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Jason MacDonald vs. The World

Following his release from the UFC, “The Athlete” Jason MacDonald has recently confirmed that his next bout outside of the Octagon will be taking place on extremely familiar territory.

MacDonald made a name for himself with Canada’s MFC promotion, fighting a total of ten times under the MFC banner before being scooped up by the UFC in 2006 where he ended up going 5-5 with the organization before back to back losses to Wilson Gouveia and Nate Quarry brought upon his departure.

Considering the history it only seems fitting that MacDonald will make his return on his old stomping grounds at MFC 22: Payoff on September 25.

His opponent has yet to be determined, but according to MacDonald, it’s him against everyone as far as he’s concerned.

“The one guy who impressed me the most was Bryan Baker,” said MacDonald in a recent press release about the upcoming event. Baker shocked a lot of people when he TKO’d UFC veteran Rory Singer at MFC 20. “He comes to fight and I want to fight someone who wants to throw down, someone who’s going to fight and give us both an opportunity to put on an exciting fight for the fans.

“I think a best-case scenario would be to fight Trevor Prangley but since he just won the title at 205 he’ll probably want to defend that a couple of times though it’s something to look at. I wouldn’t mind avenging my loss to Marvin Eastman because I wasn’t really at the best point in my career back then (2005) but I think he’s more comfortable at 205 now.

“Travis Galbraith is coming down to 185 and that would be exciting. Solomon Hutcherson … anybody really. I just want to fight in a great fight, get the biggest challenge against the biggest name guy available.

“There are still some alumni kicking around that I could fight,” noted MacDonald. “I think Edwin Dewees would be great fight. Shonie Carter? At this point in his career I think Shonie is a bit of a joke and I’m not sure that a fight with him would be worth it. I’m looking for quality fights and fights that will get me to the title.”

Regardless of his opponent on September 25, first and foremost Jason is eager to show the world that he is back to stay.

“I’m hungry again. I’m going to do everything in my power to get back on track. I am re-focused. I’m not going to fight for a long time, probably another two years and hopefully I’ll get to 50 fights, but most importantly I want to finish on a positive note.

“There’s nothing greater than being on top of your game. I want to perform well and have fights that I’m proud of like the fights I had against Demian Maia and Jason Lambert. Most importantly I want to fight well. That’s the No. 1 priority.”

  • RU486 says:

    Jason if you’re out there reading somewhere, You were one of my favorite fighters in the UFC. I’ll miss the easy access to seeing you fight. The fight with Demien Maia is my favorite MMA fight period. There is no shame in losing that one, it was the most technical BJJ I’ve ever seen in an MMA fight.

    Keep your head up, I’ll still follow you through reviews and what not. And good luck to you back home in the MFC.


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