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Someone Did Lose the Sanchez-Guida Fight

A night after one of the best slugfests in recent UFC history, I am reading column after column that no one lost the fight.

That isn’t accurate. I watched the fight. Clay Guida lost. Diego Sanchez landed more power shots, totally dominated the first round and won the fight.

My point is let’s not sit here and pretend that Diego Sanchez didn’t win that fight because it takes away from his impressive performance in a tremendous fight. Sanchez should be applauded for winning a war but instead the articles I’m reading are giving Guida more props for fighting hard and losing.

And I’m certainly taking nothing away from Guida. Not many fighters could weather that first round storm, come back the way he did and almost steal the decision away from Sanchez. That was an impressive display of heart.

Guida proved he has a chin of granite and the desire I wish some of the more talented fighters in the UFC fought with every time they stepped into the Octagon. He’s a true asset to the organization.

Having said that, am I the only one who is tiring a little of his “The kid trying hard in gym class” act? The way he was bouncing up and down after the fight kind of bothered me. Don’t try and hide the fact that you are tired. Sanchez kicked your butt all over that cage.

The second the cameras were off I guarantee Guida stopped jumping up and down like the “Energizer Bunny” reputation he’s built up for himself and dropped to the floor, so spare us all the drama.

Getting back to all these ridiculous columns I have been reading, though. They are so predictable. Every time I watch a great football game the same type of stories surface about how there were no losers out on the field.

The reason I hate these so much because I believe it takes away something from the winner. One team found a way to gut out a win in a great game. Don’t they deserve some credit for that?

The tougher the opponent, shouldn’t the victor receive even more praise for finding a way to get by their opponent on that day? I think so. To say that there is no loser is also saying there is no winner and that is diminishing a great accomplishment in my book.

On Saturday night, Diego Sanchez was at his very best. He came out strong but he met an opponent in Clay Guida who was up to the challenge and refused to go away. Guida probably could have been knocked out in the first round but his heart and determination made him fight on.

Guida deserves a lot of credit for that but Sanchez deserves even more because he was the one who proved to be the better man in a great fight. At the end of the night it was Sanchez who got his hand raised.

Besides, for all the talk of how tough Guida is, didn’t Sanchez prove he’s even tougher? He won. Read the recent Yahoo! story on the fight. A majority of it talks about how tough a fighter Guida is but you know what? Sanchez showed that he’s a pretty tough fighter in his own right, so give the guy who actually won the fight his due.

Despite what you may read at other sites, there was a winner on Saturday night. His name is Diego Sanchez and he deserves more respect for winning than the guy who fought hard and lost.

It’s a shame that more people don’t see it that way because after his performance last night Sanchez deserves all the headlines, not Guida.

  • cocoonofhorror says:

    Guida lost. sure he fought his ass off, but he still got it kicked.

  • tcmjan says:

    Your attempts to bury The Carpenter will not work.

  • meatloaf says:

    Sanchez looked great for sure, but lost the 3rd round after dominating the first and winning the second.
    Then afterwards told Joe Rogan it was a rough cut to 155 this time which makes me think in a 5 round title fight he could gas.
    Which I hope doesn’t happen because his striking and offense off of his back were outstanding in this fight and I would hope Zuffa matches him up with BJ Penn after he puts a stop to the Kenny Florian hype train.

  • pp says:

    I think it’s pretty obvious that Guida is getting more credit than Sanchez because, as you heard during the match, people like Guida more. I think most, as do I, believe Diego is a fake-ass douche.

  • PlagueAngel says:

    Kenny Florian hype train? How is he hype? Ever since the sherk fight he has gotten better in every type of category in his MMA game. I admit I was not a fan of his until recently, but you got to give him credit for becoming one of the great master planners of the game(so far). I wouldn’t be surprised if he pummled BJ Penn at 101 to be honest.

  • neijia says:

    People like Guida more but that’s only part of it. Sanchez completely dominated rd 1 with great striking but that is only part of the game. Imo he lost both rds 2 and 3. He had many nice sub attempts, but they all failed. Only other thing from his back was the nice elbows. Otherwise, if someone has the better position (top) and is gnp’ing and the other person’s subs from guard fail, I think you have to give it to the gnp-er as boring as that is. Position before submission. I don’t think you should win based on a lot of failed attempts using the same kid-trying-hard-in-gym argument.

