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Serra on Hughes ‘Did I mention that he’s a (expletive)?…Did I?’

A grudge match years in the making will finally come to a boiling point on Saturday evening as former UFC welterweight champion’s Matt Hughes and Matt Serra lock horns to see who truly possesses the larger cup at UFC 98.

The always outspoken Serra made his feelings known about his rival on the countdown to UFC 98 which recently aired on Spike TV.

Serra feels strongly that Hughes has a hard time getting past the fact that he was able to knock Georges St. Pierre senseless when the Canadian champion has decimated Hughes in their last two bouts.

“I just think that Hughes has to make himself feel better that this little 5’6″ of dynamite took out a guy that just man handled him a couple times,” said Serra. “So I think that he just has to make that right for his own ego….and uh……..Dude, did I mention he’s a (expletive)? ……Did I?”

Much has been made about this fight being a legacy fight for Serra, and while he won’t deny that for a second, above all he just want to make Hughes feel the pain.

“I want the W, but more than anything I want to give a beating to Matt Hughes,” explained Serra.

  • Angry Mike says:

    Imagine how mouthy Serra would be if he actually had a respectable record. Without the upset win over GSP, he wouldn’t even rise to the level of mediocre.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Matt Hughes does come across as bit of a dick, but he is a better fighter than Serra. I think Mrs Hughes might just get the blood see asked for.


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