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Top 5 In The world… That’s Mr. Rogers Neighborhood

I have heard the haters and they all have one thing in common – they really do not understand the sport very well. Brett came up through the ranks the old fashion way. He didn’t get to be on a TV show. He didn’t gain internet fame by acting a fool. His route was a little boring. He worked, took care of his family and slowly, carefully nursed the fire of his dream.

In 2007 Brett took on the then regional Champion Josh Melicar and bounced him in 9 seconds.

His first step on the big stage with EliteXC he crushed hometown hero Ralph Kelly early in the first. Brett’s first step on Showtime proper would be against James Thompson. The PRIDE veteran was a huge favorite to crush the upstart Rogers. All of the Colossus experience and the spirit of Manchester could only keep him on his feet for 2 minutes and 30 seconds. The man who beat Dan Severn, who beat Don Frye – downed.

Then first fight ever on network television. The pressure to deliver was enormous. Again Brett came through, 1 minute; left John Murphy laying.

Back to Showtime, Strike Force Brett draws the undefeated Iron Rings Champion Abongo Humphries. For the first time in his pro career Brett was favored to win and honestly looked past Humphries a bit. Brett broke out a new weapon in his arsenal and used his knees to drop Abongo.

Finally Andrei Arlovski. Few people if any had Arlovski ranked anywhere below 5th in the world. Many cling to the fact that he was dominating Fedor before one bad decision. Brett came in a 4 to 1 dog. That is the part of the story everyone knows; here is a few things you don’t.

It took Brett about 1 full minute to agree to the fight with Andrei. We said we wanted top 5. We didn’t take it because Brett had something to prove. Brett took the fight because that is where he belongs.

And there was another motivation. Arlovski is Affliction; Brett is Strikeforce. Brett was brought to the world on Showtime. It was Strikeforce that signed him and pulled him back into the game after 11 months marooned on EliteXC isle. We were happy to carry the SF banner into that fight; honored for the opportunity and very proud we represented our family so well.

People dog on Brett by dogging on his opponents. But we don’t pick our opponents. Brett has taken what ever has been put before him and smashed it down. Every fight he has put leather to chin, bodies to canvas. This sport is about finishing and finishing decisively. Brett has done that – EVERYTIME!

I have been around the game for a long time. I know fighting and Abongo, Murhpry and Thompson are not walk through fights. These are tough, talented fighters who just are not in Brett’s league. 

Arlovski is one of the best in the world. A champion’s champion. Unlike his fight with Fedor, Andrei didn’t make a mistake. Brett came with a strong game plan. It seems fast to the fans’ but that is what happens when Plan A works; but believe plans B,C,D and E where there and ready.

Brett shouldn’t be penalized because no one has been able to push him to prove the rest of his game. Rather he should be exulted for taking away his opponents options, taking away their game plan and taking away their consciousness. That is the mark of a champion, the mark of a great fighter; the mark of a man who should be ranked TOP 5. In my opinion this should reflect to WAMMA top 5

Fedor Emelianenko: Hey, he’s Fedor – until someone beats him he is the last emperor and I believe he will stay that way until we introduce him to the next black president – can we Knock out Fedor… Yes we can!)

Josh Barnett: Josh is the most dangerous match up for any fighter in the world right now. Tough and talented and now with a razor’s edge. A champion with something to prove is deadly.

Brett Rogers: He has destroyed everyone in his path. No one has ever even had him hurt or in trouble. Outside of training I have not seen the man bleed. None of his opponents have ever made it to a post fight press conference. Short of salting their fields – what more does the guy need to do?

Frank Mir: He has recently beat two top guys. He is my odds on favorite to win the title a second time. Though on the small side he is a very complete fighter and beating Nog earned him this spot.

Brock Lesnar: He’s the UFC Champion. Yes he is only 3-1, and yes there are many questions about him; but he holds the belt and anyone holding the UFC belt deserves top 5.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    “anyone holding the UFC belt deserves top 5.”
    Wrong. A UFC belt doesn’t mean you earned it anymore. Lesnar and Couture are proof of that. Lesnar in the UFC HW = 2-1, Couture in UFC HW since 2002 = about 2-3. Those are the last 2 champs and I would argue that they have 2 of the weakest records in recent times of any of the top UFC HW fighters.
    Having said that Lesnar is a massive dude and may prove to be the best ever.

