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Bobby Lashley Destroys Mike Cook at MFC 21

“Now he can put back on the mask and have fun with himself”, was former WWE superstar Bobby Lashley‘s comments after he choked Mike Cook completely unconscious just seconds into last nights bout. Cook entered the ring wearing a lucha libre mask in an effort to mock the former professional wrestler, and needless to say, Lashley failed to see the humor.

The bout took place at MFC 21: Hard Knocks from River Cree Resort and Casino in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and aired live on HDNet.

Lashley threw a humongous right hand to start things off in the first. The punch connected flush and Cook attempts to shoot in on Lashley to no avail. Lashley caught him in a north south position and sinks in a guillotine choke that put him to sleep just 24 seconds into the contest. Cook’s legs began to jerk violently just seconds after the choke was applied, and although the action wasn’t stopped for a second or two after the apparent convulsions started it was clear that he was out almost immediately from the stranglehold. Lashley improves his overall MMA record to 3-0.

The fight stats from the bout tell volumes about how the fight went down. There was one strike thrown and landed by Lashley during the fight, and one submission attempt that ended up being successful. Complete and total domination.

Marvin Eastman picked up a TKO over Aron Lofton last evening, John Alessio returned to action with a rear-naked choke over Andrew Buckland while Trevor Prangley captured the MFC light heavyweight championship from Emanuel Newton in a decision.

A full list of results from last night’s card are listed below:

MFC Light Heavyweight Championship:
205 lbs.: Trevor Prangley def. Emanuel Newton via unanimous decision

Main Card:
265 lbs.: Bobby Lashley def. Mike Cook via submission (front naked choke – R1)
205 lbs.: Travis Galbraith def. David Heath via split decision
170 lbs.: John Alessio def. Andrew Buckland via submission (rear naked choke – R1)
205 lbs.: Ryan Jimmo def. Mychal Clark via unanimous decision
205 lbs.: Marvin Eastman def. Aron Lofton via TKO (strikes – R2)

265 lbs.: William Richey def. Ryan Fortin via split decision
170 lbs.: Jason Heit def. Jeremy Combrink via TKO (strikes – R1)
205 lbs.: Dwayne Lewis def. Jay Whitford via TKO (strikes – R1)
170 lbs.: George Belanger def. Nolan Clarke via TKO (strikes – R1)

  • egad81 says:

    So when are the UFC guys going to pony up some cash and get Lashley in the UFC?
    If he destroys SAPP and I am sure he will. I would like to see him get a crack at the UFC. He is already more interesting then most of the UFC Heavys.

  • cocoonofhorror says:

    That was an atrocious work. The fish flopping gave it away. After Cook fully elongated his neck to let Lashley sink in the choke, Lashley forgets this isnt WWF and lets go momentarily with one arm. Cook just hangs out in Lashley’s one armes guillatine and starts doing the fish flop, then goes motionless. Then he realizes it hasnt been long enough and he better “wake up” and flop around a little, then finally the ref has had enough of the histrionics and mercifully ends it. Horrible.

  • cocoonofhorror says:

    floppity floppity flop!

  • slayer6 says:

    im glad im not the only one who noticed that crap. i thought Lashley was done with the fake stuff?

  • peeper says:

    Mike cook is very fortunate it lasted only 24 sec. Bobby Lashley would have ripped his heart out of his chest and ate it if he had the chance. The match looked like the Incredible Hulk beating up a frail teenage paperboy. Bobby Lashley is WAY out of Mike Cooks league. I am glad Mike Cook got his A s s Handed to him by Lashley after acting like a jackass with that mask.


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