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UFC Undisputed 2010 Announced

UFC President Dana White recently announced that the follow up for the recently released video game UFC Undisputed 2009 will be released sometime in 2010.

UFC Undisputed 2009 was released for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles on May 19, 2009 and speculation has placed it’s first week of sales right around the 500,000 copies sold mark. Many expect for the title to eventually sell well over the 2,000,000 mark when all is said and done.

White recently made the announcement of UFC Undisputed 2010 public during the taping of the Spike Video Game Awards.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    The game needs work. I guess I expected a lot but I was dissapointed. I didn’t expect the same game as the old THQ game but an improvement. I only got that from the graphics, some of the ground stuff and commentary to be honest, the moves are limited and the customization is extremely limited compared to the old THQ MMA game.
    These are my main gripes with the game, and feel free to correct me if I’m wrong because I’ve only played it a few times.
    1) Can you fake shots and punches?.
    2) Can wrestlers head kick? if not why not?.
    3) Does the game let you switch stances or be sth p?.
    4) Can only certain fighters throw uppercuts and overhands etc?.
    5) Can you custom your skill set beyond Wresler/Boxer etc?.
    6) Can you kick Dana White in the head when he calls you a kid or says that the UFC has the best fighters period?.
    7) Why does nobody leg check? you block low and the only difference is the sound it makes to let you know you blocked it.
    8) Can you sway, slip or dodge?.

  • VINJE76 says:

    This is only the first game. Give them a break. They put a lot of stuff into it as it is. You need to play more before you can judge it.

    They need to work on more blocking and more head movement so you slip punches better. Someone can just keep punching someone into a corner and it won’t let the person getting punched do anything because it stops their movement keep getting punched. Its really hard to clinch or takedown or anything when someone presses the same button over and over. Those are the things that really irritate me.

    The ground game is overall really good once you learn it. The stand up could be better like make it a little more like Fight Night as far as bobbing and weaving so u can move your head and body more. Also more character customization would be good too. I’m sure they will add a lot more stuff to next years game. They did a real good job for this one but ran out of time to add more stuff to it. I can’t wait for next years already!

  • Orwell says:

    From my experience :

    1) No. The idea is to throw light attacks from probing range and try to catch them as they come in. (Cue memory of awesome Muay Thai knee KO of Minotauro as he shot for a takedown.)

    2.) No. Even Rampage said in a video, “why won’t they let me kick to the head?! They should see me in training…” etc.

    3) No. Bad omission.

    4) Only boxers can throw overhands and uppercuts I think. Haven’t played with Kickboxers much.

    5) No. Another bad omission.

    6) We all wish.

    7) Rampage threatened them to not allow checking. I’m kidding. I don’t know why they don’t check kicks.

    Eight ) You can step back to get out of range. I think you can move side to side as well by flicking the right stick up or down. Swaying Fight Night style would be tricky though. What button would you map it to? I actually found myself throwing a lot of body shots when I first picked up the game, just because I was used to the Fight Night body movement. 😀

    I really like the game, the combat is solid and fun. The career mode needs some more shine (I felt sorry for Sherk and Edgar and Penn getting beaten so often, a rivalry type thing borrowed from Fight Night would help.) Apart from fixing some of the fighter options, some more polish on little things like options in our entrances, whether we touch gloves, more countries, more nick names, being able to fight in different weight classes… UFC 2010 could be amazing.

  • MMApride19 says:

    Nicely put Orwell, i agree with pretty much everything you said. The game is very, very fun. Which initially is the most important thing. I didint expect it to be perfect, but as long as it played well, it was ‘sort of’ realistic, and it included good animations, especially on the ground/grappling front. And it pretty much succeeded on all those. Which is why it received above average reviews. I too am excited for UFC 2010, it could be an extremely good game, providing they listen to the forums, the reviews, and make the improvements necessary.

  • nuehring319 says:

    The ufc undisputed 2009 game was really good. With being said thq and the ufc have an opening to make the 2010 installment a GREAT game. There’s many new things they could add to the 09 version to make it better by 10 fold. And there’s a lot of things they could tweak just a bit to make better.

    1.) I stopped play ufc 2009 online because after I got a knock out in a ranked match my opponent unplugged his 360 or something and the fight was counted as a win for me. This made very angry. Fix this and less people would be discouraged from playing online.

    2.) The customization of your character in carrer mode is very limited. You can only chose 1 of 3 striking styles and 1 of 3 grappling styles. Look at Diego Sanchez, the guy is a monster when it comes to wrestling but once he gets the fight to the ground he can pound you out, he can slam you (wrestling), or he can submit you (BJJ). Maybe they could make it so in your carrer you can hone your skills in all fighting styles so your character can be considered a true MIXED MARTIAL ARTIST.

    3.) How about some way to make custom tattoos and trunks. If any of you have seen videos from the All Point Bulletin game then you’d know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t seen any of those videos check them out on I want to be able to make my own custom tattoos and line my character from head to toe in them. I also want some custom mma gloves and some custom trunks.

    4.) I know when i watch a ufc paper view one of the aspects that gets me in to the mood to fight is the music a fighter comes out to, how much energy they have in their entrance, the emotions on their faces. So let’s make it so you can make your own custom entrance. Make it so you choose the music, the way you walk, your facial expressions, the lighting in the arena…EVERYTHING.

    5.) I love the ground game don’t get me wrong but when you’re playing against someone where all they do is take it to the ground it get frustrating. Make so the ground game isn’t so easy to be good at. It seems like if you’re in a deffensive spot on the ground you pretty much screwed. Submission transitions would be nice. Did anyone see Big Baby Marcus Jones on TUF10 transition from a triangle to an arm bar. SWEET. I WANNA DO THAT!!!!!

    6.) Let’s actually make it so to get into the ufc you HAVE to go through the Ultimate Fighter house. One of the reasons the UFC has gotten so big is through TUF. A lot of the big name fighters came out of that house. Give the video gamer that oppertunity. Make so if you when you’re in for sure, but if you lose depending on how entertaining your fight was you may still get a chance in the ufc.

    7.) The replays and the physics of the game have to be tweaked a little bit. When playing I’ve knocked countless people out by not connecting with my fist but instead my bicep. Yet when it goes to the replay it shows me hitting my opponent right square on the chin.

    Now keep in mind I started all this off by saying the 2009 game was a really good game and it was don’t get me wrong, but if thq and the rest of the developers of the 2010 game actually listen to what we, the fans, have to say about the 2010 game it WILL be a GREAT, RECORDING SETTING game.

    Thanks for your time and I hope someone considers some of these suggestions.


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