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Wanderlei Silva: ‘Rich won’t last two rounds’

Wanderlei Silva and Anderson Silva once had a tight bond while both were members of Chute Box Academy. These days they are bitter enemies who are on a collision path.

In an interview done by Fighters Only Magazine, Wanderlei Silva, who is no doubt upset that Anderson has decided to help Rich Franklin prepare for his fight with the Axe Murderer, offered to put $50,000 of his own money in a bet with The Spider saying he will knock Franklin out within two rounds.

“If Anderson believes in Franklin so much, bet U$ 50,000 and let’s see who takes the money,” the former PRIDE champion was quoted as saying.

The controversy started when Anderson had issues with Wanderlei’s decision to drop down to the middleweight division. He went as far as to call the move pretentious. This has only stoked the flames about a possible fight between the two.

It was reported a few weeks back that Franklin would be spending some time in Los Angeles training with Anderson who defeated Ace twice, both times by vicious knockout. Wanderlei has had his own call to arms as he is training with Demian Maia, Heath Herring, Mike Whitehead and his old coach from Chute Box, Rafael Cordeiro. Wanderlei also extended invitations to train with him to Paulo Filho and his old nemesis Ricardo Arona. Arona turned down the opportunity at this time but Filho has said it would be an honor.

Wanderlei said in the interview that he would knock Franklin out within two rounds and challenged Silva, his manager Ed Soares or Joinha to match the $50,000 Wanderlei is willing to wager. Wanderlei even called upon Anderson to be in Franklin’s corner come fight time.

“I go to knock him out,” said Wanderlei. “I have trained so much and Rich won’t last two rounds. I think it is good Anderson has been preparing him. I hope he is also on the corner. I want to dare him to bet $50,000. I put these amount and Anderson or his sponsors, Ed Soares or Joinha, bet another part. Who wins takes the money.”

  • Stan says:

    It’s hard to imagine how a fighter who has 1 win over 5 fights in nearly 3 years is “on a collision path” with a fighter that is universally acclaimed as one of the top-3 fighters in the sport and that has gone 10-0 in that same 3-year span.

    I love watching Wanderlei fight, but its kind of pathetic how much support is being drummed up for a Silva-Silva fight based solely on a minor grudge.

  • wardog says:

    I for one like grudge matches, they add a little more to the drama. That being said right now Stan is right, Wanderlai needs to destroy Franklin, then go to 185 and destroy some one there as well. That will be enough for the UFC to match these two up. Especially if Anderson takes Maia out. I would like to see Hendo vs. Wanderlai for the number one contender spot (providing he beats Bisping).

  • PlagueAngel says:

    All the pressure is on Wanderlei at this point. He needs to stop worrying about round stoppages and start focusing on dropping weight and making a splash at 185. As far as Hendo vs Wanderlai for number one contender, he needs to start winning fights to even be mentioned for contension for the title. I personally think Franklin is better rounded then Wanderlei and will give him problems. His name is big, but lackluster performances is all I’m seeing lately.

  • Angry Mike says:

    I don’t think Silva has the chin to brawl the way he used to. Too much punishment and too many recent ko’s. Franklin has a 2″ size advantage and should be able to keep Silva at the end of his punches or control the clinch if it comes to that. Neither are at their peak, but I’d give the edge to Franklin.

  • PlagueAngel says:

    I’m not sure if it was “Angry Mike” or “Wardog” I always disagree with. Something tells me its Wardog based on his recent blog on this subject. The only thing Im concerned about with Franklin is that I’m seeing him change as a fighter with strength training being a top priority. Its not a bad thing, it just seems his style and attitude is changing a bit in his recent fights.


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