  • EJ says:

    You obviously need to watch the fight again, because Diego clearly lost yeah he won the fist round but that’s all he won. Clay took him down and controlled him the entire second round and had some nice gnp and in the third he outstruck him and got him down again.

    Diego has to be one of the luckiest fighters in mma because he keeps getting ridiculous judges decisions while Clay keeps getting jobbed out by inept judges who have no idea what they are doing.

    Guida was clearly the better fighter and showed why he is such a fan favorite he took Diego’s best shots and came back and did what he always does. Took him opponent down and worked him over, Clay proved that he is an elite LW and it appears that unless your Huerta the only people who can beat him are the judges.

  • cocoonofhorror says:

    if you think Guida won that fight you cant be reasoned with or bothered by facts. you are clinging to some nuts, and will not let go for any reason.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    It was a great fight i think Deigo rightfully won the fight, 10-8 rd 1 10-9 rd 2 by way of landing the more effective shots and controlling guida on top watch the fight he took very few fluhs shots in rd 2 and 9-10 rd three, guida was just a stud in the third. Even with this impressive win I cant see Deigo getting a title shot he fought two good fighters but hasnt been overly impressive yet not even finnishing a fight. Also what was that crap Dana talked about how he always says a fighter has to clear out his division before searching for fights higher up? B J beat stevenson and sherk and got to go up, there is a lot of good fights for him at lightweight
    Diaz(I know he lost but it could be a great fight)
    any of these would be tough fights that he could lose.

  • BillyWarhol says:

    It was a close Fight but yer Right Sanchez Won + Guida Lost a narrow decision*

    Great Fight!!!

  • drdsanders says:

    Diego did more damage from bottom than Guida did from the top. The fight was good because of Diego’s offense and Guida’s ability to take punishment. In his last two outings, Guida tried to lay on top of two opponents who actually came to fight. BTW, which dumb ref actually thinks Guida won that?

  • notdanawhite says:

    In a great fight, both sides shine. One side shines a little brighter. That’s the winner and they deserve the props.

  • notdanawhite says:

    and another thing that made it great. it was a narrow decision, but by almost all accounts, the correct decision. awesome fight, both hardcore technical wise and pure entertainment.

  • Mbreckles49 says:

    If you are really annoyed by Clay Guida bouncing up and down after a fight you are a ridiculous journalist. If anything, be annoyed at Diego’s fake spiritual pose as his name is called.

    I think Guida gets more respect because Sanchez has zero mic skills and personality. His post-fight interview was pretty awkward and it looked like he even knew that.

  • redness says:

    Sanchez destoryed him All Guida could do is hold him down. Even when Sanchez was on his back he was going for the submission. But the one thing I disagree with is that he should get the winner of BJ and K Flo. He should fight Frankie Edgar next and the winner get the shot.

  • Broncos1998 says:

    Casale (Sanchez nuthugger) – To answer your question: yes, you are the ONLY one tiring of Clay Guida and his heart. Your cheap shot that Guida was “acting” after the fight was not necessary to your article and shows that your views have more to do with a dislike for Guida than a critique on what other MMA writers are saying about the fight (which you never cite). By the way, have your ever fought or even sparred? Even if Guida was acting, it is still an impressive display of cardio given what he had just gone thru. You are a douchebag for these comments. I thought Sanchez won the fight, but the bigger story of the fight was Guida’s toughness. Sanchez will get his share of limelight and probably a titleshot before he deserves it. Your snide, crappy articles are not benefitting him or this website. This website is really losing it. It’s a shame.

  • munche says:

    Did a forum troll somehow get access to the front page?

    We get it, you don’t like Clay Guida, and you REALLY like Diego Sanchez. But what did this post add? There’s no commentary here, no insight, no anything. You might as well have just written “MAN FUCK CLAY GUIDA!” and called it a day.

    -1. Stick to actual journalism on the website, if I wanted to read fighter trolling I’d go on the Sherdog forums

  • Perfero says:

    Bronco, you’re actually rather incorrect, a very large percentage of the MMA watching world are extraordinarily sick of Guida and, what amounts to, his very active “lay and pray” style.

