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War of Words Heats Up Between Gegard Mousasi and Vitor Belfort

Yesterday Gegard Mousasi confirmed to  that he expected to face off with Vitor Belfort at the third Affliction event which is expected for August 1. Well his expected opponent has made public the fact that he has no desire to stray away from his current middleweight class for any reason.

Mousasi has made it known that there is no way that he can physically make the 185 pound weight class any longer and wants to meet up with Belfort at a catch-weight. Something the Brazilian gives little to no chance of happening.

“Who defines this isn’t him,” Belfort was quoted as saying in a recent interview with “I fight at 185lbs. If they want to do this fight at 185lbs, it’s done, otherwise I see no option to go up, even because he isn’t a challenge, a man with much name. To go up, I don’t see him as a challenge. I want to fight with him in the weight he was champion (at DREAM), then I think its worth”

Mousasi can’t make 185 pounds anymore, there’s no two ways around it. Nothing to discuss there.

“I cannot make the weight, otherwise I would have continued to fight at 185 and not given up my DREAM middleweight title,” explained Mousasi in the interview with “I cannot make 185 anymore and that is final.”

The former DREAM middleweight champion went on to challenge Belfort to a catch-weight bout at the upcoming Affliction show in the interview. Mousasi also expressed surprise at the fact that Belfort had recently made his desire to move up to heavyweight to face Fedor Emelianenko public yet is currently completely unwilling to budge from the middleweight mark for a possible bout with Mousasi, who is widely regarded as one of the game’s most complete mixed martial artists.

Mousasi found Belfort’s comments about him not being a challenge interesting to say the least considering that Mousasi is currently ranked higher than Belfort in most respectable ratings polls today. In the exclusive interview with  Mousasi went on to say that it was “strange that he does not see me as a challenge when many rankings have me ranked higher than him at middleweight.”

You can read Mousasi’s response to Belfort’s recent comments in its entirety by CLICKING HERE.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    fuck it, put Mousasi in with Fedor

  • ultimoshogun says:

    I think Noguiera would be a perfect fill in for an opponent since he fights at 205. Hopefully Affliction offers him the fight cuz it would be a great one to watch.

  • Bullylover says:

    I heard tha bablu might face Mousasi if vitor doesnt take the fight. Either match up would be great . Really was looking forward to belfort/mousasi bbut sobraql/mousasi doesn’t sound to bad either. I definately see that fight ending by either tko or sub

  • VENOM says:

    I like the Noguiera vs Mousasi idea! That would be a great fight!

  • Iconoclastic says:

    How is he willing to go up in weight to fight Fedor; yet he can’t to back to his (regular) fighting weight of 205? That sounds like a contradiction to me. If Belfort can’t do it, I would like to see Tito take this fight, although I don’t think that’s likely to happen. I think Nogueira would take this fight in a heartbeat (the guy is fucking warrior), although I think it would be the least entertaining option.


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