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The Wrap-Up: TUF 9 U.S. vs. U.K. Episode 7; You can stick your tennis up your …

Team U.S. lightweight Richie Whitson realized that he had contracted a skin infection called Impetigo during the opening moments of last evening’s seventh episode of the ninth season of The Ultimate Fighter.

Team U.S. welterweight Jason Pierce seized the opportunity to grab an aerosol can and proceed to spray every inch of the house in a fashion that would make a reclusive Howard Hughes proud.

Pierce wasn’t too excited about the practice that Dan Henderson and Cyrille Diabate had planned for the day. Pierce believed that he should be taking it easy since he was planning on having to fight. Diabate made it clear that he feels as if Pierce always has something or another to complain about.

This season’s coach challenge featured a tennis match-up between coaches Henderson and Michael Bisping.

A cold, hard $10, 000 cash was on the line for the coaches, while $1,500 would go to every member of the winning team. There would be a total of six tennis matches where the winner would have to have an advantage of two games to obtain victory.

Neither fighter stands much of a chance of breaking into the world of tennis anytime soon. The game was reminiscent of a tennis match you can catch at your local junior high school physical education class.

When it was all said and done Henderson ended up taking all the glory with a final score of 6-2.

“I lost a tennis match,” Bisping said following the bitter defeat. “But who cares. You can stick your tennis up your ass. I’ll see you on July 11. We’ll do it like men.”

Bisping announced that his U.K. lightweight Ross Pearson will face off with Whitson in this weeks bout.

While Whitson came to fight, he was routinely outmatched when the two would exchange strikes. Pearson controlled the fight with crisp striking and a series of takedowns before eventually sinking in the fight ending armbar late in the first round.

Team U.K. improves their lead over Team U.S. to 4-2.

  • MMAfan1107 says:

    I hope Hendo knocks Bisping the F out!

  • Grappo says:

    You forgot Dollar getting drunk and crying about being homesick and wishing he had a better relationship with his parents. I wonder if they edited out him crying about those bicycles he stole a couple of years ago.


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