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UFC 99 Live Results & Play by Play will be right here throughout the course of UFC 99 to keep you up to date with the event results as they happen.

UFC 99 takes place in Cologne, Germany so the actual start time for the undercard will be roughly 1:00 pm ET and the main card will begin at 3:00 pm ET.

There will be a slew of intriguing and exciting match ups on this card including a 195 pound showdown between Wanderlei Silva and Rich Franklin, a heavyweight slobberknocker between Cain Velasquez and Cheick Kongo, and much more.


Hathaway scrambles back to his feet from a couple of Story takedowns in the first before winding up on his back one last time where he searches for a kimura to finish out the first round.

The second sees both men exchanging on the feet for a bit before Hathaway secures the takedown and punishes Story with ground and pound. Story goes for a guillotine choke from the bottom and Hathaway is reversed while trying to escape. The round ends with Story punishing Hathaway from the top.

Story ends up in the top position in the third only to fight off a triangle attempt. After escaping the triangle Story is nearly caught in an armbar.

Winner: John Hathaway- Unanimous Decision


Stojnic punishes Struve from the top for the bulk of the first round while Struve searches for unsuccessful submission attempts from his back. Struve is badly battered at the end of the first five minutes.

Stojnic once again secures a takedown early in the second round but gives his back to Struve. Stefan secures a body triangle while he looks for the rear-naked choke. Stojnic rises to his feet but is brought back to the mat where he taps out giving Struve the dramatic come from behind victory by strangulation. Struves face is a bloody mess.

Winner: Stefan Struve – Submission Round Two – Rear-Naked Choke


Delgado comes out in the first gunning for Kelly’s head with big punches before they clinch up. Kelly reverses the Jiu-Jitsu black belt when he tries to jump onto his back. Delgado controls Kelly with a tight rubber guard from the bottom to bring a close to the first round.

After punishing Delgado with a series of punches Kelly goes for the guillotine. He holds the choke for a while before Delgado escapes. Delgado takes Kelly’s back but Kelly reverses the position and ends up blasting Delgado with punches from the top for the duration of the round.

Kelly controls the pace of the fight for the duration of the third round en route to the unanimous decision victory.

Winner: Paul Kelly – Unanimous Decision


Taylor uses his experience in the Octagon to outpoint UFC newcomer Peter Sobotta after three hard fought rounds. While coming up short in his first appearance in the UFC, Sobotta surprised many by making the fight extremely competitive and pushing the bout to the scorecards against the notoriously tenacious Taylor.

Winner: Paul Taylor – Unanimous Decision


Winner: Denis Siver – Submission Round One – Rear-Naked Choke


Winner: Terry Etim – Submission Round Two – D’arce Choke


After some sizing up between the two Davis trips Hardy to the canvas where he gets the mount and proceeds to rain down hard punches. Hardy get back to the guard and eventually gets back to his feet. Davis clinches him up from the back and lands some hard punches in tight. Hardy explodes with a hard punch and elbow to conclude the round.

Hardy dictates the pace of the bout for the opening moments of the second before Davis lands a few good punches in an exchange.  A huge knee from Hardy puts Davis flat on his back. Hardy tries to close the show with hammerfists but Davis is good.  Davis locks on a tight armbar but Hardy is out. Another armbar attempt, but nothing. The two exchange on the feet before Davis closes out the round with a takedown.

Davis jumps into Hardy’s guard after the UK fighter stumbles early in the third. Davis attempts a series of leg and foot locks on Hardy to no avail.  Hardy scores a takedown and lands a big elbow that opens a large cut on  Davis’ nose. Davis looks beat up. Time is called to check on him and he is deemed fit to continue. They restart on the floor but get back to the feet where a big punch from Hardy closes out the scheduled fifteen minute contest.