  • Jstew3785 says:

    Brett Rogers the #3 heavyweight in the world??? You must be joking. If holding a belt is so important to rankings, why would Alistair Overeem not be ranked ahead of Rogers? I mean, he is the Strikeforce HW champ.

  • JJ Docker says:

    I’ve been waiting for days to comment on this, but the comment box hasn’t been available (probably for the writers protection). This is the most lopsided article I’ve ever read on this site and it appalls me. Mike Reilly, the coach and training partner of Brett Rogers, writes an article on how Brett Rogers is ranked THIRD in the world at HW. Please. This is sensationalistic bullshit at its finest. Poorly written and so biased it makes me feel sick.
    “I have heard the haters and they all have one thing in common – they really do not understand the sport very well.” Haha, what? I don’t hate Brett Rogers, but any fool knows he isn’t ranked third in the world. I am really finding it difficult to work out how you reached that conclusion. You cite James Thompson, an absolute joke of a fighter who once got KO’d by Butterbean in an MMA fight. You cite Humphrey, who is equally poor (actually look at his record and see who his 5 wins are against) and who Rogers outweighed, outreached and outpowered and it still took him two very fucking sloppy rounds to finish him – and at the end of the first he was gassed which says it all about his current level of ability and preparation, quite frankly. Yes he beat Arlovski, I know you will retort, but come on of all the top 10 HW’s it was a match up made in heaven for Rogers. Someone with a weak jaw that was going to stand and bang with him; now I thought Arlovski would win that fight, but also knew Rogers had a good chance of knocking him out. To put this in even more perspective are you seriously saying that you think this puts him third in the world? Above Frank Mir, Brock Lesnar, Cro Cop, Big Nog, Randy Couture etc etc etfuckingcetera? I find that laughable. Rogers has never been to the mat for a prolonged period of time in his career, and yet he would beat Couture, Nog and Mir? Is he a more complete fighter? A better prepard fighter? A more experienced fighter? OK you could argue he would tag his opponents before they got him to the mat or knocked him out. But, for example, Brock Lesnar, do you seriously imagine Rogers having the speed, technique or athleticism to stop Lesnar from taking him down? Another example, Mir, do you not imagine that Mir would have enough on the feet to avoid the early barrage get out of the first round and submit a gassed Rogers in the second? Please. I’m going to stop ranting now, but I’m sorry, I find this article ridiculous and way off the mark. Not only that, but when I read you work from the same gym as Rogers it made a lot of sense why you would purport such ridiculous statements, and, well, it pissed me off that this site is allowing you to do it. I don’t usually care for personal responses to any comments I make but this time I’m asking you, nicely, if you would please answer this comment and attempt to justify how you have reached the conclusion that Rogers is better than a LOT of HW’s that have been in the sport a LOT longer than he has, beaten MUCH better guys than he has and actually held (sometimes multiple) TITLES.

  • Jstew3785 says:

    I don’t think I could possibly have put it better myself. JJ Docker is right on the money.

  • Sergio Hernandez says:

    Rogers cracks the Top 10 with his win over Arlovski, that much can’t be denied.

    To say he’s #3 in the world right now makes me laugh and wonder why 5Oz would allow much a biased, one-sided column based solely in nepotism on their website.

    Mr. Reilly, you can be as proud as you want of Rogers. He deserves it. But please don’t insult the fans’ intelligence with this nonsense.

    The best thing to come of all this is that hopefully now Rogers can train full-time and not have to worry about providing for his family. Now we will REALLY see if Rogers has what it takes to be a top 3 heavyweight.

  • edub says:

    If I still gambled Id put my house on Overeem submitting Rogers.

  • Rich S. says:

    I think we might be moving a little fast here with Mr. Rogers..

    Hell, I still have Arlovski over Rogers..

    Yes, Rogers beat him.. But honestly, I’ve yet to be impressed by Rogers..

    The guy’s striking is just sloppy.. For the past 2 years, I’ve just been waiting for him to get a fight with a technical, powerful boxer..
    Just one fight with a world class striker and he’s going to have his first loss..

    Now, Arlovski was supposed to be that person, unfortunately his chin is completely NONEXISTENT..

    PS: I will admit though, those knees against Abongo were sick!


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