    Sure, he has incredible cardio and a great ability to avoid the submission but, what he seems to lack entirely is ANY ability whatsoever to finish a fight and that’s just terrible in my opinion.

    It’s one thing to have some of your fights go to the judges but to, literally, have all but one of your victories come by way of decision says something about you as a fighter: you simply don’t have “it.” He might have one of the best motors anywhere in MMA but he simply lacks the skill to be anything more than a gatekeeper.

    P.S. I am not now, nor have I ever been a fan of Sanchez but, he definitely won that fight last night. Yes, Guida was on top for much of the second round but he was absolutely hammered from inside of Sanchez’s guard while hardly scoring with any kind of offense of his own. That said, there’s no way this win earns Sanchez a title shot ahead of the likes of Edgar and Maynard (although, in all likelihood, he’ll get the shot because he’s the more marketable fighter).

  • TerribleT says:

    So Guida lost a tuff close split decision.So f***ing what? He didn’t lose any cred or even his ranking for that matter and he lost the 1st rd bad but still won the 2nd and 3 rd rds in many ppl’s eyes.He’ll still be getting a call to fight in another big fight and most likely will be fighting the same opponent next that would’ve if he had been given that decision.After Diego loses to the top lightweights in the UFC the next thing we’ll be hearing is that he’s moving down to 145 LB’s to fight in the featherweight division in the WEC

  • GetItOn says:

    First of all I picked Guida to win UNAN DEC however I wanted Diaz to win. With that said, Guida did the right thing in jumping up and down after the matchup. The guy knows how to market himself. People like to see these guys ready to go more rounds, even after the fight is over. That’s what Guida displayed and if you don’t like it, that’s too damn bad. That’s who he is, a little ball of energy. I would like to see any of you go through what he did in a three round war and be able to stand afterwards. He’s smart! Hell, he took two losses in a row to Din Thomas and Tyson Griffin and yet the UFC still kept him around. Why did they keep him around? Because he brings it everytime and fights. Maybe he doesn’t finish anyone very often, but he’s got just as much (if not more) heart and energy than most of the top lightweights in the sport. He’s an exciting guy to watch, regardless of who you put in front of him.

    Oh and not only is he marketing himself with the “bouncing”, but he is also marketing all of the lightweight fighters in the world. The “little guys” are the most exciting ones to watch IMO. I say good job Guida! Way to show the n00b spectators of MMA which guys are (for the most part) the most exciting to watch.

  • Austin says:

    Tom, are you saying: “If guida had that much energy “left over”, then he didn’t fight hard enough”? I agree if so.

  • mikejj says:

    Yeah it was a close fight and Diego won deservingly imo…

    BUT the article is just a biased piece of crap. Doesn’t do Sanchez good nor does it make Guida’s performance smaller but it shows what a nuthugger the writer is. Sad thing.

    ..and for the jumping up and down…i guess the guy was rushed so much with adrenaline that he could stop jumping. It seemed like he wanted to go 2 more rounds.

  • JJ Docker says:

    I agree with the criticisms of this article. Its biased as hell from a someone (a writer?!) that clearly isn’t a fan of Clay Guida, and has no real point. Fighters that show extraordinary heart and determination in losing, especially as underdogs, will always receive praise and admiration from journalists and fans – its why we which sports; to witness commendable, defiant human performances. Guida showed undeniable heart and grit last night to stay in that fight after that 1st round onslaught and turned it into a close decision, lesser fighters, or men, would have crumbled and given up. It would have been very easy to go down after the 6th or 7th shot caught him clean, not to mention a full head kick right on the button.
    As for the direction of the fight, I’m pretty sure Sanchez won a very close decision, and that isn’t a nuthuggers perspective as I detest Sanchez as a person and as an MMA figure.

    1st Round – to Sanchez, obviously, and I think if I was ringside I would have even given it a 10-8; based on multiple clean shots to the jaw, huge kick knockdown, aggression, damage inflicted.

    2nd Round – Guida 10-9. Guida wins the round the way he usually does and that’s by getting his opponents down and keeping them there. He didn’t do any considerable damage but exerted impressive control over a bigger fighter with strong jits.

