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Tim Sylvia vs. Paul Buentello set for Affliction III: Trilogy

Former UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia is all set to face off with fellow UFC veteran, “The Headhunter” Paul Buentello.

The bout between the two had been rumored for quite some time before MMAFanhouse was able to confirm the bout this afternoon.

Affliction III: Trilogy will take place at the Honda Center in Los Angeles, California on August 1 and is expected to be headlined by a heavyweight bout between Fedor Emelianenko and Josh Barnett.

Sylvia is set to face off with former heavyweight boxing champion Ray Mercer on June 13 in a boxing match that will be held in Birmingham, Alabama. His last appearance in mixed martial arts saw him on the receiving end of a Fedor choke at Affliction: Banned in July of 2008.

Buentello has gone undefeated in his two appearances with Affliction, defeating Gary Goodridge by decision in July before stopping Kirill Sidelnikov by TKO in January.

A full list of the bouts expected for Affliction III as of this writing are listed below:

Fedor Emelianenko vs. Josh Barnett

Tim Sylvia vs. Paul Buentello

Jay Hieron vs. Paul Daley

Chris Horodecki vs. Dan Lauzon

  • hindsightufuk says:

    hmmm, they need to come up with some big things to make people buy/watch this. i mean fedor and barnett is a great fight i cannot wait to see, but will it sell a shit load of tickets or pay per views in north america? still neither are a big draw.
    the rest of the card is mediocre so far. lets hope they get little nog, babalu, mousasi, belfort etc for the same show.

  • Dr.Stoppage says:

    Anytime there’s a chance to seeFedor fight live,I’ll buy it.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Cool. I would like to see Aleks and Overeem thrown into the mix. A fight between the winner of Sylvia, Buetello and Aleks would be good and a fight between Overeem and Arlovski would be fantastic…Please.

  • s00nertp says:

    I cant wait for this fight card.

    Everyone has their favorites and Fedor is one of mine. I love watching him fight on the big screen. His last fight against Arlovski had everyone in the room out of their seats yelling, and that was before the knockout.

    Getting a bunch of 35 year olds THAT excited about something that doesnt have cleavage? Pretty rare.

  • MMApride19 says:

    I love fedor, one of my personal favourite fighters, but also a great fighter in his own right, probebly the best. I just cant stand seeing him fighting in Afflicition anymore. Yeh, josh barnett is a very good fighter, but who after him?

    My personal views are that Fedors biggest challenges, and potential super fights, lie in the UFC. Largely due to the huge ammount of potential title challengers that the heavyweight division holds in the UFC. I dont see it happeneing, but Fedor in the UFC anyone? Or even Fedor in Both would be even better lol. Someone must agree?

    Im not sure about the legal disputes between the UFC and Affliction, however, they must surely be able to work something out, create some super fights, split the winnings. There is so many potential heavyweight fighters in UFC, that although i dont think will ‘defeat’ Fedor, will give us some exciting super fights that could be remembered for a longggg time.

    Fedor will go down as one of the truly great fighters, not only of the generation, but of many generations. Thats for sure, no doubt what so ever. However, he is living the dream at the minute, he’s getting to that retirement age, how long before he packs it in? I dont know, but UFC and Affliction have to stop these silly legal disputes, and give their FANS the most exciting, most memorable fights that they possibly can. It makes sense right!?!?

  • shhximxhiding says:

    “Im not sure about the legal disputes between the UFC and Affliction, however, they must surely be able to work something out, create some super fights, split the winnings.”

    Do you know who Dana White is? This will never happen.

    Personally, I think Fedor has almost as much competition outside the UFC as he does inside it. I would love to see a Bigfoot Silva, Brett Rogers(if he gets past Arlovski), or an Arlovski rematch. The only UFC fighters I would want to see him fight is Mir, and possibly Carwin. I have no interest in a Fedor/Brock match up, will need to see more out of Brock before he can be sacrificed to the God of War.


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