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Former NFL Players to Join Kimbo Slice on “TUF 10” Cast

Four former NFL players will join Kimbo Slice as part of the 16-member cast of “The Ultimate Fighter 10.”

Sources close to the cast members told that at least four former NFL players have been selected to compete on “The Ultimate Fighter 10,” a heavyweights-only season of the UFC’s reality series that debuts September 16 on Spike TV.

The four former players known at this time are Marcus Jones, Matt Mitrione, Brendan Schaub and Wes Shivers.

Jones is the most well known to NFL fans. A former first-round draft pick of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers back in 1996, Jones spent eight seasons in the NFL, although he never lived up to his lofty draft status. Jones enters the show with an MMA record of 4-1.

Mitrione played nine games for the New York Giants in 2002. He comes to The Ultimate Fighter with no professional fights, although he reportedly fought as an amateur.

Schaub is a former fullback who spent some time on the Buffalo Bills roster, although he never actually appeared in a game. He has shown some promise as an MMA fighter, going a perfect 4-0 early in his career. Schaub has won all four of his fights by first-round TKO.

Shivers had a short stint with the Atlanta Falcons in 2000. He is currently 0-1 as a professional MMA fighter but he did go 4-0 as an amateur. After playing three games with the Falcons in 2000, Shivers left the NFL and focused on his MMA career.

  • JJ Docker says:

    This season sounds more like a publicity stunt than a method of bringing talented fighters into the UFC

  • cere says:

    That’s exactly what this season is, a PR stunt. But then, with the way TUF ratings have been falling, perhaps that is what they needed to do. TUF itself is a PR gimmick and used to be very successful.

  • MMASwami says:

    TUF is a reality show first and MMA is secondary to the people that control it.

  • cere says:

    Back in March, I read that the Spike TV presse release for TUF 10 said that the heavy weight contestants would have a 225Lbs limit. Is this still the case? Some of these guys, especially the former NFL guys, seems like they would have problems getting down to 225. And for those that are naturally closer to 225, they would leave TUF and go into the UFC among the smaller heavyweights. Has anyone heard differently? Is the 225 cap still in place? Any chance they meant 225 as the minimum?

  • Stan says:

    225 would have to be a minimum. 265 is the max for heavyweight… bigger guys like Lesner and Carwin regularly cut down from 280-290 to that.

    Rex Richards, if he had made it, would have had a real tough time hitting 265. He lost his last fight after making the cut from 325 or something absurd and he just had nothing in the gas tank. He tore up his knee as well, which is why he’s not on the show. Shivers was that big when he was in the NFL and has been fighting at 290. He’s a pretty lean 290 though at 6’7, so it’ll be interesting to see if he can cut 25lbs to hit 265. Mitrione played at 300lbs, but I haven’t seen anything about what he weighs now.

    Since the TUF fights before the finale are all exhibitions, they could fight them at catchweights since the guys really do not have time to do serious weight cutting with such short notice before fights. Regardless, none of these guys could make 225. It’s a bit strange that so many mma sites have spread confusion about the 225 cutoff being a maximum.

  • cere says:

    The confusion, if 225 is the min, was caused by the press release. The wording was:

    “The UFC and Spike TV will hold an open casting call at The Marriott Seattle Airport Hotel in Seattle, WA for Season 10 of the wildly popular series, “The Ultimate Fighter.” This season the series will be casting mixed martial artists in the Middleweight (185 lbs), Light Heavyweight (205 lbs), and Heavyweights (225 lbs) divisions.”

    So, you can see, for the other weight classes they accepted tryouts for, the max weights were mentioned. For the HW division, they said only 225, not if this was min or max.

    If it is the max, I just don’t see the point. As has been said, this just creates far to many problems. Can fighters that walk around at 265+ be expected to make 225? Would anyone that could hang at 225 be willing to stay there once they made it into the UFC or would they immediately cut to LHW, as Rashad did? If they did stay at HW once they made it into the UFC, they would be amongst the smaller fighters in the division. Couture is a small HW, but makes up for it in skill, planning and experience. These guys would just be massively handicapped in the HW division, just by their smaller size. It just doesn’t make sense.

    If it was meant as a min, that makes a bit more sense, but then why have a minimum, other than 205? And why not qualify the 225lbs with a note that it is the minimum, since the other weights mentioned are maximums?

    I am hoping it was a typo and they meant 265 and then all the confusion and questions are irrelevant.

  • Stan says:

    The press release at lists it like this:

    “This season the series will be casting mixed martial artists in the Middleweight (185 lbs), Light Heavyweight (205 lbs), and Heavyweights (265 lbs) divisions.”

    Don’t worry, they wont be asking 300lb guys to cut 75lbs.

  • cere says:

    You are right. Must have been a typo in the release from Spike or in transmission.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    This is where Kimbo belongs. I hope he does well but a main event he is not…yet. Although this show seems to be heading more and more towards “non-reality TV” as long as only those that deserve to fight in the UFC make it, I wont have any complaints.

    P.S. Imagine if Kimbo loses his first fight. I bet they will find a way to bring him back in.


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