Winner: Dan Hardy – Split Decision


The two size each other up for the first minute of the bout before Fisher stuffs an Uno takedown attempt. After some brief moments on the ground they return to the feet where they stay in the clinch battling for position. The crowd starts to let them hear it. They separate and Fisher lands a good leg kick and punch before stuffing another Uno takedown attempt. The crowd is not happy at the end of round one and they let them know it. The second and third rounds are a rinse and repeat of the first in a very lackluster bout.

Winner: Spencer Fisher – Unanimous Decision


Mike Swick scores a takedown and not much happens. “F****** s***” says Swick ” You going to hold me all night?”. Saunders answers him by saying “Well get off me and let’s stand back up b****”.  Not much happening on the ground prompts a stand up. After a brief exchange the two clinch up to close out the round.

Round two starts out in the clinch again before Swick secures a takedown and moves to the mount. Saunders uses his hips to get back to guard. Little action on the canvas forces another stand up. After a minute of feeling each other out Swick lands a big right hand to the temple of Saunders that drops him. Swick swarms him with punches for the TKO.

Winner: Mike Swick – TKO Round Two


Al Turk lands a big punch to kick things off. He rushes Cro Cop but Mirko easily pushes him aside. Cro Cop turns on his butt kicking switch and starts lighting Mustapha up with punches after a brief feeling out process. Cro Cop batters Al Turk on the ground and makes his opponent stand back up where he beats him down to the ground for the TKO.

The instant replay reveals that Cro Cop accidentally shoved his finger into Al Turk’s eye just prior to the stoppage but Mustapha was already on his way out at that point.

Winner: Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic – TKO Round One


Velasquez is rocked by two hard right hands in the early moments of the first round but manages to secure a single leg takedown out of desperation. They both switch positions on the ground before Velasquez takes the mount before transitioning to the back of Kongo. Kongo escapes a rear-naked choke attempt and scrambles back to his feet only to be slammed to the canvas by Velasquez. Again Velasquez gets the mount and begins to drop punches and again Kongo escapes. Back to the feet Velasquez lifts Kongo up in the air and slams him to the ground one more time for good measure before Kongo gets to his feet at the rounds conclusion.

The second round starts out much like the first. Kongo rocks Cain and Velasquez secures a takedown shortly afterwords. The fight stays on the mat for the rest of the round as Velasquez brutalizes Kongo with knees to the body and hard punches and elbows to the face. The round concludes with Velasquez in full mount while blood gushes from the nose of a bruised and battered Kongo.

The third starts out like the other two as Kongo nails Velasquez directly on the chin with another big bomb but Velasquez is still standing.  Kongo tries for a takedown of his own but it only results in Velasquez swinging around to take his back. Velasquez pounds Kongo with hard hammerfists before inevitably taking him to the canvas where he absolutely mugs Kongo for the duration of the contest.

Winner: Cain Velasquez – Unanimous Decision


Franklin and Silva feel each other out for the first minute and a half of the first round before Franklin connects with a hard lead left to which Silva counters with hard punches with both hands. Silva catches a Franklin kick and drags him to the canvas. Silva lands some hard punches on the ground before Franklin gets back to his feet  where Silva attempts a guillotine choke to no avail. Franklin is bleeding  from his right eye. Franklin end up in the mount from the submission escape but Silva returns to his feet where the two trade shots to bring the round to an end.

They exchange hard punches and kicks during the start of the second.  Franklin looks to be taking over from the outside just before Silva connects with a big right hand that leaves Franklin on queer street. Silva swarms Franklin with punches but Franklin comes back with a hard shot of his own at the conclusion of the round.

The two pick up where they left of and begin to pummel each other in the middle of the Octagon with hard punches and bruising  kicks.  Silva lands a hard right hand and starts to pursue the retreating Franklin. Silva throws his arms to the air and the crowd reacts but he ends up pulling the stunt just one too many times as Franklin time it to take Silva to the canvas. Silva gets back to his feet only to have Rich take his back while standing. The fight ends with Franklin punching Silva in the face while the former PRIDE champion throws hard reverse elbows. Amazing fight.

Winner: Rich Franklin – Unanimous Decision