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Dana White: ‘It’s not my fault Pat Miletich is a (expletive) dummy’

Never being one to sit on his hands and bite his tongue when darts are being blown in his direction, Dana White recently fired back at comments made by a choice few on the recent episode of ESPN’s E:60 featuring the outspoken president of the UFC.

“I have a lot of attorneys that could write (expletive) speeches for me every time I talk,” White said in a recent interview with Dan Duggan from the Boston Herald. “I have three attorneys in the car right now. I can have them tell me everything they (expletive) want me to say. Is that what you want? Is that what the fans want? Is that what people want? I can do that. It would give me a lot less (expletive) headaches. Sure I could do that and be a phony like all the other guys, if that’s what everybody wants.

“The ‘E:60’ thing was a piece of (expletive). Same old (expletive) story, same old (expletive).”

Growing tired of the focus being paid to negatives such as his recent comments made about MMA journalist Loretta Hunt, White feels as if there were plenty of other things the show could have discussed during the segment, they just made the choice not to.

“I got the (Armed Forces Humanitarian Award) two (expletive) months ago,” White said. “Did you see that in there? They go out and find three people – Tito Ortiz, Pat Miletich and some (expletive) guy that doesn’t like UFC in New York – and that’s what the (expletive) story is about? (Expletive) them. It’s the same story I’ve seen a million times.”

During the broadcast, former UFC welterweight champion Pat Miletich was quoted as saying,”Dana has never told me anything that ended up being the truth, besides the fact that his intention was to crush other people’s lives and businesses”, to which White recently had this to say.

“Pat Miletich is a very bitter guy right now,” fired back White. “Pat is not one of the smartest people you’re ever going to meet. He sees these guys around him, like Tim Sylvia, who made a couple million bucks in his career. Pat Miletich hasn’t made any money because he’s not a smart guy. It’s not my fault Pat Miletich is a (expletive) dummy.”

Also on the episode of E:60 was none other than former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz complaining about the fact that the UFC never coughed up the cash for a recent back surgery.

“We didn’t not pay for his (surgery),” White said. “The insurance company denied his claim because that (expletive) monkey gets out there and starts saying after the fight is over, ‘I was injured before this fight. That’s why I looked like (expletive).’ He’s always had an excuse for why he’s losing. Because he said he hurt his back before the fight, the insurance company said, ‘We heard you say you were injured before the fight and we’re not going to cover your claim.’ ”

  • RoadsideGraphix says:

    lol… I think its lots of fun to read quotes from Dana.
    With all the (expletive) expletives its like doing mad libs as a kid.

    We should take bets on who is going to be the first person to publicly assault Dana White.

  • kidneybeans says:

    What a bag of dogshit this guy is.

  • kidneybeans says:

    He’s calling Pat stupid, I can’t imagine a better case of the pot calling the kettle black. Rich friends, a little luck ,and a few good decisions doesn’t make you a genius. I won’t deny Dana’s impact on the UFC and mma, but it’s gone about as far as it will ever go with him in charge.

    And a very strong argument can be made that Pat has done just as much for the sport as Dana has, Pat just hasn’t done nearly as much to harm it.

  • Djangoplata says:

    Poor little darling he is, E:60 didn’t blow smoke up his ass and tickle his balls with a feather. I sure hope Cindy O was on hand to hold the kleenex, make him a warm cup of chamomile and change his tampon for his profusely bleeding vag.

    If Dana wasn’t such an insecure self serving attention whore this wouldn’t have happened. What MMA people want is less spotlight on Dana White and his halfwit diatribes and more on the fights/fighters.

    He may have more money than Pat, but whose fault is that Dana is a complete douchebag? I guess boxercise didn’t help him conquer his demons over Mommy not loving him enough.

  • jj says:

    kidneybeans is right. sure dana has done alot for the sport, but who is to say that someone a little more tactful couldn’t have done as good of a job.

    he’s made some good decisions and also made some freaking terrible ones. buy pride and shut it down? and NOW the ufc is going to try and go back to japan once the whole japanese mma infrastructure is dismantled and functioning elsewhere? and then their lawsuit against the former owners of pride because they were too ignorant to properly do their due diligence when they bought the company.

    i’m sure the entire serious mma fanbase was absolutely thrilled with the way that dana handled the randy couture debacle with fedor and the ufc blackout and banning of him and rediculous lawsuit trying to prevent him from cornering his fighters.

    there is an endless list of turmoil left in dana’s wake and who is to say the sport wouldn’t be further ahead if the ufc worked in concert with other promoters to bring the fans the best mma possible, rather than systematically trying to destroy them and push the very boundries of the law with their fighter contracts. at the end of the day dana’s vision is about dollar bills filling his mansion and not about how great the sport can be. there will be no superbowl for mma.

