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Jason “Mayhem” Miller: ‘My psychotic inhuman rage’

Jason “Mayhem” Miller is the host of MTV’s Bully Beatdown, where he goads real-life bullies into accepting $10,000 prize fights against professional fighters. He has a recurring guest role most Mondays on The Jason Ellis Radio Show on Sirius XM Radio, he writes a popular monthly humour column for FIGHT! Magazine and has a large and growing fan club whose members call themselves Mayhem Monkeys.

He is also a BJJ and Muay Thai stylist with a professional MMA record of 22-6-0. He will be facing the 2004 and 2005 open weight BJJ world champion Ronaldo “Jacaré” de Souza for the middleweight title at DREAM 9.

Miller has already competed twice for DREAM, knocking out pro wrestling tough guy Katsuyori Shibata at DREAM 3 and losing an exciting match to “Jacare” by decision in the second round of the middleweight tournament at DREAM 4 in June 2008. His most recent fight was in Honolulu, at the debut event for Kingdom MMA, where he choked out local hero Kala “Kolohe” Hose in the first round. had the chance to catch up with Miller just before his big rematch with the submission wizard in Japan and he reassured us that this time around his gameplan would be “STRIKINGLY different”.

Gordi Whitelaw for What led you to compete in MMA?

Jason “Mayhem” Miller: An innate genetic desire to damage my fellow human beings, coupled with the realization that you can only do this if you join the Army or be a professional fighter. Who are some of the people who’ve helped you along the way?

Jason “Mayhem” Miller: Rampage Jackson, Dan Henderson, Ryan Parsons. Jesus-not the one you are thinking, the guy who used to mow the lawn at my high school. What are your greatest strengths as a fighter?

Jason “Mayhem” Miller: My unwillingness to quit and my psychotic inhuman rage. What weaknesses, if any, do you perceive yourself as having in the ring?

Jason “Mayhem” Miller: My sensitivity to my opponents family. How does your family feel about what you’ve chosen to do with your life?

Jason “Mayhem” Miller: They would beat your ass for asking that question. In training, do you focus more energy on trying to fine tune the strong points of your game, or on trying to bring up whatever areas might need improving?

Jason “Mayhem” Miller: Improvement. Why would I beat a dead horse with something I already do well? It’s not 1992 and I’m not wearing a gi. Do your training change as fight day approaches, how so, and how far out from a fight do these changes take effect?

Jason “Mayhem” Miller: A week out training is much lighter, gives the body time to recover and get strong for the fight. What is your diet like? Do you use supplements?

Jason “Mayhem” Miller: During training camp a lot of vegetables, brown rice and lean protiens. I use whey protien, flax seeds, multivitamins, glucosamine and fiber. What part(s) of your physical training regimen do you feel have the biggest impact on what happens in the ring?

Jason “Mayhem” Miller: I do different drills for different fights. This fight has been all about footwork and conditioning, the last fight was more about strength. How will your strategy be different for the rematch? What did you learn in the first fight that might help you this time around?

Jason “Mayhem” Miller: I plan on making him fight to my strengths. Last time we fought on his terms and I didn’t win. This time will be STRIKINGLY different. What changes have you made to your training in preparation for this fight?

Jason “Mayhem” Miller: More wrestling, more boxing, better ju jitsu. it’s not going down the same way this time.


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