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Shane Carwin: Brock Lesnar ‘is a freaking liar’

shane carwinThreat to the UFC heavyweight crown and human wrecking machine Shane Carwin has recently been on the receiving end of a few rumors that have him mad as hell, and he’s not going to take it anymore.

Carwin recently took the time to issue a statement through in response to several stories regarding himself recently.

In a recent interview with, UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar spoke about an encounter he had with Carwin prior to UFC 96 where the two powerhouses had the force of their punches tested. According to Brock, it was he who possessed the more powerful hammer.

“Shane Carwin and I actually met the day before UFC 96,” Lesnar was quoted as saying in the recent interview. “He is a great guy – we actually had our punch forces tested too.

“We were told to throw the hardest right cross we could on a punching bag. I was able to rack up 1350 pounds per square inch. He did a little over 1200, making my punch harder.”

Carwin is having a seriously hard time remembering the punching contest that Lesnar is referring to. As he explains to, that punching contest is a matter of pure fiction on Lenar’s part.

“The guy is a freaking liar,” said Carwin. “We never meet at UFC 96, I was getting ready for a battle with Gonzaga not hanging out at Dave and Busters with Brock. I do not understand why guys like Brock claim to have tested against me. He has the belt, shouldn’t he be the standard?”

Shane also wanted to take the time to refute claims that he had previously been enlisted as a training partner for Randy Couture prior to his bout with Lesnar.

“Earlier reports had me training with Couture while he was training for Brock, again a total BS rumor,” confirmed Carwin. “I have never trained with Randy Couture, Randy called me and invited me a while back but it didn’t end up working out.”

Two rumors down and one to go. There has recently been a ton of speculation as to whether or not Carwin would be making his next appearance at UFC 103. According to the undefeated title challenger he has yet to be contacted in regards to his highly anticipated return to the octagon.

“Since we are on the rumor destruction train, no I am not fighting on UFC 103,” said Carwin. “I have not heard from the UFC for some time now. I am without my training partners and coaches as they are on a ‘camping trip’, and again, I have not heard anything about fighting anyone yet.”

  • cocoonofhorror says:

    who to believe?

  • Kamakosmo says:

    Very easy to rectify this quarrel. Put them in front of a bag and do it “again”. But, that’ll never happen.

  • edub says:

    Screw the bag let them punch each other.

    On another note neither of them hits as hard Ivan Drago.”Whatever he hits…he destroys.”

  • metalmulisha says:

    I have know clue who to believe here as far as Carwin or Lesnar goes. I’ve seen comments where Randy has said he wasn’t training with Carwin for Lesnar so that seems accurate, but back to the Lesnar story IF thats a lie Brock can sure come up with a detailed story of an encounter with a guy he’s apparently never met.

  • dpk says:

    Just consider this the first round of trash talk, as they start hyping a fight between them. Personally, I’d like to see Carwin v Velasquez in Sep/Oct to determine the next number 1 contender.

  • GetItOn says:

    dpk yea this is marketing once again. Also, I am sure that Carwin and Velasquez will face each other before either faces Brock or Lesnar.

    Also, I could honestly care less who punches a bag harder or if Carwin trained with Couture. It obviously must be pre fight hype.

  • theinfamousjmo says:

    In my opinion, the article’s gotta be a fake. Big story hole I’m seeing here…it’s saying Lesnar hits at 1350 psi and Carwin hits at 1200.

    Rampage was on an episode of Sport Science. They showed his punch hitting 1900 psi. Now I know Rampage is a heavy hitter, and I wouldn’t be surprised if his punch is harder than Lesnar’s or Carwin’s, but seriously? 700 psi more than one of the men considered to have the most KO power in the UFC? I don’t buy it.

    About a Carwin/Velasquez fight, I also see it happening. Carwin would annihilate him, first-round TKO.

  • Jstew3785 says:

    I seriously doubt Lesnar punches harder. He hit Herring as hard as he could, and it knocked him down. Now, it did break his orbital bone, so obciously he does pack a punch. But Carwin knocked Gonzaga unconscious with a little more than a jab. If Lesnar does hit harder, which I doubt, he sure doesn’t know how to use it. His standup against Couture was not impressive. Even the punch he tko’d him with was not impressive. Carwin hits like a freight train. He knocked Wellischs’ mouthpiece into space with his right cross. I know everyone saw him crush Gonzaga with that short right hand. Can you imagine what would have happened had he put his weight into it? Now, if he could just learn to keep his hands up…

  • Jstew3785 says:

    theinfamousjmo- I’m with you man. He would destroy Velasquez. Kongo dropped him 3 times, Carwin would knock his head into the 5th row

  • dpk says:

    Carwin would only have to land once, while Cain would have to take carwin down repeatedly and hold him there. I think Cain has better wrestling then Carwin but not that much better that he could control him for 3 rounds.