  • cocoonofhorror says:

    D’anus is right. E60 could have focused on his felonious criminal history and his box-er-cize gig…but they didnt. He came off looking much better than he actually is, so he should consider himself lucky.

  • Angry Mike says:

    Oh, come on now. Remember what provoked this latest outburst. Basically Miletich called White a habitual liar. I can’t speak for anybody else, but I’d take strong exception if somebody said that to me. Lots of people would smack you in mouth for saying that about them. A little salty language never hurt anybody. Sticks and stones, children.

  • Stan says:

    Buying Pride was not an attempt to shut it down, it was without a doubt going to fail before UFC bought it as they’d lost their TV contract the year before. Buying it did turn out to be a mistake because the UFC thought they’d be able to get the fighter contracts but it didn’t turn out that way because they were non-transferable. That to me sounds more like an oversight by the legal department and the lawyers than Dana though. You can blame Dana for a lot of things, but that’s not really one of them.

    He gave an interesting interview at the NASDAQ opening with Ariel Helwani the other day, mentioning that Miletich’s beef started with him being promised the Ultimate Fighter 3 coaching position opposite Carlos Newton, and then having it subsequently given to Ortiz/Shamrock. Dana admitted he was wrong to back out on the promise, but Miletich left the organization rather than wait around until TUF4. Given that Ortiz/Shamrock was such a huge ratings boom, I don’t think you can really hold it against Dana that he went that direction. If the IFL had worked out, I don’t think Miletich’s grapes would be quite so sour.

  • kokondo says:

    To all the posters before you (sorry if I lump everyone together). You’ll say Dana is lucky, Dana has peaked – all this crap about him. He has done more than anyone has. Great men have tried and failed to produce great organizations in the sport and failed. Argue all you want, this dude is AWESOME for the sport and I would shake his hand for all that he has – AND SO WOULD YOU. He is the MMA man we all need to get this sport to where it is and where it is going, screw what anyone says – he is the past, present and future of MMA.


  • bigguy says:

    war dana? This is no Jim Rome show you clown. I used to like Dana and his honesty. These days just seem to be nothing but rants and hating on some good solid people. It is unfortunate that UFC has turned their back on some of the best talent for OUR sport because he is so big headed. Go ahead Dana take your ball and go home. Sooner or later someone is gong to catch up to you and the UFC. Laugh as you will they are going to blow right by you. By the way why Dana why dont you get yourself in the ring. I would love to see you with a fist in your big mouth!

  • mu_shin says:

    Dana White has been the driving force behind the acquisition, development, and subsequent financial success of the UFC, which has brought the sport of MMA to formerly unheard of prominence. The UFC has evolved into an international entity with assets estimated to be valued at over $ 1 billion, with pay per view revenues topping $200 million annually.

    I don’t recall anyone ever calling White a genius. What he is is a pragmatic business man who has done more for the sport he loves than any other single individual. Pat Militech was a strong fighter, and has become a good trainer, but to compare his impact on the sport of MMA with Dana White is simply overstating Pat’s case.

    We all know many people have personal beefs with Dana. Randy Couture attempted to circumvent a binding legal agreement, and to characterize that series of events as a personal conflict with Dana White is again a serious oversimplification. Tito Ortiz has said the UFC denied his claim for medical attention, but Dana’s version makes a lot more sense to me.

    I will join Angry Mike and Stan in saying it’s a tough business world out there, and while Dana White might not be the most articulate and genteel spokesperson for the UFC, it has been his vision that has informed the growth of the sport we all enjoy. White was on with Jimmy Fallon last night, and aside from how painfully bad Jimmy Fallon is, Dana uttered not one profane word, and did nothing more offensive than hawk the new UFC video game.

