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Carano and Cyborg to fight for five minute rounds in Strikeforce championship

If you ask any female fighter in the business they will tell you that they would prefer to be treated the same as the boys. It seems as though we may finally be approaching that day.
Strikeforce has recently confirmed that the championship bout between Gina Carano and Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos will be taking place with five minute rounds as opposed to the normal three minute rounds according to a report by
This fight will mark the first five round female bout and the first female bout with five minute rounds under the Strikeforce banner.
Carano and Cyborg are finally set to face off in the highly anticipated as the main event on the Strikeforce card set for August 15 is San Jose, California.
Also scheduled for the event is a lightweight championship rematch between the defending Josh Thomson and Gilbert Melendez.
  • RU486 says:

    This is such a good thing. The 3 minute rounds definitely favored the strikers, while the grapplers could never mount any real offense. After they had worked 2 minutes for a takedown, the round ended as soon as the fight landed in their domain.

    All things aside, I am truly all for equality in Womens MMA. If they are to be held so meticulously to same standards as men (making weight, drug testing, etc.) then the womens fights should hold the same equal standards.

    I am excited about this fight, we’ve all been waiting for it for some time.


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