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The Wrap-Up: TUF 9 U.S. vs. U.K. Episode 8

TThere were many that expected for Team US welterweight Jason Pierce to compete in this episode of The Ultimate Fighter, but a bout with staph infection and a terrible attitude seem like they may play a significant role in whether that will or will not happen.

Team UK welterweight David Faulkner has a whole different set of problems on his hands as his gag reflex is making it nearly impossible to keep his mouth piece in his grill for any kind of duration of time. Team UK coach Michael Bisping lets him know that being able to keep a mouthpiece in his face is one issue he will need to deal with immediately if hopes to eventually step into the Octagon.

When the fight of the night is finally announced it is revealed that Team US lightweight Jason Dent will clash with Team UK’s Jeff Lawson.

Lawson, Faulkner, and Dean Amasinger all equip themselves with wrestling masks and have a miniature last man standing match, Wrestlemania style, which was capitalized by a high risk suplex off of the diving board into the house pool.

Dana White calls Pierce in on the day of the fight to figure out where his head is at, and whether he is going to be willing to fight in the future. The welterweight has looked dismal at best in the days leading up to the conversation with the president of the UFC.

Pierce says that “mentally” he wants to fight but it sure doesn’t look like it judging by his body language. He looks more like he wants to be anywhere else in the world than a house where physical combat is an inevitability.

“There is no way this kid wants to fight,” assesses White.

And with that, Pierce is told he will not be continuing in the competition this season. Pierce sure acts like he’s disappointed, but one would have to wonder how much of it was just that, an act.

Lawson controls the pace of the first round with his ground game. When the bell rings for the second round both fighters look visibly gassed. During a sloppy, hard to watch second round that sees both men with their hand on their knees gasping for wind, Dent ends up securing an anaconda choke for the submission win.

Team US is back in the mix. They are just one win from tying it up with the score currently being 4-3, Team UK.


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