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Roy Jones Jr. pursuing mixed martial arts bout with Nick Diaz

After recently being shut down by the UFC in his attempt to fight middleweight champion Anderson Silva in a mixed martial arts contest, multiple weight class boxing champion Roy Jones Jr. has not given up his goal to compete in MMA completely.

Showtime Senior Vice President Ken Hershman and Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker confirmed the boxer’s interest in a possible match-up with Nick Diaz in a recent Strikeforce conference call.

Jones name was drawn into the fray of mixed martial arts after Anderson Silva openly expressed his desire to face off with the pugilist in a boxing match. The UFC made it clear that the bout would never take place while Silva was under contract with the organization. Jones recently displayed interest in fighting the UFC champion in an MMA rules match, but was once again told that the match-up would not be taking place inside of the octagon.

After Nick Diaz trounced Frank Shamrock on April 11, he used some of his spotlight to make his desire to give Jones the opportunity he has been looking for by hooking up with him in the near future.

Any possibility of the bout actually coming to fruition is in the very early stages at this point but there is communication between all interested parties under way at this time.

It doesn’t seem that someone with the extensive combat background that Jones does should be falling under such an enormous level of scrutiny because of his desire to compete in mixed martial arts after Brock Lesnar was signed to the UFC after competing in one “freak match-up” in his professional career and has gone on to become the organizations heavyweight champion. I could see some being opposed to the caliber of fighter that Jones wishes to debut against, but it should be viewed as a positive that a boxer as well known, and skilled as the former Olympian is interested in trying his hand at the sport.

  • lilbigvince says:

    ld love to see this fight…

    at first i was excited for anderson silva and the boxing match because im a firm believer hed get his ass whooped. as would any mma fighter who doesnt have real pro boxing experience and takes on a recent former champion and future hall of famer.

    but im just as excited to see RJJ get inside an mma ring as he will get his ass handled to him just the same.

    im not saying i dont think being successful in one ring means you cant be successful in another. what i am saying is respect the disciplines. start at the bottom or at the very least… the middle. Brock Lesnar didnt do MMA any favors by coming in here and winning a championship with a 1 and 1 record. i actually think he hurt the sport. how can you put any real value on a championship if it can be won by a guy who just picked up the sport 6 months ago. that muist mean its not hard to be a champ ion mma or that mma isnt as intricate as other sports, combat or otherwise. There will nevere be a WBA WBC or IBF champ in boxing with a 1 in 1 record. NEVER. But Brock isnt the rule… hes the exception and Frank Mir will restore order to the heavyweight division and MMA as a whole when he shows everyone what Mixed Martial Arts is all about.

    bottom line… Boxers are bettere boxers than MMA guys, and MMA guys are better MMA fighters than boxers. if your gonna compete in either discipline you betteer train your ass off and get lots of experience before callin out a champion.

  • jj says:

    i hope this isnt another mma myth that never comes to fruition like fedor vs randy in the ufc.

    how was dana whites woulda-been freakshow boxing match with cheat-o orcheeze any different than RJJ vs Anderson in a boxing ring or cage. it’s not–but when its about dana trying to be a show off about what a tough guy he is it’s ok. dana’s dream was to knock out someone who he really hates. anderson’s dream was to fight someone he has highly admired for years–petty isn’t it.

    i hope this fight happens someone against a credible opponent like nick or anderson because a high calibre boxer has never tried fighting an mma athlete. i mean, you gotta wonder–right?

  • Austin says:

    I hope they aren’t denying him because he’s trying to make the switch at Age 40. Didn’t Rick Roofus do it?

  • king mob says:

    it’d be awesome for MMA if this fight went down. think of how far it would go in terms of legitimizing the sport if nick diaz knocks out roy jones jr. it would prove to all those jackass sports writers who flap their gums all the time about how “those guys have no skills” and “it looks like a bar fight” that in fact, they do have skills, and no matter how it looks, it works.

    problem is i don’t think nick would be able to knock roy out. he’ll probably have to take him down and either gnp or obviously tap him out. but still, it’ll definitely show that MMA fighting is for real.

  • zereynolds says:

    dana white will not allow anything like this to happen. because its an insult to mma for a boxer to think he just jump in…yet two wwe wrestlers have done undefeated,the other ufc heavyweight champion…football players have done the crossover…so why not a professional boxer?

    roy jones jr would be great.for the mere fact he has what every great fighter should have, a strong work ethic and drive.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    I hope he does it, succeeds and it encourages more young boxers to do the switch. A world class boxer/slugger with a great TD defense would be hard to beat for any MMA fighter.

