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The Wrap-Up: TUF 9 U.S. vs. U.K. Episode 11

This week the final lightweight match-up of the season will be decided after the final four lightweights face off.

– Andre Winner vs. Cameron Dollar
– Ross Pearson vs. Jason Dent

Before Dollar starts his training at the gym he reveals to coach Dan Henderson that he has a few heart ribs. Henderson says Dollar will be alright come fight time but then corrects himself saying that they “have” to be better. Dollar express that he wants to stand and bang with Winner, however he goes on say later that if he was to take a body shot around his ribs that he will “fold”. Winner has no problem banging with Dollar as you can see the U.K. fighter stressing his stand up in training.

Andre Winner vs. Cameron Dollar

At the start of the first round Dollar throws a few faints before both fighters begin trading leather back and forth. Winner seems to be landing the harder shots and more of them.

Dollar works for a takedown but Winner defends and keeps the fight standing. On the feet Dollar lands a few solid shots but again it’s Winner getting the best of Dollar.

The fighters tie up briefly enough for Dollar to trip his opponent but Winner reverses and ends up in the mount position. Winner baits Dollar, transitioning into a triangle choke as Dollar turns to get off his back. It’s only seconds later that Winner tightens the chokes and forces the tap.

The next lightweight match promises to be a war. Dent isn’t happy hearing that Dana White has not been impressed with Dent on the show thus far. However, Dent explains he has only been fighting intelligently, taking minimal damage so he can really show his skills in the semifinals. We expect nothing less from Pearson who says he will be looking for the knockout.

Ross Pearson vs. Jason Dent

The entire first round is a stand-up battle between both fighters as they showcase their striking game. Pearson seems to be delivering more blows and coach Henderson feels this as well screaming for Dent to work in a takedown as the first round comes to a close.

In the second round both fights again remain standing and trading for the first two minutes before Pearson takes Dent to the ground. Pearson gets in a few strikes from the top position before Dent escapes and gets back to his feet.

Pearson successfully takes Dent back down to the mat in the final minute of the round and finishes strong with great ground and pound before the bell saves Dent.

In the third round Dent comes out looking hopeful but it isn’t long before Pearson again takes Dent to the ground at his will. On the mat we see more ground and pound from Pearson and missed armbar attempts from Dent but Pearson rides out the round in control and walks away with the unanimous decision.

With U.S. fighter DaMarques Johnson and team U.K. fighters Winner and Pearson advancing to the finals, be sure to check back next week right here at to see who will fill the last slot on this seasons TUF finale. Will it be team U.K. fighter James Wilkes, or will the American Frank Lester muster up and be the second U.S. fighter in the finale?


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