    The attacks on White and the UFC read to me as childish and ill-informed. To lionize the Strikforce and Affliction organizations is to deny the observable facts that aside from Fedor Emelianenko, the vast majority of the best and most talented MMA fighters are either in the UFC/WEC, or trying to get there. I don’t really care about Dana White’s personality or media persona; what I care about is that the organization he built and runs continues to bring us, the fans, the highest quality MMA events so we can all enjoy this great sport. I watch all the others as well, and enjoy any good fights, but the UFC remains the big leagues of MMA.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    I agree with you Mu_shin, Dana’s attacks are childish and ill-informed, like ” Fedor sucks” and ” I [email protected]#king hate these t-shirt guys” etc and if by vast majority you mean they have a minority of top talent in the UFC of FW, LW, MW and HW , I agree.

  • Austin says:

    He has a few good points. If he needed spoonfed speeches, he’d have them instantly. Dana White is easy to hate. That’s all there is to it.
    I personally find him to be a source of entertainment (good and bad).

  • wardog says:

    The problem is that Dana not only represents himself, but the UFC and MMA. His “honesty” filled with foul language and “childish” remarks is not just about him, and if he’d like to know why some people think MMA is for a bunch of thugs he should start by looking in the mirror. He comes across as a selfish, self-centered, ego maniac to people who really don’t care if he “built this sport up from nothing” (Larry Flynt can say the same thing so what?) and focus on the here and now! Allegations like those put out there by Militech need to be addressed more like a businessman than some guy in a bar. And as popular as the UFC is I can guarantee that if its popularity were to drop Dana would never claim it is his fault. He needs to look at examples of commissioners in other leagues like the NFL, NBA, MLB, etc… to see how they operate. But Dana wants the spotlight and to be “cool” and as long as he keeps it up the sport will always have detractors who have some merit.

  • cocoonofhorror says:

    true, its not D’anus’ fault Militich is a dummy…but it is his fault that he is a lying peice of shit.

  • PlagueAngel says:

    I would like to see these two guys in the same room with a cameraman! Maybe we would see a smackdown (via Machida/Ortiz style). Both guys seem a little strange to me, especially Militich. They are both huge ego maniacs and its great.

  • madheartmma says:

    Pat M. a dummy??!! Are you serious? to be a great fighter at his time, a champion,you cant be a “dummy”. Dana is a punk, face it , If any one of us smart, buisness man mma fans, had two brother billioniares backing us, paying for advisors, lawyers talent, etc.. You could take it to the top as well. Or pay to get the help to. Dana is just digging his own grave, everyone is seeing what a dick he is.

  • bigguy says:

    Keep running your mouth Dana! Have you guys looked at the upcoming Strikeforce card? Now that is better than ANY UFC card lately. If you know this sport, you know how much talent is in Strikeforce on that card! Enough for me to order Showtime today! Militech a dummy? What an ass to shit on the people that laid the groundwork! That is like Roger Goddell saying Joe Montana is a dummy or David Stern calling Dr.J a dummy. Would Bud Selig call Nolan Ryan a Dummy? Can not remember Gary Bettman calling Gordie Howe a Dummy! Mike Helton never called Dale Earnhardt a dummy. Hell with Affliction Tom, I want to see Badass Dana get in the cage with that Old Dummy Pat Militech!

  • Stan says:

    It’s rather misguided to compare a promoter like Dana White to big time sports commissioners like Goodell or Selig. Those sports have lots of congressional oversite and civic responsibility because of their government-protected monopolies. If you compare White to someone like Bob Arum or Don King, he doesn’t look so bad. Arum has admitted to bribing boxing commissions and King killed two guys while running an illegal gambling ring before his promotional career got started. They’re not nice guys, but they are highly successful boxing promoters.

    Miletich’s career would have been vastly different if he’d stuck with the UFC, been the TUF4 coach, and never got on the doomed ship IFL… he clearly made a poor decision. If one of Arum’s fighters left Top Rank to fight for Golden Boy, you bet he’d call them a dummy. If one of his fighters left Top Rank to fight for a new, untested promotion that had no one familiar with the fight game running the show… yeah. He’d say something a lot worse than dummy.

  • bigguy says:

    he is the law of the UFC just like the others. I admit when and if I am wrong. UFC is BIG TIME sports league no matter how you look at it. Dana soaks in the attention and thinks HE is the UFC. He is not. At some point his gig gets old and people begin to detract. That is what some have attempted to do and that is what many, many more will attempt to do till it eventually happens. Like I said I respect all opinions but will always have my own which at times is popular with loyal fans.


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