    3rd Round – Sanchez 10-9. I’ve just watched the fight again, twice, and this round is incredibly close to score but I think Sanchez takes it. They start on the feet with both fighters missing tired-looking punches, each taking it in turns to push the action. So until it goes to the ground with 1.50 left I have it exactly even. The reason it goes to the ground is that Guida shoots from way out, comes up short, and Sanchez spins to take his back and attempts a choke which fails. Guida is then on top and for the next 30 seconds half-lands 2 shots to the head and 3 weak shots to the body before Sanchez goes for a Kimura with a minute left. Sanchez tries for this until there is 10 seconds left at which point Guida escapes throws a few wild punches and Sanchez gets to his feet as the bell goes. Ultimately, the fight almost hinges on this last 2 minutes (unless you have Sanchez 10-8 in the 1st, as I do) and it depends on whether you give Guida the points for being on top but not doing much apart from defending a Kimura OR Sanchez the points for stuffing Guidas takedown, attempting a choke and then later a Kimura. I give it to Sanchez as I felt he, with his submission attempts, was trying to win the fight, while Guida was effectively laying on him from the 3.30 mark.

    Result – Sanchez 29-27.

    I admit that both the 10-8 is debatable and that the last round is debatable. But unless you disagree with both, Sanchez won the fight. In my opinion it’s difficult at the end of the fight, looking at both fighters, to say Guida won. For those of you that think Guida was “robbed” are wrong, but it was a veryclose fight. Props to both fighters for the fight though; an absolute war.

  • JJ Docker says:

    And GetItOn you are bang on with your comments about Guida marketing himself. Thats exactly what it is, Griffin did it after the Ortiz fight, and it works, its smart, its fun to watch – so why not. I don’t really see how you can have a problem with it unless you really don’t like Clay Guida, and if you don’t you shouldn’t be writing articles like this.

  • Snoop Dogg says:

    The issue I have with not just this article but the mindset of you as an MMA fan is the I only praise the winner attitude. It was a split decision if Guida would have won would you only praise Guida?

    I am a fan of Diego and can’t really stand Guida but the dude kicked some ass Saturday and I am going to give the guy credit were credit is due. Great fight Guida you showed just how great your wrestling is against a very good wrestler in Sanchez. Your standup looked improved and your move forward at all cost style is very exciting.

    I was happy with the decision because it was a close fight but I do feel that Diego did a great job of working the high guard and using his elbows from his back and attempting some very decent Kimura’s. Diego’s stand up was sharp and fast his lead uppercut looks like it is going to be giving a lot of people trouble in the LW division. I personally think Diego is going to be the next champ and for Guida to do to a split decision shows how good he is.

    Let’s face it off course there is a loser as there is in all fights. Diego is going to move on towards a title fight as Guida is not. But Guida did not lose any appeal, fans or respect and in the fight game sometimes that’s all that matters.

  • AK47 says:

    I can’t believe anyone thinks Guida won that fight. The first round was easily 10-8 for Diego, he obviously won the second round and even when Guida was on top, he mounted little to no offense while having to struggle out of submissions attempts and avoid elbows from the bottom. If you don’t believe me, check out the fightmetric numbers.

    As for this story, I agree with the general premise that Diego deserves more credit for being THE winner. Sure Guida impressed by not going down despite having his butt kicked all about the cage; but still, who’s face is going to hurt more the next morning? As for him bouncing up and down, sure, he has to market himself so he can keep getting fights on the main card. Maybe someday he’ll be a fun fighter to watch when he learns to put that energy into knocking somebody out, or even trying a guard pass or two.

  • acidman says:

    Anyone who thinks Clay should of won that fight needs to give their head a shake. I really believe the scoring was a travesty in this case and I am a Guida fan.

    I strongly believe that the judging needs some altering. It appears that if you take down your opponent and stay in top position you are granted a win. I really think Diego was far more aggressive and was executing more damage from his back. I think this was greatly overlooked. Clay was getting pounded while in a dominate position and was rewarded the round. Is there not something wrong with this? You take a beating and win the round? In my mind, Guida should not of won any of those rounds. You should not win a round for holding an opponent in what is considered a dominate position and do very little. In fact if someone is on their back and can avoid damage this should be considered point worthy as well. That in itself is skill. If I were a judge I would balance how I score a round on those factors – How effect was the person who achieved the take down and vice versa, while scoring the take down. Mind you if they had achieved multiple take downs during the round, that would obviously swing the score and take precedence.

