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UFC 99 Weigh-In Results

All fighters have made weight for the UFC 99 card that will be taking place tomorrow in Cologne, Germany.

Denis Stojnic shoved Stefan Struve during the staredown just before Paul Kelly and Roli Delgado got into their own pushing contest. Both minor melees were quickly broken up.

Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic will be competing at 233 pounds for his return to the UFC against the 236 pound Mustapha al Turk.

Cain Velasquez will be the bigger man in his heavyweight showdown against Cheick Kongo, tipping the scales at 239 pounds compared to his opponents 230.

Both Wanderlei Silva and Rich Franklin came in at the 194 pound mark for their contracted 195 pound catchweight main event bout.

A full list of the weigh-in results are listed below.

Rich Franklin (194) vs Wanderlei Silva (194)
Cain Velasquez (239) vs Cheick Kongo (230)
Ben Saunders (169) vs Mike Swick (169)
Dan Hardy (170) vs Marcus Davis (171)
Caol Uno (155) vs Spencer Fisher (154)
Mustapha Al-Turk (236) vs Mirko Cro Cop (233)
Justin Buchholz (155) vs Terry Etim (156)
Dale Hartt (156) vs Dennis Siver (156)
Paul Taylor (169) vs Peter Sobotta (169)
Roli Delgado (155) vs Paul Kelly (156)
Stefan Struve (248) vs Denis Stojnic (241)
Rick Story (169) vs John Hathaway (170)

  • Kamakosmo says:

    No belts on the line, yet i’m still looking forward to this card. Should be a good night of fights:
    Davis (Hopefully shuts up Hardy)

  • Hohlraum says:

    Some of these meat heads need to relax and stop acting like asses. Do these guys really think that MMA fans like smack talk? This sport has its roots in Martial Arts and you’ll never find one where respect and honor were not a major aspect of the teaching. If the UFC really is pushing these fighters to act this way then Dana White can suck my balls.

  • cocoonofhorror says:

    i like your picks Kamakosmo, except i have Franklin beating Wandy, sadly (and easily)

  • RoadsideGraphix says:

    going to watch this one in the local watering hole.
    Hopefully it will be a barn burner.

  • Kamakosmo says:

    cocoonofhorror, Silva/Franklin was kind of a toss up. Yes, we all know Silva is up there (is 32 old? Yikes) But Franklin has not fared well against the Brazilians and their knees. I cannot compare Wanderlei with Anderson for the obvious, but they do both use the Muy Thai clinch very effectively. Hopefully for Franklin’s sake, he’s learned how to defend it. Either way, should be an exciting fight.

  • cocoonofhorror says:

    all true, but i cant remember the last time i saw Wandy utilize the clinch effectively. pulling for CC, but that fight is 50/50 for me.

  • Rich S. says:

    Well, it was rather easy for me to pick Franklin to win (unfortunately).. I think if Wanderlei would actually utilize his clinch more often, he’d be a lot more dangerous.. But, if he’s just going to go in there and slug it out, he’s DEFINITELY going to lose to Franklin.. Franklin is too smart and too technical to get knocked out by a slugger..

    And apparently I’m the only one, but I think Kongo’s going to go home with the win tonight.. Everyone’s so quick to pick Cain to win, and don’t get me wrong, I think he’s a grrrrreat fighter, but Kongo has REALLY stepped his game up since that loss to Herring, and I feel he’s just going to control this fight on the feet and on the ground and take a UD..

    I think, depending on how Franklin/Silva ends, Saunders/Swick is going to be Fight of the Night.. It’s going to be an all out war and a tough fight for both guys, but Swick’s going to win a UD..

  • edub says:

    I was going to say Kongo for the upset but he came in lighter than i thought he would. I thought hed be bigger than Velasquez, but hes not now i feel hes got no chance.

    Rich(early tko) sarry Wand fans


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