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Chris Wilson and family survive home invasion in Brazil

UFC welterweight and Team Quest fighter Chris Wilson along with his family was robbed at gunpoint at their home in Brazil this past Wednesday.

According to an interview Wilson did with Slam! Sports he was on his way home from training when he was jumped as he entered his apartment complex.

Wilson who is training in Rio de Janeiro for his upcoming fight with Brock Larson at UFC 98 on May 23 said that a man held him at gunpoint and called for his friends. Wilson was taken up to his apartment by the five thugs who were all armed. As they arrived inside Wilson’s wife and two children were in the bathroom. The thieves started taking whatever they wanted including a television, laptop, jewelry and they even stole some of his children’s clothing including their Nike sneakers.

If that wasn’t bad enough they loaded all of the merchandise into Wilson’s car and forced him to drive them to their destination. Wilson admitted he was unsure if he was coming back but thankfully it all worked out and no one was harmed. He called police who launched an investigation into what happened. Wilson went on to say that he is still ready to fight and that he feels good but that it was a heavy burden on his shoulders.

Wilson has lived the majority of his life in Portland, Oregon but was born in Brazil as his parents were Baptist missionaries. Wilson’s wife is Brazilian as well.

  • jj says:

    There’s not a lot of options for many people in Brazil, but it sucks that it has to come to that.

    Thankfully nobody was hurt.

  • ctownhood says:

    Been to Brazil many times myself…can be a scary place in some area…especially Rio. Glad everything worked out for Chris and his family.


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