    There is no question Sanchez won round one. In round two, Guida achieves the take down and attempts some lame gnp which was ineffective. Even with Diego on his back he could do very little except hold him. Diego was battering him from his back and going for submission attempts. If anything Diego was robbed of a better classification for the decision. In my mind there is no way Clay should have come close despite his very valiant effort.

    Diego was never in danger. He was far more aggressive, calculated and had his opponent in danger for the majority of the fight. I would of scored the last two rounds in favor of Diego.

  • AntonK says:


    Thanks for writing. Someone needed to speak the truth and you did it with eloquence. I felt that Sanchez won every round of the fight.

    I hate to say this, but I think there’s some ignorance and underlying racism at work here (not the judges but the fans). Guida was the blue collar white guy who got beat by “dirty” Diego. The thought sickens me but I’m beginning to believe there’s some sad validity to it.

    The majority of UFC fans (not mma fans) are drunk, blue collar white guys – and they want a white blue collar hero. Perhaps I’m being overly cynical, but that’s how I’m beginning to see it.

  • cocoonofhorror says:

    you are right AntonK. you are being overly cynical.

  • edub says:

    Antonk I dont agree with you fully but who u described already has their hero.

    Forrest Griffin.

  • AntonK says:

    Yeah – I’m off base, but I picked up on a similar vibe when Sanchez fought Fitch. Did people praise Sanchez for taking Fitch to a decision even though Fitch outweighed Sanchez by twenty pounds come fight time?

    Most fans, if I recall correctly, were happy that Diego got “crushed’ and it solidified their belief that “dirty” was thoroughly “dominated”.

    The hypocrisy here is real and the Sanchez deserves better…

  • mu_shin says:

    While I agree with the basic premise of this thread, that someone did lose this fight and the winner deserves adequate credit for the victory, I have difficulty when fans and journalists start getting hung up on what kind of person a fighter might be as opposed to how the fighters comported themselves in the ring.

    I couldn’t care less how Diego Sanchez acts, other than how he applies focus and technique in his fights to achieve victory. If you don’t approve of a fighter jumping up and down in the ring after a fight, and think that is indicative of some kind of character flaw, you’re reading way too much into subjective actions, and not paying near enough attention to the meat and potatoes of the fight game.

    Personally, I thought Sanchez won a very close fight. I watched it twice, and thought Diego took rounds one and three. As a fan, I’m into ground work and wrestling, favor technique over punching power, and find Clay Guida to be a very exciting fighter, but Diego put it to him, and deserves recognition for a tough, entertaining win.

    Where no one lost in this fight is in fan appreciation; if they really understand this sport and recognize the will of a warrior, then both of these combatants were praiseworthy. Why the need to minimize the effort of the fighter who lost, when he gave a huge, entertaining, brilliant performance in a fight that highlighted all the elemental aspects of MMA at such a high level? Sanchez won, great victory, Guida lost, still a great fight, and I’d watch Clay again any time.

  • AntonK says:

    Interesting points – however I don’t believe Guida was “brilliant” in defeat. In fact, despite showing considerable heart, he did little but prove his own deficits as a fighter.

  • Snoop Dogg says:

    AntonK you are crazy bro. yeah the MMA world is just trying to put the mexican down LOL. If people dislike Diego it is most likely because he is a Jesus freak and an odd personality. I like Diego I am a white dude but if I would listen to how he speaks instead of watch how he fights I might not like him. If there is one racist MMA fan I think it is you AntonK.

  • AntonK says:


    That’s pretty funny. Anyway, yeah I’m a little nuts. I’m not saying the mma world is trying to put diego down at all – if you read my posts carefully, I’m not talking about the judging or the UFC’s marketing system – I’m talking about a particular fan base that insists Guida actually won – they just can’t take the fact that their boy lost – read some of the posts on Sherdog and you’ll see what I’m talking about…

  • RU486 says:

    I’ve been a member of this forum for some time, and generally when I see mu_shin speak, I know it’s the truth. He’s the only person that has ever curbed my standpoint in an MMA forum in easily six or seven years time. Once again he is right on, spouting aesthetics that no one else has even bothered to recognize. Yes, Diego won the fight, Yes Guida lost, but in the end the fans won more, and therefore each fighter fulfilled his purpose. Excellent point.

