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Alistair Overeem sends five security guards to the hospital in dance club brawl

Speculation was running rampant after the first Strikeforce card on Showtime that their heavyweight champion Alistair Overeem would be defending his title on the June 6 card against Brett Rogers.

Overeem’s manager Bas Boon described the the events that played the deciding factor in Overeem no being able to take that bout.

“Alistair attended some famous dance club with his brother Valentine. Went to the toilet and did not have coins to pay the toilet woman. Alistair told her he would pay a euro when he came back, because he did not have change. Then the security guard who was near by started to get involved,” wrote Boon.

“Brother Valentine saw the incident and also started asking what the problem was. They offered to pay, but by then 6 security guards came over surrounding them. The Overeem brothers were asked to leave, Alistair was already outside when he saw his brother Valentine fighting.

“Valentine still was discussing the situation on his way outside with one of the security guards hit Valentine in the face with a flash light. Three security guards dived onto Valentine and brother Alistair wanted to go back inside to help his brother. This resulted in five security guards in the hospital.”

There is no word on how long it will take the injury to heal but Strikeforce did a fantastic job of finding a replacement for the June 6 card.

  • Bad Monkey says:

    The Demolition Man!!!

  • ihateemo says:

    Did he knee them all in the groin?

  • Dr.Stoppage says:

    Does this count as points for my fantasy team?

  • Bad Monkey says:

    Did he knee them all in the groin?


  • griffith9 says:

    What’s with all these bouncers and so-called security guards that give everybody a hard time? They start 99.9% of all fights and brawls… when they’re supposed to do the opposite.

    Picking a fight with Alistair is not a good idea.. and I hope they paid a hefty price for it.

  • KTru says:

    Security guards/ bouncers are tough man rejects that get their rocks off by acting like they are important. They get the job for its perks, because it pays very little. Getting some trashy girl that will go home with them, free drinks all night, only add to their ego and therefore can conjure up 4 or 5 of them to pick on 1-2 guys. The bigger they are, the more exciting for them.
    Just this time they picked on the wrong big “dude”.

  • Austin says:

    i DEMAND video. Alistair + self defense = domination.

  • TheLevi75 says:

    [email protected] security guards got what they deserved.they shoudn’t have started a fight over a little bit of change. It sucks that the Demolition Man is out of action for a while.I was really looking forward to seeong him defend his belt.Atleast Strikeforce has found a quality replacment in the PITBULL Andrei Arlovski.I can’t wait to see him and theGrim Brett Rogers fight in June.I hope that the winner will get next (1st) title shot against Overeem.

  • Hohlraum says:

    christ, i couldn’t imagine anything more horrifying that being pummeled by the Overeem bro’s. good god.

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