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Dana White: ‘We could see a Wanderlei Silva – Anderson Silva fight in the very near future’

How time can change things. Once close friends and training partners at the Chute Boxe Academy in Brazil, Wanderlei and Anderson Silva are anything but buddies these days.

Wanderlei’s recent decision to drop to middleweight surely got underneath Anderson’s skin, and the UFC middleweight champion’s decision to train Rich Franklin for his UFC 99 showdown with “The Axe Murderer” has certainly left a bad taste in Wanderlei’s mouth

Wanderlei let his feelings on Anderson quite clear during the recent UFC 99 Countdown that aired on Spike TV.

“I don’t know what has happened with him now,” said Wanderlei. “He’s changed his posture. In his interview, his ego is, I don’t know, maybe him thinking he’s the best in the world (chuckles).

“He’s afraid because he knows the power of my hands. They know I am a danger for him.

“He is a great fighter but the fighters that fight with him, the guys don’t punch him, the guys don’t hit him.

“I’m going to punch his face.”

UFC President Dana White‘s comments during the broadcast made a possible bout between the two Silva’s seem like an extremely realistic possibility if Wanderlei can look impressive against Franklin and Anderson manages to escape his upcoming light heavyweight contest with Forrest Griffin injury free.

“If Wanderlei Silva beats Rich Franklin in this fight, then obviously he’s not going to be too happy about Anderson Silva trying to train Rich to beat him, and if Anderson Silva comes out of his fight with Forrest, you know, if he doesn’t get banged up and he can jump right back in, we could see a Wanderlei Silva – Anderson Silva fight in the very near future,” said White.

  • David Andrest says:

    Is Dana picking Wanderlei over Rich?

    OH comments are fixed!

  • cocoonofhorror says:

    how is this fight gonna sell after Wandy gets KO’d again by Franklin?

  • edub says:

    Man I dont think Dana has been more wrong since being so confident in Chuck vs. Rampage 1.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Wow! holy jeepers! I wonder if one will push the other in the weigh-ins if they ever fight?. What would be really super would be if Wandy wins against Franklin that they have Anderson come in the ring afterwards and face off with Wandy.

  • MMAFright says:

    The Ax Murderer won’t last a minute if these two meet.


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