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MMA Rumblings, Muses & Rants June 3, 2009

When I read that the winner of the Michael BispingDan Henderson bout was guaranteed a title shot against Anderson Silva I was angry, then confused, excited and it left me scratching my head in amazement. I believe Henderson deserves another crack at Silva, I truly think he has the style to give him a run for his money. Obviously we didn’t see it play out in their first bout but I still think he has the tools to beat The Spider. Even if Bisping is able to defeat Henderson he will get destroyed by Silva. He does not possess the necessary attributes to hang with Silva at all.

Beyond that what about the winner of the Marquardt-Maia match-up at UFC 102? If Maia wins wouldn’t that warrant him a shot at the title or is Dana worried we will get a repeat performance of the Leites-Silva bout. Sorry but Maia is better than Leites in my opinion and I don’t believe he will resort to flopping on his back every time Silva gets near him. Marquardt has some awesome skills, I truly believe the fans underestimate his overall skill set. He is a much better fighter now than he was when he first fought Silva. Instead of giving a title shot away why not have the winners of the two upcoming bouts square off and the man who reigns supreme gets the next crack at Silva?

The UFC maybe heading back to Texas sometime this fall. Just what I wanted to hear. Although my thirst for live UFC action will be quenched when I attend UFC 101 in August it still pains me that I live in one of the biggest markets in the world and we still can’t get mixed martial arts legalized in NY. Although I do have some good news on that front.

Apparently the bill was passed by a 14-6 margin by the Tourism Committee today. Now it has to go in front of the Codes Committee whatever that is. At least it’s a start and I am sure Assemblyman Bob Reilly is so pissed right now that it has gotten past the first round. Here we are in 2009 and the man is still referring to mixed martial arts as “Human Cockfighting”. He has the audacity to call UFC President Dana White ruthless but still allows a man like Don King to operate as a promoter in NY.

So Frank Trigg is returning to the UFC. Twinkle Toes was last seen in the Octagon losing to GSP back in August of 2005 which left his UFC record at 2-3. Since then he is 7-2 with victories over Jason Miller, Kazuo Misaki and Edwin Dewees while losing to Robbie Lawler and Carlos Condit. Being that he just turned 37 and is dropping back down to 170 I don’t know what type of impact he plans on making in a stacked welterweight division. There is a lot of young blood who will look to make a nice name for themselves by defeating a veteran like Trigg so I hope he comes prepared.

Lots of MMA this weekend with the Strikeforce card on Showtime this Saturday and an awesome WEC event on Vs. this Sunday headlined by a rematch for the organizations featherweight title between champion Mike Brown and the man he took the belt from Urijah Faber. I had hardly heard of Brown before their first fight. Brown followed up that victory with an even more impressive thrashing of Leonard Garcia in front of Garcia’s hometown fans in Texas. Brown is so powerful and so steady which presents a problem for anyone who gets in the cage with him. Faber has the speed advantage and is so unpredictable but to be honest I think Brown is going to pull this one off again. Sometimes one fighter just has another fighter’s number. As usual we the fans are the true victors in all of this as not only do we get to see some great action but we get to see it free.

I would like to take this time to wish the Brothers Noguiera a Happy 33rd birthday. Two great warriors who are not only terrific fighters but true ambassadors for the sport.

  • Stan says:

    Bisping clearly isn’t in the top-5 contenders at middleweight, but because Henderson is so good, anyone who beats him has a legit claim to top contender status. As good as Maia and Marquardt have been, neither has a marquee win like Henderson on their recent resume.

    The thing with Faber and Brown is that people remember Faber throwing that goofy elbow and then getting beaten down for it. While that’s true, the reason he threw the elbow was that he was getting desperate. He was being pushed around the cage by a bigger, stronger man, which is something he hadn’t faced in a while. Unless Faber has gotten substantially stronger, its hard to see the second fight going any other direction.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    i almost forgot WEC this weekend. not much coverage going on.

    still cant believe the Nogs are only 33, thats the same age as me and im pretty certain i dont look that rough! they been around for years and two of my all time favourite fighters.


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