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Report: Cro Cop Abandons UFC for DREAM after UFC 99 win

Mirko “Cro Cop” Filpovic let Dana White know that he would be leaving the UFC to fight for DREAM just after his TKO victory over Mustapha Al Turk at UFC 99 in Cologne, Germany.

The news comes courtesy of a recent report from Kevin Iole over at Yahoo! Sports.

Just one month ago UFC President White did something almost completely unprecedented in the promotions history when he made a verbal agreement with Filipovic for a one fight deal at UFC 99. Cro Cop texted White expressing his desire to return to the UFC and initially declined on numerous opponents before finally settling on Al Turk.

It is being reported that White had also negotiated on two additional fights during a follow up two hour telephone conversation between himself and Filipovic. Those two fights will not be coming to fruition and it now seems extremely questionable if the Croatian striker would ever be welcomed back to the organization with open arms again.

“He [expletived] me,” White was quoted as saying. “The first time in the history of the company I do one over the phone. He promised me a three-fight deal and he [expletived] me.

“He didn’t keep his word. He talked about honor and all this other [expletive] and he [expletived] me.

“He fed me this bull [expletive] about wanting to take a run for the title, and what I think he did was, he went out and did this. He turned down every other [expletive] fighter I offered him, because I needed him to fight Cain. He didn’t just poke Al-Turk; he poked me, too.”

Filipovic returned to the win column after two consecutive defeats in the Octagon in his bout with Al Turk but wasn’t impressive doing so. He stumbled Al Turk with punches and eventually gouged him in the eye before the bouts inevitable conclusion.

As of this writing, who and when Cro Cop will be fighting at DREAM is a big question mark.

  • WarCry says:

    Wow, Mirko did an old fashion screw job on Dana quite impressive. Considering the way fighters are treated in the Ufc, I cannot be upset with Cro cop for upping his profile for a more lucrative deal in Japan

  • cocoonofhorror says:

    turnabout is fair play, and D’anus got the short end of this stick. i never want to hear CC fans blabber about his honor though….

  • fuhr says:

    POOOOOOOOOOOR Dana. I really feel for him. Kevin Iole is Dana’s puppet, has anyone else reported the story from CC’s camp maybe?

  • Jfmoore62 says:

    Cro cop is a bum. He knew he couldnt hang with the UFC so he ran away. Weather you like Dana whit or not you have to agree what Cro Cop did was LOW.

  • WarCry says:

    Lets be clear on a few things. First, it is obvious that Mirko is no longer on a quest for championships. I my opinion he doesn’t feel he can compete for the title in the Ufc, or he at the end of his career and is looking to garner nothing but big paydays the rest of the way. I can’t really blame for that. You only get a limited time to have your name in Lights. Also Cro Cop has one a championship before that may not be on his priority list any longer.

  • cere says:

    I just find CC’s comments before and immediately after the fight to be strange, if he knew he was signed with DREAM. Post-fight interview, he says how he wants to fight Nog or Randy. Since it was announced he was returning to the UFC, all he has talked about is his desire to try for the UFC belt. He said his only motivation was to prove the naysayers wrong by getting the belt and by fighting at his old form. Not only did he not fight like his old self, he walks away from UFC title contention.

    I don’t care that he screwed over Dana. Dana and the UFC had this coming. I don’t like how devious he was about it. He was openly and totally dishonest with everyone he spoke to about his return. Every single comment he has made recently, right up to post fight, is now revealed to be bs. He wanted to be remembered as a great fighter who fought for honor and not for money. Now he will be remembered as the guy that screwed over the UFC and his fans that wanted to see him fight real talent, all for money.

  • jj says:

    oh dear, poor dana white has been taken advantage of!

    lets see–that makes the score 500 for dana white and 1 for the UFC fighters.

  • Jak says:

    What an odd situation.

    not so much the UFC side, but to have a fighter on the downside even come back, then to have a poke in the eye, then have a ref not see it(i’m pretty sure that’s what he’s paid to do), and then to have cro cop bail.

    what was learned from this? i have no idea. :)

  • cocoonofhorror says:

    crocop has never won a championship, just the 1 GP victory….

