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Shaquille O’Neal talks fighting after retirement, calls out Hong Man Choi

It appears as though another superstar from a professional sport may be contemplating throwing his hat in the mix of the MMA world.

After former World Series Champion Jose Canseco recently made his unsuccessful fighting debut against Hong Man Choi in Japan it seems as though none other than four-time NBA Champion Shaquille O’Neal is giving mixed martial arts some serious thought following his eventual retirement from basketball.

In a recent video blog at O’Neal stated that he plans on retiring from professional basketball in the next couple of years and possibly focusing on a career in MMA.

There is one man that Shaq may have his eyes on for his fighting debut that could be just a couple of years away. The 7’1″ 300+ pound O’Neal wants his chance to avenge Canseco’s recnt loss. He wants fellow giant, Korean Hong Man Choi.

“We don’t care about anybody,” said O’Neal in the video blog. “We’ll fight anybody. I’ll even fight him (points to a cardboard cutout of Chuck Liddell), after I fight the big boy that knocked out Jose Canseco.

“Hong Man Choi, I’m coming for you. Don’t worry about it. After I retire in the next year or two years, I’m coming for you. Do I look like Jose to you? No.”


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