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The Wrap-Up: TUF 9 U.S. vs. U.K. Episode 6

Team U.K. still holds a 2-1 lead over Team U.S. going into episode 6 of The Ultimate Fighter as we learn that Michael  Bisping’s absence for Dean Amasinger’s fight against Damarques Johnson was due to oversleeping.

At the house this week we are shown more dislike and hatred amongst the U.S. fighters as Cameron Dollar admits that, “This house does so many weird things to you”. Dollar also feels he will be picked to fight next among the lightweights only moments before we are back at the training facility where Bisping pits Dollar against Team U.K. fighter Martin Stapleton.

Bisping is quick to apologize to Dean for missing his fight before the next Team U.K. practice. Bisping himself believed the act to be “inexcusable”.

During Team U.K. training, Bisping works on a game plan for Stapleton which includes avoiding Dollar’s takedowns and wrestling while working a striking game of his own.

Dan Henderson’s game plan for Dollar is the exact opposite however, predicting the fight to end by Dollar’s ground and pound. Dollar grew up wrestling and expresses his love for it while also admitting that his standup game is “terrible”, but that’s not the only thing he spills before the fight..

“As much as I love fighting; I hate fighting,” says Dollar. “Every time I fight it scares the hell out of me”.

Cameron Dollar vs. Martin Stapleton

Referee Steve Mazzagatti kicks off the first and both fighters meet in the center of the ring. Faints are thrown but Stapleton comes in with a quick jab unanswered by Dollar.

Stapleton moves in for the takedown and Dollar catches him on the way in. Stapleton having dropped to his knees works again for the takedown but this time succeeds. Dollar immediately scrambles to his feet and answers with a hip toss, moving into side control.

Dollar eventually gets Stapleton’s back throwing leather from behind and tries to sink in a rear naked choke but Stapleton defends. Dollar again reigns down a barrage of punches off Stapleton’s back before tightly sinking in the fight ending rear naked choke at 1:34 of the first round.

Team U.K. – 2 Team U.S. – 3

Henderson now controls the next pick amongst the welterweights and it will be U.S. fighter Frank Lester against U.K. fighter James Wilks.

Lester expresses his hate for Wilks for being a “trader” having actually moved from the U.K. to California some odd years ago.

While Wilks remains calm up until it is time to warm-up for the fight, Henderson has to have a chat with Lester explaining the importance of being calm and focused going into a fight.

Frank Lester vs. James Wilks

Both fighter meet in the center of the ring and Wilks lands a few jabs while Lester circles the cage looking for shots.

About 1:30 into the round Lester hurts Wilks with a couple lefts as he falls to the mat. Lester follows and looks to end the fight but Wilks scrambles and ends up taking side control.

Wilks secures a kimura but Lester defends. Wilks looks to take a leg and then a guillotine choke but Lester escapes them all.

The fight is back on the feet as both fighters trade leather. Lester’s punches seem to be doing the most damage just before Wilks lands a solid knee to the mouth of Lester. Wilks then works for a takedown and rides out the rest of the first round.

As Lester walks back to his corner you hear him say, “My teeth got knocked out”, undoubtedly from the knee delivered by Wilks.

Lester’s corner delays the start of the second round while trying to dislodge pieces of Lester’s teeth from his mouth guard as Bisping and his team yell in protest.

Just moments later the second round begins but it’s Wilks who comes out the dominate fighter. Wilks backs Lester into the cage wall and lands a flurry before taking the fight to the ground.

Once on the mat Wilks quickly moves to mount position and as Lester tries to roll over, Wilks takes an arm and finishes the fight with 1:54 left in the second round.

After the fight we are told that Lester had lost 4 false teeth in this fight. Having still fought a great fight I hope he is given another shot someday in the UFC.

Team U.K. now leads 3-2 over Team U.S.

-Cameron Dollar def. Martin Stapleton via submission (RNC) – Round 1, 1:34

-James Wilks def. Frank Lester via submission (arm bar) – Round 2, 3:06

  • Jstew3785 says:

    Lester fought great, but gassed after 3 minutes into the fight. Hopefully he gets some cardio and we see him back.

  • screwface says:

    after the 100$ a tooth comment in the van, i couldnt help think- wow was that bad karma or what, how often do we see teeth get knocked out.

  • Grappo says:

    Is Dollar the same guy that was bragging about “humping so many chicks… 70-80 chicks” in the first episode? I’ve been assuming that was him and have been hating on him on it for it ever since. He really turned it around for me in this episode. He seemed to me like a kind of insecure guy that just wants everyone to like him… and was willing to admit just how scared he was. Then he went into the cage and put on an awesome performance. Kudos to Cameron Dollar and his wiggity wack hat.

    and Bisping was really annoying during the Lester fight. Quit your whinging Count. The dude needs his fricking mouthpiece to fight. Lester’s corner should have taken care of that between rounds, but sh*t happens.

  • Angry Mike says:

    Lester froze. Nerves, I guess. He didn’t initiate, and you can’t win a fight if you don’t punch the other guy.

  • buzzcramp says:

    Bisping’s overslept excuse was so lame. Don’t they have alarm clocks in the UK Count? What a lying douche. I can’t believe everyone basically gave him a pass on that.


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