv that has an excellent chance at breaking the mma ppv record.

  • Angry Mike says:

    A few random thoughts. First, does Affliction allow fighters to wear competitors’ apparel? I can only remember seeing fighters in its shirts at the first two ppv’s. If Affliction also bans apparel, maybe UFC isn’t unreasonable. Second, what’s the buy rate for ads on major sporting events like NASCAR, NBA, NFL, etc.? 100k may be comparatively cheap. Finally, what’s the story on the name “Dethrone”? Every time I see that name I immediately think of “Deflower.” You’d think a focus group would’ve pointed that out. Maybe it’s just me.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Oh no!I think the Taliban has infiltrated the UFC. I wonder if they will ban music and holding hands in public next.

  • Patrickk says:

    The main concern should be getting the fighters the best extra source of income without sacrificing the legitimacy of the companies that sponsor them. It would not be a good thing if a work-at-home scam is sponsoring Jon Fitch. In my opinion, I think a fighter should be able to get as many sponsors as they want. I understand the UFC and how they want to charge the companies. If it weren’t for those fighters wearing their logo on the shorts or banners, they would never be a known company. Therefore, they are indirectly taking money away from the UFC. The UFC is expanding dramatically, and eventually the main event fighters will be making in the millions without the sponsorships, bonus KO/submission of the night money, and revenue from the gate. So in a couple of years $100,000 will be peanuts compared to how many viewers are tuning in to watch the fights.


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