  • buzzcramp says:

    Back in the day, there was no bigger RJJ fan than me……….but, if there was ever a chance of him being able to compete against a top MMA guy under MMA rules that time is long gone. I can’t envision him doing well against anyone, even a 2nd and 3rd tier fighter, with a solid ground/sub game. He’s have to find a guy like, well, like a present day Chuck Liddell, hmmmmmmmm, now there’s a thought.

  • buzzcramp says:

    Just to add… comparisons to Lesnar don’t hold water, he had a SOLID wrestling background while Jones had strictly boxing experience. Plus, even though wrestling is fake, it still gave Lesnar the feel for grappling with guys and trying all sorts of moves, being slammed and roughed up, etc. Jones would be completely out of his element. The truth is, there are VERY few MMA guys who show more than amateur level boxing skill, and that is what Roy would have to exploit. Unlike Brock who fit right in with a mixed skill set that just had to be built upon.

  • buzzcramp says:

    I swear this is my last comment. The reason Dana won’t let this fight happen is because Jones is a promoter. This has zero to do with a boxer coming into the UFC, it has to do with Roy Jones coming in and trying to take control away from Dana. Jones would make this fight and promote it and pay Anderson and probably wants to throw a few dollars to the UFC for letting Anderson do it. You think Dana’s gonna have any part of that? Ha.. no chance in hell.

  • ctownhood says:

    I can’t see any athletic commission licensing this. This match would have to take place in Japan. A boxer only has one way to win a MMA fight (KO), where as an experienced MMA fight has submissions, takedowns, etc.

  • RoadsideGraphix says:

    Silva has not shown anyone anything in a long time….
    Nick Diaz has been on tear since losing to NOONs….
    Roy Jr. is a gamer but his jaw has been exposed in recent years…

    Silva vs Jones (boxing or MMA) Silva wins

    Diaz vs Jones (boxing = JONES, Ground Game = Diaz) This is the fight I want to see.

  • Angry Mike says:

    First of all, Diaz doesn’t fight in UFC anymore so Dana won’t have anything to say about it. Second, Jones is starting to look a little desperate. What’s next? A challenge to Tank Abbot or Kimbo Slice?

  • Stan says:

    “I can’t see any athletic commission licensing this. This match would have to take place in Japan. A boxer only has one way to win a MMA fight (KO), where as an experienced MMA fight has submissions, takedowns, etc.”

    Keith Kizer of the Nevada Commission doesn’t see it this way. He said about the proposed Silva fight that since striking was the most dangerous aspect of MMA in terms of long-term damage being inflicted, putting a high level boxer in his MMA debut against a seasoned MMA striker wasn’t a great concern. Jones’s biggest problem would be being taken down and submitted. Maybe he comes out with a broken arm or a dislocated shoulder… but that wouldn’t be enough to deny him an MMA license.

    He compared it to refusing to sanction Butterbean vs Mark Hunt a few years ago. Butterbean was a low-caliber boxer and obviously not a well conditioned athelete, so it was a different story. The NJ commission turning down Ray Mercer vs Sylvia falls into that category as well. There’s only 7 years between Mercer and Jones, so NJ would probably have trouble sanctioning it and not leaving themselves open to criticism (and a lawsuit?) from Mercer’s camp.

  • spiro says:

    OH MAN! I would pay $500 to see this fight on PPV even. That’s how long I’ve waited for a real boxer to challenge a real mma fighter. What a spectacle to see the best pound-for-pound boxer ever–Roy Jones Jr. and {insert any solid MMA name} going at it in the Octagon. I don’t think it would even take Diaz to submit Jones IMHO, but probably a much lesser fighter could get er done.

    And Jones wants to fight Silva? In a MMA match? R U NUTS, Jones? Or the most arrogant SOB ever? One of the two for sure. I can already hear the announcers, “Well, if this had been a regular boxing match, Jones would have won….”

    If this fight happens, I will bet the house, truck, and of course the farm on it too. This would be my retirement bet. And with all the boxing money on it, Jones would probably even be favored too!? sweet, I’ll take odds and the “underdog” Silva. Won’t hold breath here, this fight would be too good to be true.

    This might also put boxing where it belongs, back in the 70’s.


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