  • Jstew3785 says:

    Yeah, and I don’t think Cain could get him on the ground. If he did, Carwin would probably bounce right back up. He outweighs him by 30lbs and is a lot stronger. I’d say they’re neck and neck in wrestling, but Carwin hits so hard he just hasn’t had to use it.

  • sigmund says:

    i defiantly think carwin would destroy lesnar and don’t see why he hasn’t earned his shot yet. the guy’s 11-0 and hasn’t had a fight go halfway through the first round yet. what more could you ask? he’s obviously got punching power and also an underrated ground game. I hope his time comes soon.

  • edub says:

    1. Brock
    2. Cain
    3. Carwin

    I just think Cain would get a late tko over Carwin for some reason, by just out maneuvering him til Carwin gets tired.

  • kingsmasher says:

    Why hasnt Carwin got a shot at the title yet?

    Thats easy!!! He needs a big tattoo on his chest…Its all marketing!!
    Dam he needs a nickname at least!!!!

  • Jstew3785 says:

    Carwin didn’t earn a title shot until his victory over Gonzaga. You could make a case for Cain or Carwin. I say let them fight and determine the # 1 contender. I think that is the general consensus on most forums. Carwin will have the title sometime in 2010, just a prediction.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    I want somebody that can do more than punch and wrestle to kick both their asses.

  • Mbreckles49 says:

    Ground N Pound posted that the Brock Lesnar interview was a FAKE. Someone hacked their security. Interesting development because Carwin talked shit on a fake comment.

    Doesn’t any of these MMA Journalists check their sources before using portions of interviews?

  • wilfish4774 says:

    If strength has anything to do with it Shane Carwin can’t win. Shane may be able to fool the majority but he cannot fool those who know that he does not have nearly the strength of Lesner. Does anyone really think that Shane can come into a fight with Lesner bulked up the way that he does for all of the shrimps that he fights. Speaking say just from a max bench press between Shane and Lesner I would have to say that Lesner has a 400 pound bench,, Shane might have a 325 pound max. And speaking in terms of the squat there is a 200 to 300 pound difference between Lesner and Shane. It is obvious that Shane is on some sort of bulking substance to make him look so impressive but insn’t it too bad that all that water weight could not be turned into strength>> There is a reason why Lesner is the champion and did not have to fight his way up. think about for a minute.

  • wilfish4774 says:

    By the way thanks to 5 ounces of pain for making it so easy to post messages. You really know how to treat the fans and thanks much for it.

  • Patrickk says:

    Like Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit says

    ‘It’s all a bunch of he-say-she-say bull$h!t’

    I bet it irritates Carwin that Brock is a moron.

    Just keep that lunatic fringe mindframe when you fight Velasquez, and then take it out on Brock when you get the title shot.

  • holland says:

    just to let you know brock can rep with 600 pounds on bench press and im not sure what carwin can do but I can tell you its definately more than 325 pounds. there are guys that weigh 180 that can bench 325

  • husker09 says:

    OK, let’s step back and look at Brock Lesnar’s character… Maybe the story wasn’t truly released by him, but Brock lying shouldn’t surprise anyone. He’s still used to the WWE where the whole sport is a lie and fake.

    As far as punching power goes, everyone who knows anything about fighting knows that it doesn’t matter if you have the strongest punch in the whole world if you can’t land it accurately and effectively. Shane Carwin has proven time and time again he can land his punches with power and accuracy.

    Lastly, I guarantee Lesnar benches more than 400 lbs and there’s no way Shane Carwin doesn’t bench more than 325. I bench 335 and I walk around at 165 lbs. But you have to know how to use that strength, I’m not convinced Lesnar knows how considering that Randy Couture was able to handle his strength right up until he got clipped by Lesnar.

    I believe that Shane Carwin is gonna put up a hell of a fight against Lesnar. With his background in wrestling he won’t be as easy to take down as other fighters. Also, every time Brock tries to close the distance Carwin will have a golden opportunity to knock Brock out. The important thing to remember is every fight starts standing up, which is where Shane Carwin will want it. UFC 116 will be a great event.

  • donmontalvo says:

    There’s a world of difference between actors (Brock) and warriors (Shane). Brock is a former “Professional Wrestler”. Read: an actor.

    Carwin is a warrior. He’s no actor. He’s no bullshit artist. Unlike Brock who talks a lot of shit but has little more than weight on his side. He’s up against a warrior who weighs as much as he does.

    Brock is going to get the shit beat out of him by Carwin and it’s going to make a lot of folks (who despise “Professional Wrestlers”) very happy.

    Get these knucklehead “Professional Wrestler” actors out of the ring. The Octagon is a place for warriors. Not wannabes like Brock. Shane Carwin in 1.

    Don Montalvo, TX


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