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Dan Hardy: ‘If Marcus Davis was so good at boxing he’d still be doing it right now’

For those of you that thought there was bad blood between Matt Hughes and Matt Serra leading into their UFC 98 bout just over a week ago, brace yourselves for Marcus Davis vs. Dan Hardy at UFC 99 on June 13.

A war of words has been heating up between the two since the fight was announced in scores of interviews done by both men leading into the bout. The most of harsh of which have come in the form of their official blogs leading into the fight available at

Although Hardy has made an effort to train with famed boxing trainer Freddie Roach at his Wild Card Gym in Los Angeles leading into the grudge match with Davis, he is adamant that the decision to sharpen up on his boxing has nothing to do with his rival’s history as a professional boxer. According to Hardy, he’s not overly impressed with the hands of Davis to say the least.

“To be honest, I don’t even think Davis’ hands are the most dangerous things he brings to the fight,” Hardy was quoted as saying in his official blog. “I don’t think he’s as good a boxer as people make him out to be.

“He started boxing at a very light weight and it’s very hard to carry that skill as you move up in weight and bulk up. You see that with a lot of professional boxers who move up through the weights. Aside from a few notable exceptions, most pro boxers reduce as fighters as they move up in weight. It’s normally a tactic employed by an old guy or someone who has just lost a fight.

“Let’s be honest, if Marcus Davis was so good at boxing he’d still be doing it now.

“He’s got a good pro boxing record on paper, but when you take the time to look into his record and see the guys he was facing, it’s no longer so impressive. It was a very padded record, compiled mostly against guys in Massachusetts or Maine.”


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