    On to argument. Sanchez (I hate the guy) was super impressive in round 1, but missed the 10-8 round slightly because Guida took him down. Without the takedown, Sanchez gets 10-8.
    Round 2 was all Guida on top. I thought about 2 minutes in that Diego obviously had a hard time making weight, and seemed to be sputtering out. He stayed focused and pulled his way through it.
    Round 2 was completely uneventful. Diego was smart to initiate the kimura because he would have lost the round due to positioning, but keeping Clay busy trying to escape a submission for the remainder of the fight obviously shined well on him.

    Diego has a bright future at 155. He appears to have lost some of his strength, but gained so much speed and agility. With his run and gun fight philosophy, I’m hard pressed to find more than a couple of 155 guys that can hang with him. He needs to naturally lose about 5 pounds of his walk-around weight to make the cut a little easier, but so far I’ve been impressed with what I’ve seen. The winner of BJ / Florian is going to be in big trouble. There’s no way either of those guys can withstand the onslaught he gave Clay Guida.

  • GetItOn says:

    RU486 – I couldn’t agree more about the problems that Florian or Penn will face with Sanchez. I am excited to see more of Diego at 155. Always shows up and always puts on a show.

  • AntonK says:

    I’m sorry, I still don’t see the brilliance of Guida’s game… please tell me where the “brilliance” was in his barely withstanding an onslaught – to me Guida is all about grit, not brilliance…

    Ali was brilliant. Guida, not so much.

  • TheLevi75 says:

    the Carpenter has gotta be one of the 1 of the most over rated fighters in the UFC.sure he can hop around after a 15 minute fight but that doesn’t mean he could have won a 5 round fight.if he was more effective while trying to finish the fight, he wouldn’t have had so much energy after 15 minutes of fighting. his UFC record should say W 2 – L 1 – D 6, six draws for never finising or being finished in the Octagon.if he doesn’t improve then he will never deserve a title shot.

  • edub says:

    RU- Diego is good but not that good. If he comes at either BJ or Kenny like that in the first seconds he will go down. Bj and Kenny are both lightyears ahead of him in the stand up.

    Hell even he ran at Maynard or Griffen like that hed be put on his back.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    I watched this fight and came away thinking that the 10 point must system was more flawed than ever. Sanchez won the fight by a huge margin in my opinion. I am astounded that people are saying that Guida won?!!! This fight was not close at all. I don’t care if Guida took him down Sanchez did more damage from the bottom. Sanchez will be hard to stop at 155, in fact I’ll go out on a limb and say that he will be champ at 155.
    By the way who cares if you like his personality or not, it is a sport, not a popularity contest. It sux the way this sport is influenced by a fighters popularity.

  • Patrickk says:

    Yeah, definitely agree with JJDocker.

    Guida got manhandled the first round. If he did not have a granite chin, determination, AND heart; with only two of those intangibles he would have folded, because he was getting obliterated throughout the whole first round. You can really say it should have been 10-8 in the first round.

    But yeah, the fight was extremely amazing and spectacular!

    Diego will be in line for the winner of Penn vs. Florian I beileve.

    Also, Guida is a great fighter, but it kind of seems like his only good attribute is being able to lay and pray. Don’t take it so literally, because Guida can stifle submissions, and also he has decent hands. But the only reason he beat Danzig was lay and pray, and then the only reason he won the 2nd round was because of lay and pray.

    On another note, the only way Joe ‘Daddy’ Stevenson beat Nate Diaz is because of lay and pray. It’s ridiculous and quite boring. But all the respect for the fighter’s and their gameplans. To me it’s not real fighting.

    In a real fight, you don’t know your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses, but you kind of figure them out on the fly and go with the flow.

    I like Wanderlei Silva because he does not train for the other fighter’s weaknessess, he just trains for anything and that’s why he is one of my favorites and true warriors.

    Aside from the sidebar, Sanchez won and will be next for the title, and Guida is an animal with a seemingly endless cardio bank.


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