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The Wrap-Up: TUF 9 U.S. vs. U.K. Episode 9

Team U.K. holds a 4-3 lead over Team U.S. after last weeks episode but this week is the last quarterfinal fight this season. At the end of last weeks episode we saw that Jason Pierce was taken out of the competition and Team U.K. fighter David Faulkner was in need of an opponent for this weeks episode.

The two U.S. fighters who are able to be brought back to fight Faulkner are Mark Miller, who sustained a broken nose his last fight and Frank Lester who had gotten his teeth knocked out in his. Lester appears to want this opportunity a bit more and in the end Dana White informs Dan Henderson that Lester will fight Faulkner.

For the week up into the fight Henderson asks Michael Bisping if they would switch training times so that Team U.S. could sleep in for a week instead of waking up and training at 9 a.m. like they had been for the past four. Bisping immediately declines wanting to wager that decision on the upcoming fight. By now both teams and coaches are in the discussion and as the teams begin to line up for the fight announcement Bisping sprays water in Damarques Johnson’s face. Johnson answers by throwing his hat at Bisping and the trash talk begins.

Eventually things cool and we learn that Bisping was actually mad at Cameron Dollar for what he believed to be a racist comment and assumed that Johnson had said it.

As Henderson was informed at the beginning of the season Team U.K. had to adhere to Henderson’s wish and Team U.K. began training in the morning hours but were not at all pleased about it.

Frank Lester vs. David Faulkner

The first round kicks off and both fighters land leg kicks and eventually tie up and are against the cage wall. Not much damage is done by either fighter and they eventually break and meet back in the center of the cage.

Both fighters land a few shots but the seemingly more aggressive Faulkner eventually scores a takedown. Lester is quick to use the cage wall to get back to his feet.

As the first round comes to an end it looks as though Faulker is tiring.

As the second round is under way you can hear Henderson continually instructing Lester to use his jab although it doesn’t seem Lester complies. Faulkner holts the round about 30 seconds in by spitting out his mouthpiece.

The fight resumes and Faulkner’s poor conditioning becomes apparent as Lester forcers the action. Lester lands looping shots to the head and body of Faulkner who seems to be a bit less accurate with his hands. Faulkner hangs on to till the end of the round but looks completely exhausted.

With no surprise the fight is a draw and will go on to a third round.

As Bisping begins to coach his fighter in the corner Faulkner shakes his head and repeatedly says that he is done and apologizes to his teammates.

With Faulkner throwing in the towel it’s Lester who comes out with a very impressive victory that makes Team U.S. evenly matched with Team U.K. at four wins each.

  • Grappo says:

    I take back any bad things i’ve said about Lester.

  • JJ Docker says:

    Lester is one bad motherf*cker. Faulkner let the UK down, typical scouse. And I have to say that I like Bisping as a coach, surprisingly, and I think he is probably more effective than Hendo in that environment. But unfortunately he’s still a moron.

  • Angry Mike says:

    Lester’s willingness to step up and fight was impressive, but I think he was lucky that he was up against Faulkner, who’s a certifiable head case. Lester’s still pretty scuffed up, and I doubt he’ll have the chance to heal up before he fights again against one of the tougher Brits. Good luck to him, though. (Yeah, I realize the show’s already happened, but I’m pretending it’s a current event.)

    Bisping is a punk. As a coach he shouldn’t get into confrontations with fighters on the other team. It makes him look unprofessional and childish. His excuse for throwing water on Johnson was balogna. He did it because he doesn’t like Johnson, and he just made up an excuse for acting out. That excuse was transparent, and that made him look even worse.

  • Bullylover says:

    Yeah lester certaintly has heart, I like to think how mad bisping was when that happened.


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