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Marcus Davis: ‘I Hate Dan Hardy’

While the war of words has been steadily heating up between UFC welterweights Marcus Davis and Dan Hardy, Davis may have dealt the most decisive blow in his recent official blog that can be found on

Up to this point he majority of the trash talk has been flung in The Irish Hand Grenade’s direction courtesy of the U.K.’s Outlaw, however, Davis took the opportunity to make his feelings on his opponent at UFC 99 quite clear in his recent blog.

The heavy handed slugger from Maine’s words speak for themselves so without further ado, let’s roll the tape. Here are some of the choice words that Davis had about Hardy and their upcoming showdown on June 13.

“I hate Dan Hardy,” confirmed Davis as if there was any doubt.

“I really can’t stand this guy and I am counting down to days to June 13, to the Lanxess Arena in when I can smash this kid in the mouth,” he continued. “I want to punch holes in this guy’s face. Hardy has gone so far beyond what is professional. This is more than another fight in the UFC for me, more than getting a win and working towards getting a title shot. This is war.

“Like the little coward he is, he’s done all his smack talk from behind his keyboard like a 14 year old living in his mom’s basement.

“He asked people to photoshop pictures of me and put them on forums, and some of them were really disgusting. Come on, this stuff can get back to my kids. This doesn’t sell a fight; it is just disrespectful and personally offensive. Do rivals in any other business photoshop pictures of guys they are up against? Hardy is like a 12 year old keyboard warrior, and he’s about as good in the Octagon too.

“For a guy who has been in the UFC for five minutes, he’s got a big mouth like he’s some sort of Hall of Famer. And he’s had two fights in the UFC. Wow. Hardy thinks he’s talking for the UK fans, but I question that. He’s a loudmouth, a complete attention whore. He’s the kinda guy who’d sit at a funeral and be all angry because he doesn’t get to be the corpse.

“He’s disrespected my heritage as an Irish-American, saying it is a gimmick to get myself noticed. Gimmick? I’m proud of where my family comes from, and anyone who saw me after my wins in Belfast and Dublin knows how genuine my feelings and respect are for Ireland.

“Gimmick? What do you call having a metrosexual, red and black dyed Mohawk and wearing a bandit mask on the way to the Octagon to hide your ugly teeth! That’s a gimmick.

“Finally, I want to address Hardy directly: Hardy, you disrespectful punk, all this crap you’ve been talking hasn’t had the affect you wanted it to. I’m not going into this fight all crazy, swinging wild to give you any kind of chance you know you’ll need to have a prayer of beating me.

“The only other person I genuinely hated going into a fight was Jess Liaudin, who talked a lot of crap before our fight at UFC 80. And he got knocked stone cold for his disrespect and wasn’t heard from again.

“All this BS has done has put pressure on you to back up all this talk. You keep saying you are having fun talking all this crap, but your fun time ends in two weeks.”

  • submissionist says:

    I personally met Marcus while he was training with Kru Mark in Sityodtong. He is a really cool, laid back, nice person. He wasn’t the friendlliest of the gang, but he sure was polite, and he trained like an animal. His padwork was sensational. Hardy, on the other hand is just like Tito… and I mean that in a bad way. He is badmouthing everyone he fights, so he can get some kind of attention. All the photoshop crap is just like Tito’s “Guy Mezger is my bitch”. Total lack of class, and an absolute proof of his deficient upbringing. Unfortunately, this time, he picked the wrong guy to talk smack about. Marcus is going to knock him out cold. no doubt about it. I hope he knocks his teeth out, literally.

    Jose, from Santiago, Chile


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