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Bas Rutten has ‘zero respect’ for Kimbo Slice

kimbo_cbsiii_2Things had been going so well for so long between the two.

Bas Rutten had been Kimbo Slice, aka Kevin Ferguson’s number one and most vocal supporter since the very beginning of the former YouTube brawler’s professional fighting career.

The divide was formed between the trainer and the student right around the time of the now infamous bout between Kimbo and Seth Petruzelli where Slice was flattened in mere seconds in front of millions of viewers on network television.

“He just turned into a different guy, he didn’t need to do the things that I told him to do,” explained Bas in a recent interview with Fighters Only Magazine. “He wasn’t going to go to the ground, you know? The day before the [Petruzelli] fight, I told him I wanted to go over heel hooks and escapes, and he said “Nah, its not going to go to the ground

“I said ‘Ha, I like that attitude – but what if it does go to the ground?’ but he said ‘Its not going to go’. So I said OK, but don’t let me tell you ‘I told you so’ if he snaps your [expletive] leg in half. He said ‘I don’t know if that’s a good thing for you to be telling me mentally before a fight’ I said ‘I don’t think its a good thing for you not to be doing what I tell you before the fight’.”

Any questions lingering as to whether Rutten and Kimbo will one day come to an understanding can be put to rest right now. Bas will never end up in Kimbo’s corner again under any circumstances.

“I misjudged him, he turned into a whole different person,” said Rutten. “I told him a few weeks ago, I had a sit down with him. I told him that he was an asshole and that I have zero respect [for him] and I can’t train people that I have no respect for. Can’t ever.”

  • sigmund says:

    huge mistake kimbo! if bas rutten tells you to go through your ground game you probably should do just that. the guy’s a [expletive] legend and a very valuable man in your corner under any circumstance

  • Scott says:

    Why didn’t Bas mention any of this on Inside the MMA this week? They spent time discussing the fight and if I remember correctly, Bas had some comments about Slice being on TUF 10.

  • Austin says:

    Because Bas isn’t a drama fag.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    Bas is truly a legend and he really put himself out there for this guy. Maybe the money and hype went to Kimbos head but hopefully he has it straitend out now. The guy does have talent it will be a great thing to see if he is truly dedicated and leaves TUF with a great showing. With all the talent in the house this season he is a true underdog but he could pull it out, stranger things have happened.

  • mma-owns says:

    This whole Bas Rutten/Kimbo Slice thing has been over for awhile. So Scott the reason you didn’t hear about it on Inside MMA is cause it’s over and done with and Bas doesn’t care anymore. He did mention it on the show months ago tho…..when this was all happening.

  • ldcpanther says:

    If Bas Rutten tells you to run to the quad screaming and naked you do it simple as that! If you are not going to listen to your coach then why have one? Sure we all have been at the point were we thought I don’t want to do that or need to do that but guess what out of respect for your coach you do what you are told end of conversation!

  • Madmax says:

    Just proves once again that Slice is a JOKE. He’ll get destroyed on TUF and that will be the end of KS.

  • mikejj says:

    There’s an easy explanation for this “it won’t go to the ground”-talk…

    …wasn’t it reported that the fighters were hinted (Seth Petruzelli himself said something similar) that the fight should NOT go to the ground! $kala and the other Elite XC (XC=eXtra Cheese?) gangsters wanted a standup-war it seems.

    Maybe that’s the reason Ken Shamerock cut himself that he couldn’t fight Kimbo…since Kimbo was making waaaaaaaaaaaay more money and Ken might not be allowed to take it to the ground if he got in trouble standing up with Kimbo.

    Yes that’s rumors but in every rumor there is some truth as well. And those are the rumors that Seth and Frank Shamrock started themselves.

  • Dr.Stoppage says:

    Though Bas may have had’zero respect’ for Kimbo,as of last Friday he admits he has admiration for Kimbo for stepping up and going on TUF.
    source-Inside MMA.


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