  • ultimoshogun says:

    I love it. Crocop gave a big F U to Dana and the UFC. He can still find big fights in DREAM. I’m sure he wants a rematch with Overeem and another Fedor fight would be huge in Japan.

  • PlagueAngel says:

    Lets talk about the eye poke. It was loud where I was at but I thought I heard Mirco say sorry and then say he didn’t think that the eye poke would have changed the outcome. From my point of view, he won the fight because the fighter got poked in the eye. Can’t they change it to a no contest?

  • meatloaf says:

    No they can’t change it.
    Just like for example when Kevin Burns poked Rumble Johnson in the eye and was declared winner by TKO by Mazzagati.
    If the ref doesn’t see an eye poke, cage grab, hair pull, or holding of the shorts, etc. it didn’t happen.

  • Iconoclastic says:

    So CroCop goes back to obscurity fighting meaningless fights in Japan. I am a sure he will snake his way out of a rematch with Overeem. It’s too bad because (unlike W.Silva) IMO, he still has a lot of fight left in him. He seems to be taking the Mike Tyson (latter part of career) route of fighting fighters who have no chance of beating him. I always considered him to be very similar to Tyson (incredible striking power) but a lack of mental toughness.

  • mma-owns says:

    Cro-Cop just fucked his future in MMA……thats fuckin rediculous. He came out with a win but a very ugly win. It’s basically a write off in my opinion due to the way he won……and now what???? he beats a nobody at the bottom of the division and then signs with Dream?!?!!? WTF is this guy thinking. I just lost all respect for this guy. He doesn’t deserve to be called a fighter anymore. He’s a kickboxer with no heart.

  • mma-owns says:

    all you ppl talking about Dana White has it coming to him are idiots……Dana White didn’t get screwed at all here. He’s only mad cause he looks like a bit of an idiot cause he fell for the same shit everyone else did. But who knows if ro-Cop decided before or after what he was going to do…..This story has nothing to do with the UFC except for the fact that Dana will probly never do a 1 fight contract again unless its someone like Randy or Chuck…..someone who is a UFC icon.

    The real story here tho is the fact that Cro-Cop went back on everything he said and either it was because of money (which I doubt cause Cro-Cop said it wasn’t about money and why would he sign with the UFC…theres not much money for him there), or it’s just cause he got cold feet and thinks he’d get fucked up in the UFC. I’m thinking the second of the two. Either way he’s irrellivant in the MMA world for sure now.

  • mma-owns says:

    yo I found a link last night of CroCop saying this is all bullshit and that he didn’t sign with DREAM. I think this all started with a report on Yahoo! Sports. Apparently all this blew up over nothing. All I hope now is that Dana appologizes for his comments being premature and the CroCop can forgive him and stays with the UFC!

    Here it is, see for yourself.

  • ultimoshogun says:

    Make up your mind mma-owns. First you dog out Crocop saying he’s scared to get “fucked up” in the UFC,”just lost all respect for this guy”,”he doesn’t deserve to be called a fighter” and he’s “irrelevant” and now you’re back on the Crocop bandwagon hoping he stays in the UFC. You must be totally on the UFC’s nuts. Douchebag’s like you are the reason I stay away from the MMA forums.

  • edub says:

    I think its a dick move but i dont feel bad for dana at all. He is quickly turning into the Don King/Bob Arum of mma.

  • edub says:

    But I did think that Cro Cop looked a lot better than he has in his last five fights.

  • 141.75 grams of pain says:

    Cro Cop cannot compete with top level talent anymore. This is not to say he wasn’t at one point a great fighter, but like Wandy, Liddell etc. Father time catches up with you. People forget that Randy Couture is the EXCEPTION to the rule. If you believe Dana White, Cro Cop was picking and choosing his opponent, then settled on Al-Turk. From watching that fight, Cro Cop is lucky he poked Al-Turk’s eyes out. Cro Cop wanted no part of getting punched by him. He was backing away because when Al-Turk landed a few shots, I think Cro Cop thought “here we go again…” and he was going to get knocked out by some “no-name”. He’s safe in Japan where they’ll feed him rookies, so he can have spectacular KO’s and they can sell his name. There’s a lot of heavyweight prospects coming up with TUF 10, so thanks for making some room Cro Cop and good luck against Hong Man Choi again.


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